“Hi. Don’t bother. I think it’s dead.”

Featuring both common and rare, unreleased photos from the Superman-The Movie earthquake scenes where Lois Lane is crushed in her car and ultimately saved by Superman.

Source material includes prints, contact sheets, slides, and Polaroids. Many photos are shown in their “raw”, un-restored state, and are either JPG or PNG format; PNGs take longer to download so please be patient.

Photos were shot in Pinewood Studios, England, as well as in Gallup, New Mexico in early June 1978. Photographers were Bob Penn (Pinewood), John Shannon (New Mexico), Curt Gunther (New Mexico), and crew members (New Mexico).

There are even more photos in the Behind-the-Scenes Gallery.

Thanks to Matt Derby and Sebastian Colombo for your contributions.

Download the Superman-The Movie and Superman II movie scripts by Tom Mankiewicz

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