Amazing Contributions Honoring Christopher Reeve

Updated 22 September 2021

Below are some wonderful contributions by Mute Art, Sean Izaakse, Kevin Skinner, Alexander Stojanov, Jesse Kwe, Eoin Armstrong, Charles Harris, Taufik Istikhar, Iskandar Salim, Alex Lydiate, Matt Glebe, Alexandre Tuis, Adam Hlavac, Adrian Cox, Delmo Walters Jr., Conner McNamara, William Harmon, Vince Renda, Mark, Kelly, Phil Malko, Larry Epling, Tj – Spyter, Mark Gutierrez, Carlos Granda, Sean Izaakse, Ross Chambers, Casette, James Harnock, Adam Koford, Patart, Vern Stewart, Shane Hill, Seby Ravi, Nelson Colon, Aaron Price, Lois Lane 1509, Marc Guerrero, Bob Panek, Iskandar Salim, Azim Akberali, Chris Mason, Daniel Lock, Denis Miconi, Dan Wyke, Michael David Sims, Joe Sandstrom, Ramón Casares, Sam Hanover, Pablo Zignone, Adeel, Leroy Pugh, Chris King, Michael Stribling, James Michael Avalos, Marc Guerrero, Kristopher B. Meadows, Lazsman, Hailand, Kevin D. Anderson, Daniel Lundie, Jonathan Pierson, DolfD, Ultrajack, rodolforever, Julio Ferreira, d2menace, many editorial artists and so many others, as well as some from my own portfolio. Please contact me if I have omitted your name from this list of artists.

A big thanks to Ramón Casares for colorizing many of the editorial cartoons dedicated to both Chris and Dana Reeve that are featured below.

Superfan Jon Fendt created these wonderful and unique vector images (based on images on this website) that I am pleased to feature here. Thank you so very much to Jon for making October 5-11, 2014 an honorable memorial week for our friend Christopher Reeve. Your kindness and contributions will not be forgotten, Jon. Please take a moment to read Jon’s heartfelt letter below.

Congratulations to 16-year-old Alexander Stojanov from Sofia, Bulgaria, for his winning entry in the November 2004 SuperHeroHype! Christopher Reeve tribute art contest. At that time, Alexander was attending a fine arts high school in his country. A truly unique and inspiring image of Christopher Reeve…well done Alexander!

‘Superman Soars’ is an outstanding piece by artist Iskandar Salim. Here is his explanation on how he created it: “Took me weeks to complete this…have to switch between my work and this. This one is entirely original, except for the background and the face. Here’s the breakdown:

Hands: Both were taken from different photos, re-painted and added some reflections to stay with the consistency of the lighting.

Costume: Generated using Poser. Shield, belt and trunk were first created with CorelDraw, exported as EPS to Photoshop then used as mask selection. The rest are lots of airbrushing job.

Cape: Same with the costume, created with CorelDraw, exported and bla bla bla. While working on this part, I realized and discovered the technique how to create that “light reflection on velvet” look.

Head: This was the most time-consuming part. I re-painted the whole face and neck, since the original source (a Donner Superman II photo from came in low-res. The hair is a combination of existing image with pencil sketches.

Background: A combination of two images, sky and city (New York). I gave it a blue-ish tone so that the Superman looks stand-out.

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12 years ago

Christopher Reeve he will always and forever Superman for many hearts. Not just because he star in the film but because what he had done to
inspired so many people. Rest in peace.

12 years ago

Thanks to Christopher may we all learn to fly high as he did,not just in movies but in our lives as he showed us no matter the troubles.Will we ever have another all around superman,I don’t know but we do have people who try.The why I see it we all must try or how else do you make or reach your goals.Yes we will miss him but we will not forget him.SUPERMAN now and forever. P.S Rob I am deeply sorry for the lost of not one but two of your friends.

Thomas A McDonald
12 years ago

Let it be said, Chris Reeve has been, was , & in Heaven , Always will be SUPERMAN !

12 years ago

I’ve been a fan of Christopher Reeve since I was old enough to walk. Thanks for putting together a great site. He is the only person I’ll ever consider Superman. All others pale in comparison.

benedict sloane
12 years ago

i have painted a massive painting of chris as superman in flight, as a tribute is there any way to can be uploaded on caped wonder?

13 years ago

I love Mr Cris Reeve forever superman, thank you . Kael from BRAZIL.Por tudo o que ele fez e continua fazendo la do ceu, muito obrigado. KAEL.