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Welcome to Here you will be able to enjoy a large variety of rare, unique and high-quality Christopher Reeve and Superman movie photographs and artwork, as well as video clips and audio files, interesting and informative trivia, special features, articles and resources…all with improved navigation.’s Mission is to Honor and Celebrate Christopher Reeve’s legacy as an Actor, Humanitarian, Teacher and Family Man; and to Honor the Directors, Filmmakers, Writers, Cast and Crew of the classic Superman movie series.

The world first came to know Christopher D’Olier Reeve in 1978 with his star-making portrayal of Superman in Superman-The Movie, setting a new standard for heroism and humility and becoming a larger-than-life role model and hero to many people of this generation. On May 27, 1995, Chris became a hero once again to a generation, putting a very human face to paralysis and spinal cord injuries; and showing extraordinary courage and determination, not only to build a new life for himself and his family, but also fight for the rights of the paralyzed and the disabled. In the nine and a half years that followed, until his passing on October 10, 2004, Chris showed the world that a cape and superpowers were not necessary to be a hero; perseverance, hope, love and humility, combined with inner strength and the will to live, made him a hero all over again.


Since’s official launch on March 28, 2002, I have received many personal letters, compliments and suggestions from fans and celebrities about the site and my mission to honor Christopher Reeve’s legacy as Man and Superman. I am very grateful for the many giving and honest fans and friends I have met during this decades-long journey.

Some folks have had the impression that I work for Warner Bros., and that I worked on the Christopher Reeve Superman film series. The truth is that I was in high school when the first movie was being filmed. Today, my profession and passion include high-end commercial/corporate photography, graphic design and marketing.

Now in our second decade of, we are continuing to expand and grow beyond our wildest dreams. This includes even more interactive features including all-new exclusive reports, rare and creative imagery, fan-produced artwork, videos, and more. We have also increased our web presence with exclusive updates on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And as we approach the fortieth anniversary of the release of Superman: The Movie, you can look forward to even more exciting anniversary features to come.

It has been a truly wonderful and rare privilege to know some of the Superman celebrities, directors, producers and other movie industry professionals, and books editors, designers and publishers; and to have the opportunity to be a research/creative consultant and imaging contributor for corporations such as Warner Bros., DC Comics, Taschen Publishing, Film Score Monthly/Screen Archives Entertainment and, and image reference provider for Hot Toys, Sideshow Toys and various private figure/statue/bust commissions and projects.

From many years of research, studying hundreds of location, set, and publicity photographs, and discussions with celebrities, movie crew members, and other die-hard fans, I’ve gained much insight on the Reeve Superman movie series (and film-making in general). It’s a fascinating and unique part of film history that has captivated me for over thirty-five years. I know there is much more to learn, experience and share, and that challenge is always very exciting to me!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the many fans and contributors who have graciously given their time, support, creativity, and encouragement to me and this website in making it the continued success that it is.

So to everyone who has supported and been responsible for my good fortune, I thank you very, very much…again. It has been a honor to be able to share this website and its content with all of you.

Thanks for visiting today, and for taking the time to read this page. Do come back often, won’t you?

Together, let’s Celebrate the Legacy of Christopher Reeve — a True American Hero.

Go Forward,

Jim Bowers

Background and Credits

Born in the early 1960s, I am an Army brat who has lived from Alaska to Panama, Canal Zone. My father was a highly decorated Army Infantry Airborne/Ranger Colonel, and my grandfather was a distinguished Army Major General. After graduating from a military college, I had the honor of serving my country as an Army Transportation Corps officer and General’s Aide during and after Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada. After military life, I spent much of my time in the photography industry until moving to the Western United States, where I’m married and very happy. Today, I enjoy my career as a photography, imaging and marketing professional.

My “Super” credits include Research Consultant for the three 2001 Superman-The Movie Special Edition DVD documentaries; Graphics/Photography Contributor to the 2006 Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition and Christopher Reeve Superman Collection DVD box sets; Creative Consultant and Photographer for the 2008 Superman-The Music (1978-1988) 8-CD music box set; and Photography Contributor to the 2008 Special Effects Superman: The Art and Effects of Derek Meddings coffee table book. I also contributed materials to the 1998 DC Comics books, Superman: The Complete History: The Life and Times of the Man of Steel and Superman Masterpiece Edition: The Golden Age of America’s First Super Hero; Photography Contributor to the 2010 Cinemaquette Superman booklet; Photography Contributor to Paul Levitz’s 2010 book, 75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking; Photography Contributor to Paul Levitz’s 2015 book, The Little Book of Superman; and Creative Consultant on La-La Land Records’ Superman IV soundtrack CD set, Superman II & Superman III soundtrack CD set, and Superman: The Movie soundtrack CD set. Most recently (August 2021), I assisted with the fabulous Mondo Superman: The Movie soundtrack vinyl releases

Regarding Props and Autographs

I have been exposed to over 40 years of history of the Christopher Reeve Superman movie series, with focus and emphasis on photographs, promotional materials and collectibles (movie and non-movie). Through years of research and networking with fellow fans, celebrities, collectors, and motion industry professionals, I have gathered a great deal of fascinating and highly-detailed information and materials. I continue to be a student of this hobby; there’s always something new to learn. I enjoy the process and the journey.

I do not consider myself an expert, particularly in the areas of movie props and autographs. I consider myself fairly well-educated in certain areas, and, therefore, can only offer my honest OPINIONS and nothing more. I do not create and/or sign certificates of authenticity because I am not a “professional” authenticator.

I highly recommend visiting Original Prop Blog and spending some time there to get prop answers. Feel free to visit Beckett, JSA and PSA for information about autographs. I enjoy visiting Brad Day’s autograph group on Facebook. I’ve learned a lot there already. Remember…the ONLY way to absolutely authenticate an autograph is to witness the celebrity signing it in your presence.

Do your own research, ask lots of questions, ask for high-resolution photographs, and TRUST YOUR INTUITION throughout your quest to own original props and autographs.

P.S. This is an interesting article about “experts”.

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11 years ago

Jim, you are doing amazing things with this website. Superman The Movie for new generations!!!

No matter what, keep it going, although I know you will anyway!

All the best,


David Chan
12 years ago

i will always say the same thing. Jim , you are very bright & thanks for this creation. love to read news about Christopher Reeve & SUPERMAN. i’m having trouble ordering the Christopher Reeve (Clark Kent) tie. appreciate your assistance. i need an online form. thanks a lot. David Chan

Terri-Lynn Duncan
12 years ago


Thanks for stopping by in Barons and cannot wait to see the pictures. You really added some life to our staff meeting:) Once again thank you very much.