03 October 2023; The Amazing Alberta Adventure! Part II!

Get ready for Part II of our Alberta Adventure! Jay Towers & Jim Bowers make a roadside stop at the Kent Farm, the Smallville Cemetery, and that exploding gas station. Plus our friend Stephen Lane from Propstore gives us an exclusive first look at some of the Superman Film Props in this year’s big auction. You can watch the episode below or at The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook Page.

28 September 2023; The Amazing Alberta Adventure! Part I!

In Episode 49, Part 1, Jay Towers and Jim Bowers reflect back on their Alberta Adventure, visiting some of the original filming locations for Superman and Superman III. This video podcast takes you to downtown Calgary for a few of the Metropolis scenes is Superman III. They guys also check out the starship crash site, Smallville High and some of the most famous train tracks in Superman ’78 History! Jay & Jim also get a first look at the Exclusive NYCC 2023 Foil Variant Covers of Superman ’78. We’re flying high over the wheatfields of Kansas and beyond on The Alberta Adventure. You can watch the episode below or at The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook Page.

27 September 2023; Journey to Smallville, Part II..!

Jay Towers and Jim Bowers from the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast are at the Museum of the Highwood & High River Visitor Information Centre with the ultimate movie prop from Superman: The Movie!

Enjoy the video! Please give it a bit of extra time to load.

26 September 2023; Journey to Smallville..!

My Caped Wonder Superman Podcast co-host, Fox 2 Detroit news actor Jay Towers, and I journeyed together to Smallville, a.k.a., Alberta, Canada, where the Smallville scenes were shot for Superman: The Movie and Superman III, as well as some of the earthquake scenes for Superman: The Movie.

It was an incredible and unforgettable experience for us! We are so thrilled that we were able to be at these magnificent locations and imagine what it must have been like for the cast and crew in 1977 and 1982. So peaceful, so beautiful, so breathtaking!

Watch Jay’s morning news segment about our journey and our podcast teaser video at Barons School!

MANY more videos and photos yet to come! Stay tuned here and on social media!

— Jim Bowers, CapedWonder Founder & Editor