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Updated 14 February 2024

The Mission of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast is to Honor and Celebrate Christopher Reeve’s legacy and the Directors, Filmmakers, Writers, Cast and Crew of the classic Superman movie series, and have a fun time sharing fascinating movie trivia, currents events, news, production information and more with all of you!

Jay Towers and Jim Bowers are your hosts of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, part of the iHeartRADIO Network.

Jay Towers is a Detroit TV anchor and morning radio host on 100.3 WNIC Detroit. Follow Jay on Instagram and on Twitter.

Jim Bowers is the founder and editor of, the home of CapedWonder Superman Imagery. Follow Jim on Instagram and on Twitter.

Jay Towers and Jim Bowers

14 February 2024; EXCLUSIVE! Superman Film Props at Propstore!

In this special BONUS episode of The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, Jay Towers & Jim Bowers talk to Brandon at Propstore about all of the Superman & Supergirl props in the March 2024 auction. This is a video podcast available on facebook, and but if you can only listen we describe everything pretty swell for you.

13 February 2024; Podcast Episode #51 is Here!

Take-off on a whirlwind of nostalgia and insider tales with Episode #51 of The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast! Jay Towers & Jim Bowers sit down with Chris Richardson, who takes us on a journey behind the scenes of cinematic magic. From the breathtaking landscapes of Krypton and the Fortress of Solitude to ensuring Christopher Reeve soared as the iconic Man of Steel, Chris’s experiences as a Pinewood Studios apprentice are simply awe-inspiring. But that’s not all! Join Jay & Jim as they share their exhilarating DC debut in Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain. Brace yourselves for an epic lineup at the Hall of Heroes Con, featuring the menacing Ursa, the formidable Non, and the unforgettable Nuclear Man. And mark your calendars for Superman in Concert as the Caped Wonder Team heads to California and prepares to serenade fans with symphonic superhero bliss. With excitement buzzing in the air, Jay & Jim are back and feeling “swell” about what promises to be another SUPER year of adventures and revelations.

05 November 2023; Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain!

In our blockbuster 50th Episode of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, DC Comics writer Robert Venditti is talking about Superman ’78 The Metal Curtain. Not only is the Man of Steel back for another Reeve inspired series, but Robert surprises Jay Towers and Jim Bowers with some big news on 2 new characters in the DC universe you may know.

03 October 2023; The Amazing Alberta Adventure! Part II!

Get ready for Part II of our Alberta Adventure! Jay Towers & Jim Bowers make a roadside stop at the Kent Farm, the Smallville Cemetery, and that exploding gas station. Plus our friend Stephen Lane from Propstore gives us an exclusive first look at some of the Superman Film Props in this year’s big auction. You can watch the episode below or at The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook Page.

28 September 2023; The Amazing Alberta Adventure! Part I!

In Episode 49, Part 1, Jay Towers and Jim Bowers reflect back on their Alberta Adventure, visiting some of the original filming locations for Superman and Superman III. This video podcast takes you to downtown Calgary for a few of the Metropolis scenes is Superman III. They guys also check out the starship crash site, Smallville High and some of the most famous train tracks in Superman ’78 History! Jay & Jim also get a first look at the Exclusive NYCC 2023 Foil Variant Covers of Superman ’78. We’re flying high over the wheatfields of Kansas and beyond on The Alberta Adventure. You can watch the episode below or at The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook Page.

27 September 2023; Journey to Smallville, Part II..!

Jay Towers and Jim Bowers from the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast are at the Museum of the Highwood & High River Visitor Information Centre with the ultimate movie prop from Superman: The Movie!

Enjoy the video! Please give it a bit of extra time to load.

26 September 2023; Journey to Smallville..!

My Caped Wonder Superman Podcast co-host, Fox 2 Detroit news actor Jay Towers, and I journeyed together to Smallville, a.k.a., Alberta, Canada, where the Smallville scenes were shot for Superman: The Movie and Superman III, as well as some of the earthquake scenes for Superman: The Movie.

It was an incredible and unforgettable experience for us! We are so thrilled that we were able to be at these magnificent locations and imagine what it must have been like for the cast and crew in 1977 and 1982. So peaceful, so beautiful, so breathtaking!

Watch Jay’s morning news segment about our journey and our podcast teaser video at Barons School!

— Jim Bowers, CapedWonder Founder & Editor

Episode #48

Posted 23 April 2023

In Episode #48, Jay & Jim are back, and this time they each have the brand new Superman 5-Film Collection 4K Steelbook. It’s a very first look and first listen! This special episode can be viewed below, on our Facebook podcast page, and on YouTube. You can also hear the episode on iHeartRADIO or on any of your favorite podcast platforms! The first of many deep dives in the Christopher Reeve Legacy of Superman Films. Superman: The Movie, Superman II, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

Episode #47

Posted 24 December 2022

In this Christmas Eve final episode of 2022, Jay & Jim look forward to a very exciting 2023! Warner Bros. Discovery has announced “Celebrating Every Story,” kicking off a huge campaign to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Warner Bros. studio and Superman is a big part of that story as Jay & Jim discuss the Superman 5-Film 4K Collection. The guys also look back at some of the brightest moments this past year including The Reeve Legacy Reunion, all of the special guests and amazing discoveries. The adventure continues in 2023 with the announcement of another Reeve Legacy Reunion at Richmond Galaxy Con and many of your buring questions are answered in the Holiday Q & A. This year Santa is bringing back the gift of flight!

Propstore Auction Super Special Episode!

Posted 24 October 2022

In this Special Edition of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, CapedWonder Europe Editor Martin Lakin joins Jay Towers for a special VIP Preview of the 2022 Propstore Entertainment Memorabilia. Our guest is Stephen Lane who once again does not disappoint. An amazing Superman Costume! Boots from Non and Zod! Those amazing and complete Ursa and Supergirl costumes and so much more. This is a very special VIDEO podcast you can watch below or listen to right now!

Click here to view all of the extraordinary Super items up for auction next month.

Episode #46

Posted 18 September 2022

On Episode #46, Jay Towers and Jim Bowers, co-hosts of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, are excited to announce their partnership with Chris Wyman and Official Pix for the Definitive Gene Hackman Autograph Signing. This is your chance to get the Lex Luthor signature of your dreams!

Below are just a few sample photos to choose from on the Official Pix website; click here to see all of the photos.

You also have the opportunity to send in your own items for Gene to sign!

From the Official Pix website:

“We couldn’t be more pleased to bring you the largest Gene Hackman Autograph Pre-Order ever offered with 180+ photo options that span his entire career! We’re also delighted to be partnering with & the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, who has provided many rare and never-before-seen Superman images of Lex Luthor & cast! This includes images shot by Superman: The Movie & Superman II set photographer Bob Penn & Superman IV: The Quest for Peace set photographer David James.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased to bring you the largest Gene Hackman Autograph Pre-Order & Send-In ever offered! This is your chance to send in items from your own collection to be signed by Lex Luthor himself!”

Pre-order Deadline is Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Send-in Deadline is Monday, November 7, 2022

Episode #45

Posted 07 August 2022

Jim & Dolores live in Canada and not only do they have a story to tell, but they have the pictures to prove it. In Episode #45, Jay Towers & Jim Bowers head back to the falls to hear the extraordinary story behind the family of 4 who pop up all over the iconic Niagara Falls scene in Superman II. Why were they in the film? How did they get so many so many photos and how did their children get on the laps of Christopher Reeve & Margot Kidder. Happen to be in Niagara Falls…and Jay & Jim are very much around as usual.

Please enjoy the photo gallery below containing photos from Jim & Dolores’ archive, as well as Superman II Niagara Falls screenshots that feature Jim & Delores, and their two children, Jamie & Matthew. Jim has a mustache and is wearing a striped shirt and white boat Captain’s hat, Dolores is wearing a yellow blouse, and the kids are wearing red shirts and blue jean bib overalls, both with hats. The autographed “To Bill” photo of Christopher Reeve belongs to Jim’s dad.

Episode #44

Posted 17 July 2022

In Episode #44, Jay Towers & Jim Bowers have a great conversation with actress Ellen Bry. Before Spider-Man, St. Elsewhere, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Impact and countless films and TV shows, Ellen was the stunt double for Margot Kidder while filming the Metropolis scenes in New York for Superman: The Movie & Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. Ellen is a great storyteller. From the Fruit Stand on 42nd street we get all the filming secrets and more! Jay & Jim take a Metropolis Leap of Faith! Look out below!

Click here to listen, or click on the Spreaker player below.

Episode #43

Posted 17 April 2022

It’s the 35th Anniversary of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and Lacy Warfield has returned to the Daily Planet. In Episode #43, Jay Towers & Jim Bowers are thrilled to chat with Mariel Hemingway about her role in the Reeve Legacy of films. How did Margot Kidder help Mariel become a mom? What about all of those extra scenes of Lacy? What does she love about meeting fans? Mariel was so much fun and helps the guys preview her appearance at the Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion in Detroit for Motor City Comic Con. How could one podcast be so square and so delicious?

Special Episode: CapedWonder at 20!

Posted 28 March 2022

It’s the website that started it all! 20 years later and is still more powerful than a locomotive! In this special edition podcast, Jay Towers goes one-on-one with his friend Jim Bowers, the founder and editor of Jim shares how it all started, and where it’s all going. Jim & Jay also give new details about The Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion in Detroit at Motor City Comic Con. is 20 years old and STILL flying high!

Episode #42

Posted 06 March 2022

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace was all about that letter to Superman from a boy named Jeremy. But would Superman say yes? Damian McLawhorn did! In Episode 42 Jay and Jim talk everything Superman IV with Jeremy himself. How he got the part, his time on the set, and all of those extra scenes. The Quest for Answers continue and this episode is FILLED with behind the scenes photos and stories. Damian spent days on wires with Christopher Reeve and has great stories. Watch it on or the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook page. The guys also discuss the Reeve Legacy Reunion coming to Motor City Comic Con in May 2022.

Special Edition Reunion Episode!

Posted 18 February 2022

35 Years after his Final Flight in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, the Love and Admiration For Christopher Reeve, both on Screen and in Life, are Stronger and more Inspiring than ever!

Jay Towers and Jim Bowers make the BIG announcement! This Spring, Motor City Comic Con and The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast proudly present The Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion, May 13-15, 2022, in Michigan!

A 3-day celebration with 6 stars from the four Christopher Reeve Superman movies, spanning 1978-1987 – Sarah Douglas, Jack O’Halloran, Aaron Smolinski, Marc McClure, Mark Pillow, and Mariel Hemingway – will unite together for the first time in Detroit to meet fans and promote a Motor City Comic Con exclusive! A LIMITED-EDITION VARIANT COVER of the spectacular Superman ’78, Issue #1 comic book, only available at Motor City Comic Con this coming May…with a portion of proceeds benefiting The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Plus, Superman ’78 comic book series writer Robert Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres will be at the CapedWonder booths to meet you and sign autographs!

The celebrities, Jay, and Jim are so excited to meet you at The Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion at Motor City Comic Con, May 13-15, 2022! Make plans to be there! Tickets are available now…click here!

This is the Superman Celebration you’ve been waiting for!

Episode #41

Posted 20 December 2021

On this final Caped Wonder Superman Podcast for 2021, Jay & Jim are ready for the gift of storytelling with actor Mac McDonald. Episode #41 explores Mac’s time on not only Superman IV, but also 1989’s Batman. Mac is a very funny guy, and his stories about working face to face with Lex, The Joker and even 007 will have you on the edge of your seat! What would you say to Gene Hackman if you saw him walking towards you? How would you approach Jack Nicholson in his Joker costume. Mac speaks from experience and Yule Love it!

Episode #40

Posted 02 November 2021

It’s our 40th Episode and there is no better time to welcome the DC Comics writer behind the Superman ’78 comic series, Robert Venditti. In this episode Jay & Jim have met their Reeve Legacy match. Robert and his team have brought back the nostalgia we love so much including that cellophane “S” from Superman II. We’ve become kids all over again and Robert is the perfect storyteller for our very special 40th Episode. Superman ’78 #3 is available TODAY and so is the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast!

Episode #39

Posted 06 October 2021

Episode #39 is finally here! Jay Towers & Jim Bowers get a FIRST LOOK at some of the 25 ‘Superman lots’ in the 2021 Prop Store Auction with Super Special Guest Stephen Lane. We were blown away! Click here to register for November’s auction.

Click here to watch the video on the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook page, or watch it below as an embedded video.

Or watch the episode on the CapedWonder YouTube Channel below.

Episode #38

Posted 12 August 2021

On Episode #38, Jim Bowers and Jay Towers hear fascinating and detailed new stories about filming the Superman Metropolis scenes from the New York Location Manager himself, Chris Coles! Why did Lois Lane’s terrace location change? Who got a suitcase filled with cash to make it happen? Who turned on the lights in New York at just the right time? Where did they really get that boat? Chris Coles knows and he was in the middle of it all! Plus Superman II, III, Supergirl, Santa Claus: The Movie, Chaplin and so much more. Location is everything and this episode is prime real estate!

Episode #37

Posted 31 July 2021

The man who filmed Superman: The Movie under the direction of cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth. Camera operator Peter MacDonald is simply a legend in the film industry. Cabaret, The Empire Strikes Back, Rambo, Batman, Harry Potter, and a list of films longer than Superman’s cape. In episode 37 Jay & Jim catch up with Peter in France and discuss filming some of the most memorable scenes in Superman and Superman II. From working with Donner and Unsworth to filming Krypton, Smallville, Metropolis and everything in-between. Peter is one of the most charming, funny and talented guys in the business and his stories will fly out of your speakers and into your heart!

Episode #36

Posted 08 July 2021

Jay & Jim were preparing for this Superman II 40th Anniversary interview with Jack O’Halloran when they learned the heartbreaking news that legendary Superman Director Richard Donner passed away at 91 years old. In Episode #36, Jack opens up on becoming the Kryptonian villain ‘Non’ and why he felt Dick Donner was the best director he’s ever worked with. Jack gets right into everything you want to know about Brando, Hackman, Stamp, the flying, the special fx’s; and if that wasn’t SUPER enough Ursa herself Sarah Douglas flies into our interview to surprise Jim and Jack and pay tribute to Donner. The Making of Superman The Movie author David Michael Petrou also delivers a very special message as he remembers his time working with Richard Donner. The Adventure continues and we’ll never forget our beloved friend who made us believe a man can fly!

Episode #35

Posted 04 June 2021

In Episode #35, Jay and Jim are back with special guest Matt Truex from the Prop Store Los Angeles with a special preview of all of the Superman related items in the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction June 29th-July 1st. From George Reeves to Christopher Reeve, Superman to Superman Returns this years auction is spectacular. Jay and Jim also discuss the 40th Anniversary of Superman II, the upcoming Superman 78′ comic books and so much more. Don’t miss the video companion to episode 35 on and Facebook. We’re back and ready for the Super Summer of 2021.

Episode #34

Posted 03 April 2021

Where would Superman IV: The Quest For Peace be without Nuclear Man? In Episode 34 Jay Towers & Jim Bowers join forces with Martin Lakin & Alexei Lambley-Steel to talk with actor Mark Pillow. The guys get right into some of those famous scenes, Nuclear Man I and II, working with Christopher Reeve, and announce the ‘Nuclear Codes’ for Now fans can hear the stories from Mark Pillow and get personalized autographs from Mark. Destroy Superman? This Podcast Destroys everything you thought you knew about Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

You can also listen to the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast on iHeartRADIO, Spotify, Apple or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Click here to see the CapedWonder Superman IV Gallery.

March 2021 Bonus Episode

Posted 16 March 2021

In this BONUS EPISODE Jay & Jim check out incredible “Behind The Scenes” photos from Superman III courtesy of Ken Oliver. Ken worked at the Turbo Oil Refinery outside of Calgary back in 1982 during the filming of Superman III and he has the photos to prove it! Ken met Christopher Reeve and took some very rare photos. Safety was the #1 priority in making this memorable scene and Ken tells all. That man is a miracle!

Below is a gallery of Superman III behind-the-scenes chemical plant photos generously sent to us by our guest, Ken Oliver.

Episode #33

Posted 15 February 2021

Jay Towers & Jim Bowers talk exclusively with Michael Thau on how he worked with Richard Donner to bring Superman: The Movie to DVD in May 2001. The six tons of film that arrived at Warner Bros. The amazing behind the scenes footage and screen tests. Making the “The Richard Donner Cut” of Superman II and the mysterious longer version with more Lester footage on VUDU, Prime Video, and other streaming services. Jay & Jim also discuss DC Comics Superman ’78 and the passing of Lynn Stalmaster. The Winter Thau has arrived and we can’t wait for you to hear Episode #33!

Episode #32

Posted 19 January 2021

In 1997, Superfans needed a place to find out everything they could about the Christopher Reeve Superman films. They needed a place to gather and explore. 24 years later we get the behind-the-scenes story of Superman Cinema from the founder himself Dharmesh Chauhan. The interviews, the research, the flame that ignited Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut fuse. Jay Towers & Jim Bowers are back to kick off season three and 2021 with a Caped Wonder style bang!

Episode #31

Posted 29 November 2020

For years we’ve been told the filming location for Lois Lane’s iconic penthouse apartment in Superman: The Movie and Superman II was located at 240 Central Park South. Todd Phillips knew something wasn’t right. In Episode #31, Jay Towers & Jim Bowers get the real story on that famous location. The inside scoop! Plus how to find that tree Frisky was stuck in, and some new updates on some of your favorite Superman filming locations. We also learn the very special connection between Todd and Christopher and Dana Reeve. We’re headed back to New York City to make some Metropolis Discoveries on the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast.

Please visit the recently-launched New York City Filming Locations webpage here.

Episode #30

Posted 25 October 2020

Jay Towers & Jim Bowers chat about the upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction with Stephen Lane from Prop Store of London. This is the expanded unedited full version of the Facebook Live from October 25, 2020 and the guys unearth some exciting details about the Superman items in this years auction with Stephen. What makes that Superman IV costume so unique? How many Fortress of Solitude crystals are left? Nuclear Man and his many costumes and so much more. It’s one thing to see the catalog or watch the auction, but this is the podcast that gives all your favorite Superman film props a true deep dive. These are the stories you didn’t hear on the video broadcast.

Episode #29

Posted 27 September 2020

Jay Towers & Jim Bowers are joined by the ‘Kryptonian Keeper’ of all Superman IV knowledge Martin Lakin. The team discusses the elusive 134-minute cut of Superman IV seen only once before being cut down to 89 minutes in 1987. The budget challenges of Sidney J. Furie are often talked about, but in this episode the guys celebrate some of the great moments of Christopher Reeve and the entire cast. Plus the Alexander Courage score and the filming locations. It’s a quest for answers and these are just the fans to do it! Jim also gives an update on the Sideshow release of “Someone To Believe In”. The SUPER Fine Art Print by artist Kristopher Meadows. Recorded on September 25th, the birthday of our beloved Christopher Reeve.

Superman: The Movie Extended Cut Audio Commentary

Posted 07 September 2020

It’s finally here! Our audio commentary of Superman: The Movie Extended Cut. 188-minutes of Jay Towers & Jim Bowers in the screening room. We had so much fun in Detroit recording this. The “In Your Car Version” is for fans who want to hear the conversation but aren’t watching the film and the “Just Jay & Jim Version” for fans who want to hear the commentary while watching the movie. Listen to both versions below, or find us on the iHeartRADIO App, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode #28

Posted 27 July 2020

Below is a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos and a call sheet generously sent to us by our guest, Rick Drew.

Episode #27

Posted 28 June 2020

Episode #26

Posted 29 May 2020

Episode #25 Audio & Video Versions

Posted 10 May 2020


Episode #24 Audio & Video Versions

Posted 28 June 2020

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Niagara Falls Road Trip!

Caped Wonder Superman Podcast hosts Jay Towers and Jim Bowers made a road trip to Niagara Falls on May 14, 2019, and here’s their video!

Superman Movie Cast Reunion Organizing & Hosting

Jay Towers and Jim Bowers first joined forces as the organizers and hosts of the largest Christopher Reeve Superman movie cast reunion ever assembled at a convention, held at WonderCon 2015 in Anaheim, California. In the years that followed, Jay and Jim hosted Q&A panels at the annual Metropolis Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, and organized and hosted Superman movie cast reunions at Motor City Comic Con in Detroit, Michigan. They intend to be actively involved in future Superman movie cast reunions and various events that honor and celebration the legacy of Christopher Reeve and the cast and crew of the original Superman movie series. Please visit the WonderCon 2015 page to see the entire Q&A panel video, as well as other videos and lots of photos.