A Young Boy Meets His Hero

It gives me great pleasure to be able to share this wonderful story about Aram Bedrosian, a Superman fan who, at the young age of nine years old, was fortunate enough to meet his hero, Christopher Reeve, and get his autograph, in 1986.

Aram, the photo of Chris and you is absolutely priceless; your joyful expression says it all about the magic and innocence of childhood. What a precious treasure! Thank you very much for sharing your touching story and photos. It’s stories like yours that make this website extra special.

“Hey, Jim. This photo of Christopher Reeve and me was taken on September 19th, 1986. It was a sunny day, and my mother and I were grabbing a bite to eat across from City Hall Park in Burlington, Vermont. We noticed a rally going on as we were finishing up, and decided to head over. When we realized Christopher Reeve was speaking and was going to greet the crowd, my mother encouraged me to try and get his autograph, knowing how much of a fan I was. I was pretty small, which helped me find my way through the mob. He was Superman, and I was nine years old, so it couldn’t have been a bigger deal to meet him. The timing worked out perfectly, and a photographer named Debbie Dlott from the Burlington Free Press snapped this photo, which appeared in the paper the following day. To meet a hero and be lucky enough to have it captured is something I’ll always treasure. Thanks again sincerely for asking me to be a part of the site!!! Best wishes, Aram.”

Aram is a professional and gifted musician. Check out his website and listen to his unique bass guitar work — really great stuff! Aram also has a Facebook page where he’s been sharing his concert dates and progress on upcoming DVD’s and CD’s.