Superman IV

Featuring high-definition 1920×1080 pixel screenshots from the 2011 Superman IV Blu-ray Anthology release.

All screenshots featured on this website are for descriptive and entertainment purposes and to give the viewer a general idea of what the movies will look like. Still-image screenshots of moving images may show more – or less – artifacts due to the non-moving nature of screenshots.

They are not necessarily representative of the true quality that Blu-ray offers, and should not be used to discuss whether a Blu-ray title features good or bad video quality.

Additional screenshots from the Superman IV Blu-ray release and new screenshots from the remaining movies in the franchise will be posted in the future.

Click on each thumbnail below to open the full size image inside a floating box. Right click on the image to save the 1920×1080 file to your computer.

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11 years ago

thanks for upload all this screenshot. I love it

11 years ago

It’s awesome. I love to look at him and I love superman