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Hey there, my name’s Dharmesh and I’ve been a fan of the Superman films since I watched the first one on Christmas Day, 1983 on U.K. television. Remember when we watched movies with the family? One television. Cosy room. Being only six years old was the perfect age to fall in love with Superman-The Movie; it was at a time where dreams were infinite because we believed anything was possible and the line between reality and fantasy was blurred, and you could step on either side, without ever thinking there ever was a distinction between the two. That was the power of the first Superman film. My passion for the film has remained ever since, and watching it once year on Christmas Eve faithfully transports me back to being six years old on a crisp winter’s day.

In 1996, when I jumped on the superhighway, I found Greg Oshel’s Superman film site and it sparked the beginning of an odyssey for me. Superman CINEMA was born in April of 1997, and it was only to be a fun little hobby learning HTML and being able to communicate with other fans of the original films. But then it morphed into an unofficial film school, I learned so much about the making of the films, leaving me wondering how did they overcome the myriad of obstacles to make us believe a man could fly. To my amazement, I learned there was this treasure trove of Donner footage for Superman II and it became mine and the fans mission to push for this material to be released. I never thought this was possible, but I discovered that if there is a fanbase and they are willing to come together to drum up interest, then, anything is possible. After that was accomplished, the soundtrack boxset was the icing on the cake, wonderfully put together by Lukas Kendall and Mike Matessino. I vowed that once the soundtrack set was released I’d quit the website and move on, but I found it difficult to disassociate myself completely from Superman. It brought me and the fans so much joy that after much thought I decided to take up Jim Bowers’ offer and bring the best of Superman CINEMA’s articles and interviews to the amazing CapedWonder™ website. Revamped and updated.

The first piece I want to share is the interview with Tom Mankiewicz I conducted in October 2006. I will always miss Tom – he was a compassionate human being, who gave so much to his students and friends.

Dharmesh Chauhan
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11 years ago

Can you please put the scripts on like they were on the old site? I loved those scripts.

11 years ago

Hi Dharmesh,

To begin, I remember that TX on Christmas Day, 1983 – it was an edited version of the film.

Second, I was following your site from about ’99, and felt the love. Good job, very well done.

I wonder if I can ask a favour. In December 2000 I sent you an article which you published (an edited version here, If you have it archived, could you send me the link so that I can then re-produce it on my site?

It all helps everything look good.

What are you up to now?

All the very best,