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  1. admin says:

    Thanks Martin! A coffee table book has been created and awaits a license from Warner Bros. Only stills were shot of the other little Clark Kents…no movie footage. The stills were meant for a montage in the movie, much like the montahe in Donner’s The Omen.

  2. Martin Dallard says:

    Wow! Talk about Aladdin’s cave…
    Thank you so much for posting all these behind the scenes photos, of what has to be one of my all time favourite films. Have you guys thought about putting a coffee table book out with all these goodies inside? I was fascinated to see the photos of Glenn Ford with the 9yr old Clark on the farm. Were any scenes actually shot, do you know?
    many thanks.

  3. Lance says:

    THis website is awesome!! Chris Reeve is awesome actor!! I m really sorry about what happened to the man in his horseridding accident and sorry he’s no longer alive. I enjoyed seeing the photos behind the scenes of the making of Superman the movie. I’m interested in getting into acting myself and finding out more .

  4. Eric Peeper says:

    This is a treasure library you fine folks have put together. I don’t think Richard Donner, Tom Mankiewicz, et al gt nearly enough credit for reinventing fantasy cinema alongside Lucas & Spielberg; plus, the mammoth production of Superman I & II alone earns it an extraordinarily special place in cinema history.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

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