01 January 2022; HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022…!

Happy New Year 2022!

CapedWonder is about to enter its 20th Year!

We’ll be Uniting the CapedWonder Crew in 2022!

This is my all-time favorite Christopher Reeve Superman movie magazine cover…Newsweek, dated January 1, 1979. The banner across the top of the article is a great 1970s design!

Read the entire article here.

28 December 2021; Superman ’78, Issue #5…!

Superman ’78 #5 comic book was released today! Below is front cover, a teaser image, and a Superman III screenshot that were used as reference by the comic book’s artist, Wilfredo Torres.

26 December 2021; Podcast Episode #41…!

On this final Caped Wonder Superman Podcast for 2021, Jay & Jim are ready for the gift of storytelling with actor Mac McDonald. Episode #41 explores Mac’s time on not only Superman IV, but also 1989’s Batman. Mac is a very funny guy, and his stories about working face to face with Lex, The Joker and even 007 will have you on the edge of your seat! What would you say to Gene Hackman if you saw him walking towards you? How would you approach Jack Nicholson in his Joker costume. Mac speaks from experience and Yule Love it!

Listen to (and watch) all of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast episodes here!

25 December 2021; Happy Holidays…!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!

Super Friend and CapedWonder Artist, Tim Allen, has created this fabulous image called “Return to the Kent Farm”. Just lovely, Tim…thank you!

My dream sequence for either the first or second movie is Chris Reeve returning to the farm…landing majestically on the front porch as Ma Kent is sweeping, doing “Super Chores” and spending some quality time together, and then flying Ma around Smallville to show her what their hometown looks like from his perspective. Can you imagine seeing Phyllis Thaxter and Christopher Reeve flying together over the wheatfields, and hearing the theme(s) that John Williams would have composed specifically for that sequence?

Super Fan Anthony Knight has shared his own amazing storyboards with all of us…

The idea behind creating storyboards from the original scripts developed from an idea I had when watching Superman the Movie. I was left wondering, what would it look like to see how Superman landed the cruiser outside of the police precinct? So, I began to draw the scene in a series of frames and artwork that is respectful of the style of filming of the time. I based my drawings on images from Capedwonder, when Superman ‘cages Non’, capturing dynamic poses and angles as filmed under Lester or Donner.

— Anthony Knight

See all of the storyboards and read more about Anthony’s vision here.

22 December 2021; Vintage Newspaper Ad…!

Presenting a vintage Superman: The Movie newspaper ad dated December 22, 1978 from the New York Daily News.

The whole darned movie flies, up up and away, taking us right along on a fantastic and exhilarating movie adventure. They called the movie ‘SUPERMAN’ but they might as well have called it – ‘supermovie’ – it’s that big, that good and that cheering. There is a …keen sense of fun, that is totally disarming. For all its commitment to visualizing places, persons and events that to us, on earth, are still wildly futuristic, it shows unswerving respect and affection for the specific era in American history that gave birth to the handsome, wholesome blue-eyed wonder of a folk hero. SUSAN STARK – DETROIT FREE PRESS

20 December 2021; Podcast Episode #4 Revisit!

Episode #4 of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast features our very special guest…film score producer Mike Matessino! We are thrilled that he joined us for this special episode about the Superman-The Movie soundtrack!


Listen to all of the episodes here!

20 December 2021; Superman-The Movie Soundtrack Turns 43!

43 years ago today, John Williams’ iconic Superman-The Movie soundtrack was released on record (2-LP set), cassette tape, and 8-track tape, as well as on 45 RPM records. The marketing campaign behind the release was tremendous!

Please enjoy this vintage sheet music below. You can also download a PDF file that contains all of the pages.

Please visit the Caped Wonder soundtrack page created in 2018 for the soundtrack’s 40th anniversary.

16 December 2021; Episode 25: The Contest Cape…!

The man who now owns the most famous Superman the Movie Cape in the World. He paid $193,750 for it two years ago today on December 16, 2019. Meet Joe in Episode 25 of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast right here.

15 December 2021; “Take The Gentleman’s Cape” 2.0…!

43 years since it exploded across cinema screens, Capedwonder Europe is proud to present the updated version of the definitive Superman costume article – “Take The Gentleman’s Cape”.

This update features brand new colour images of the components by Sebastian Colombo and many more revisions as we continue to learn more about Yvonne Blake’s masterpiece. Ever wonder why there are so many versions of the ‘S’ shield associated with the movie? The answers to that and much more are here. View here and on

15 December 2021; Believing A Man Can Fly for over Four Decades!!

December 15, 1978 was a defining day in my life when, as a 17-year-old, I experienced the cinematic masterpiece, Superman-The Movie, for the first time on the silver screen, followed by 13 more viewings in the weeks that followed.

This Magical film filled with Wonder and Heart absolutely blew my mind and completely altered my view of film-making and the Man of Steel. I truly believed that Christopher Reeve was Clark Kent and Superman. Superman-The Movie will always be my favorite movie.

On this 43rd anniversary, I hope you will make some time to reflect on your experience of seeing Superman-The Movie in the theater; for those of you who didn’t have that luxury, think back to that first TV, VHS or Beta tape, laserdisc, or CED viewing and how it made you feel. Hopeful, Entranced, Exhilarated.

Please enjoy this poster, vintage ad proof, and videos. Click here to see more videos and anniversary tribute letters.

14 December 2021; Superman West Coast Premiere!

Today is the 43ed Anniversary of the Hollywood Premiere of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the Hollywood Premiere:

Wednesday, December 14 at the Mann’s Chinese Theatre (a 1492 seat house) benefited the American Diabetes Association.

Print was presented in 70mm with Dolby Sound.

Ticket scale:
$130 – premiere plus post-premiere supper at the Beverly Wilshire.
$100 – premiere tickets only.

13 December 2021; Superman Royal Charity Premiere!

Today is the 43rd Anniversary of the European Royal Charity Premiere of Superman-The Movie! On Wednesday, December 13, 1978, the European Royal Charity Premiere was held in London at the Empire Leicester Square Theatre for the benefit of Variety Clubs of Great Britain and The National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare.

Shown below is the official Royal Charity Premiere booklet, two tickets to the screening, select pages from the booklet, and promotional photography.

10 December 2021; Superman: The Movie Presidential Premiere…!

Today is the 43nd Anniversary of the Presidential Premiere of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the Presidential Premiere in Washington, DC:

Sunday, December 10 at the Eisenhower Theatre (a 1200 seat house) to benefit the Special Olympics.

Print will be in 35mm stereo optical.

Ticket scale:
Top price $1,000 for each box seat, which includes a dinner party at the Japanese Embassy on December 9, another party held at Mr. and Mrs Shriver’s home on December 8, and a reception at the Kennedy Center preceding the film.

$500 – The best Orchestra seats, plus the party at the Shrivers’ home and the pre-premiere reception at the Kennedy Center.

$125 – Orchestra seats and the pre-premiere reception at the Kennedy Center.

$50 – The best balcony seats for the premiere.

$35 – Balcony seats for the premiere.

“The awesome technology of modern film brings you someone to believe in.” December 10, 1978: New York Daily News full page ad for Superman-The Movie. Special thanks to Brian McKernan, Editor of Superman in Advertising & Media on Facebook.

04 December 2021; Superman II is 41…!

Superman II opened in theaters on December 4, 1980 in Australia as part of a reverse marketing release campaign by the Salkinds to open the film across the world during each country’s respective peak summer season. The Australian one-sheet movie poster features fabulous art by Dan Goozee. A large 8×10 color transparency of the Dan’s art is part of the CapedWonder/Jay Towers Collection; I aligned the poster over a high-resolution scan of the art (left) and combined them for the final version (right). Enjoy!

28 November 2021; Superman Home Video Day…!

Released 15 years ago today!

Jim Bowers negotiated a licensing deal with Warner Bros. Home Video for the use of his photo of Christopher Reeve as Superman looking up on The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection DVD box set cover, and the flying Superman on the lenticular slipcover inside the Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD tin box set. The flying Superman was created by Ramon Casares and Jim Bowers; it can also be seen on various Blu-ray covers from Warner Home Entertainment.

27 November 2021; Zavvi EXC Funko Pop!…

DC Comics Superman and Lois Zavvi EXC Funko Pop! Vinyl: Superman: The Movie style! Coming in Maarch 2022! Pre-order yours today!

25 November 2021; Happy Thanksgiving…!

Please enjoy this assortment of photos. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

15 November 2021; Superman IV Update…?

Martin Lakin, Editor of the excellent blog, Supermania ’78, is part of the CapedWonder Network and shares a tentative update regarding the future of the Superman Movies from Warner Archive – The start of the dream realized for fans of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace? You decide!

08 November 2021; Smallville Stills Montage…!

You may have heard that numerous little Clark Kents were hired for the Smallville scenes in Superman: The Movie, and that only one of them – Aaron Smolinski – appeared in the final film. This much is true. What else is true is that only Aaron was FILMED; the remaining little Clarks were only PHOTOGRAPHED for a stills montage that was ultimately abandoned. Please watch the video. Stills were shot by Bob Penn…

Please join us on the Caped Wonder Superman Podacast page on Facebook!

05 November 2021; 1980 Reeve Interview!

Here’s a fantastic Christopher Reeve interview done by John Hanrahan. It was shot in November 1980 while Chris was on stage in Fifth of July. Be sure to watch until the very end.

Michael and Cathy Frahme met Chris Reeve backstage after a performance of Fifth of July. Here’s their story.

04 November 2021; Donner Cut Hollywood Premiere!

November 2, 2021 was the fifteenth anniversary of the world premiere screening of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut at the Director’s Guild of America in Hollywood. It was a very exciting experience for all of us who attended!

Click here to read the entire report with lots of photos and audio.

02 November 2021; Podcast Episode #40!

It’s our 40th Episode and there is no better time to welcome the DC Comics writer behind the Superman ’78 comic series, Robert Venditti. In this episode Jay & Jim have met their Reeve Legacy match. Robert and his team have brought back the nostalgia we love so much including that cellophane “S” from Superman II. We’ve become kids all over again and Robert is the perfect storyteller for our very special 40th Episode. Superman ’78 #3 is available TODAY and so is the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast!

Listen to (and watch) all of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast episodes here!

01 November 2021; Supergirl Month!

November is Supergirl Month! Here’s an authentic Helen Slater autograph on a vintage Supergirl Storybook (1984).

18 October 2021; Brett Mitchell…

Conductor, composer, pianist, and educator Brett Mitchell recently shared these beautiful videos he created in tribute to the Superman movies. Wonderful, Brett! Thank you!

17 October 2021; Margot’s Birthday…

Magnificent Margot Kidder was born on this day in 1948. We miss her greatly. Here she is on April 8, 1981 at the Superman II Royal Premiere in London, England.

14 October 2021; Superman Artifacts at Prop Store…

CapedWonder UK Correspondent, Martin Lakin, together with our Super Friends, Andy Hanton and Alexei-Lambley Steel, recently visited Prop Store of London to closely inspect the latest Superman movie artifacts going up for auction in November 2021. Incredible!

10 October 2021; Missing Christopher Reeve…

07 October 2021; Podcast Episode #39!

Episode #39 is finally here! Jay Towers & Jim Bowers get a FIRST LOOK at some of the 25 ‘Superman lots’ in the 2021 Prop Store Auction with Super Special Guest Stephen Lane. We were blown away! Click here to register for November’s auction.

Click here to watch the video on the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook page, or watch it below as an embedded video.

Or watch the episode on the CapedWonder YouTube Channel below.

03 October 2021; Somewhere in Time!

Somewhere in Time premiered in theaters 41 years ago today!

See many more photographs here.

La-La Land Records recently released an expanded and remastered Somewhere in Time soundtrack. I highly recommend it! It sounds so wonderful, and has over 20 previously unreleased tracks. Buy it here.

02 October 2021; Our Podcast!

28 September 2021; Superman ’78 #2!

Superman ’78 #2 comic book was released today. Below is a teaser image, as well as two Superman IV screenshots that were used as reference by the comic book’s artist, Wilfredo Torres.

26 September 2021; Christopher Reeve’s Birthday Tribute Video!

Caped Wonder Superman Podcast co-host, Jay Towers, made this Christopher Reeve Birthday Tribute video for all of us. Thank you so much, Jay!

25 September 2021; Christopher Reeve’s Birthday!

Our Friend Christopher D’Olier Reeve was born 69 years ago today. Here he is in the Summer of 1979.

Presenting “First Flight”, an extraordinary photograph of Christopher Reeve flying out of the Fortress of Solitude at Shepperton Studios, England in May 1977. Super Fan and Friend, Martin Lakin, first revealed this photo to the world, and it is one of my very favorite Reeve photos. Chris was an outstanding flyer and the movie series’ “best special effect”, according to the flying crew. Here’s a colorized version of the photo done by Ramon Casares.

You’ll notice in these Superman ’78 #2 preview pages that “First Flight” is prominently featured. This is VERY exciting! Superman ’78 #2 will be released on 28 September 2021.

04 September 2021; Superman ’78 Art Reference!

It’s always a thrill when CapedWonder images inspire official Superman projects like Superman ’78. This B&W Christopher Reeve photo, shot on the prison set at Pinewood Studios in October 1977, and was never used to promote any of the movies back in the day. Thanks DC Comics and Wilfredo Torres! I am thoroughly enjoying Superman ’78!

25 August 2021; Superman ’78 Review!

Super Fan and CapedWonder Correspondent, Martin Lakin, reviews the glorious nostalgia of Superman ’78!

23 August 2021; New CapedWonder Photos!

Some of my most recent photos…enjoy!

12 August 2021; Podcast Episode #38!

On Episode #38, Jim Bowers and Jay Towers hear fascinating and detailed new stories about filming the Superman Metropolis scenes from the New York Location Manager himself, Chris Coles! Why did Lois Lane’s terrace location change? Who got a suitcase filled with cash to make it happen? Who turned on the lights in New York at just the right time? Where did they really get that boat? Chris Coles knows and he was in the middle of it all! Plus Superman II, III, Supergirl, Santa Claus: The Movie, Chaplin and so much more. Location is everything and this episode is prime real estate!

You can also listen to the episode here.

2 August 2021; Superman Double Feature Screening!

My good friend, Daniel Champion, has announced this exciting Superman: The Movie / Superman II Double Feature Screening in August at the Ipswich Film Theatre! The screening will be showing 35MM PRINTS! Get your tickets today!

31 July 2021; Podcast Episode #37!

The man who filmed Superman: The Movie under the direction of cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth. Camera operator Peter MacDonald is simply a legend in the film industry. Cabaret, The Empire Strikes Back, Rambo, Batman, Harry Potter, and a list of films longer than Superman’s cape. In Episode #37 Jay & Jim catch up with Peter in France and discuss filming some of the most memorable scenes in Superman and Superman II. From working with Donner and Unsworth to filming Krypton, Smallville, Metropolis and everything in-between. Peter is one of the most charming, funny and talented guys in the business and his stories will fly out of your speakers and into your heart!

You can also listen to the episode here.

29 July 2021; DC’s Superman ’78!

Step Onto the Streets of Metropolis with Lois and Clark in DC’s Superman ’78, Launching August 24. Click here to read all about it. (Thanks for the heads up, Ethan Clark!)

28 July 2021; Missile Hijack!

Richard Donner filmed missile hijack bridge scenes on July 28, 1977, confirmed by production notes and continuity Polaroids.

Please visit the Acquiring Kryptonite & Diversionary Tactics Gallery to see many more rare photos.

27 July 2021; Smallville Cemetery

Richard Donner filmed Smallville Cemetery scenes on July 27, 1977, confirmed by production notes and continuity Polaroids.

Please visit the Smallville Gallery to see many more rare photos.

24 July 2021; Superman IV: The Quest For Peace at 34!

Today, we celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace! Christopher Reeve was 34 years old when he filmed the movie. Lots to love about this movie!

20 July 2021; AFI Movie Club: SUPERMAN

With SUPERMAN, director Richard Donner made audiences believe a man could fly – and ushered in a contemporary age of cinematic superheroes, brought to the screen with majesty and wonder. Raised to the clouds by an iconic score by AFI Life Achievement Award honoree John Williams, the titular Kryptonian – brought to life with humanity and earnest sincerity by an incomparable Christopher Reeve – ranked among the American Film Institute’s greatest cinematic heroes of all time.

Click here to visit the AFI page.

16 July 2021; VALERIE…

Click here to watch ‘VALERIE’, an incredibly moving documentary about our courageous friend, Valerie Perrine.

15 July 2021; Superman II Retrospective!

Today on – Michael Coate & Jim Bowers celebrate the 40th anniversary of SUPERMAN II in History, Legacy & Showmanship! (Dedicated to the memory of Richard Donner.)

14 July 2021; Bad Vibrations?

July 14, 1977: The Superman: The Movie production’s second unit shoots the full-size boat sequence in Lower Manhattan in New York City. The AMF Hatteras yacht Serenidee, which was borrowed from the owner in New Jersey and registered in Wilmington, Delaware, is used for the sequence.

13 July 2021; Somewhere in Time Limited Edition CD!



Item Number:

Limited Edition:
5000 UNITS

Shipping Status:

Music by John Barry

Limited Edition of 5000 Units


La-La Land Records, Universal Pictures, and Geffen proudly present a Limited Edition remastered and expanded CD reissue of renowned composer John Barry’s (GOLDFINGER, OUT OF AFRICA, DANCES WITH WOLVES) original motion picture score to the beloved 1980 big screen romantic fantasy-drama SOMEWHERE IN TIME, directed by Jeannot Szwarc and starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer. Barry’s rich, gorgeous orchestral score perfectly embodies this heartfelt and heartbreaking romantic classic, enriching it with a resonating melodic and thematic timelessness that is vital to the film’s powerful sentimental allure. As the director himself states, “John’s music gave the film everything it needed. I still think it’s his most beautiful score – and one of the most beautiful scores in the history of film.”

Produced, mastered and edited from studio vault elements by Mike Matessino, this expanded CD is limited to 5000 units and features never-before-released score cues and additional music, including the music box arrangement of Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Barry’s original music for Elise’s stage show, two previously unheard arrangements of the Somewhere In Time theme, and more! The exclusive, in depth liner notes are by journalist and author Jon Burlingame and the timeless art design is by Jim Titus.

Click here to order your copy today!

A personal note to La-La Land Records’ team: I’m thrilled and grateful to have been involved with yet another outstanding La-La Land Records release! Thanks to All!

13 July 2021; New York City Blackout of 1977!

44 Years Ago Today, 13 July 1977: Richard Donner shoots location coverage at the New York Daily News on 42nd Street of Christopher Reeve exiting the Daily Planet and retrieving Lois’ hat for the helicopter rescue sequence. At the urging of the film’s gaffer, cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth plugs a generator into a lamp post in order to achieve proper lighting for the scene. A short occurs,causing part of the location set to black out. Unbeknownst to Geoffrey Unsworth and the film crew, at 9:38 p.m. a lightning storm strikes the city, causing all of New York City to black out.Thankfully, with the generators, shooting on Superman: The Movie is able to continue. Richard Donner later assures Geoffrey Unsworth that he was not responsible for the blackout to New York City. Mayor Abe Beame declares a state of emergency for the entire city.

See more photos here.

11 July 2021; Super Fruit!

July 11, 1977: Richard Donner shoots the exterior portion of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent blowing upward to save Lois Lane from falling, in a sequence for the opening of Superman II. Actress and stuntwoman Ellen Bry (doubling for Margot Kidder) shoots her scene of jumping into a fruit cart outside the Daily Planet. Kidder then films her scenes atop the fruit cart. Later that day, New York City Mayor Abe Beame greets Reeve and Kidder, welcoming Superman to Metropolis.

Documentary footage of the stunt is filmed, which is included in “Taking Flight: The Development of ‘Superman'” on the special edition DVD in 2001. The entire sequence will not be seen until the release of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut in November 2006.

10 July 2021; The Prison!

Stuntman Alf Joint and Gene Hackman with Richard Donner in October 1977 on the Superman: The Movie prison set at Pinewood Studios, England.

09 July 2021; Geoffrey and Richard Together!

Here’s a photo from my collection of Geoffrey Unsworth and Richard Donner on the Krypton laboratory set at Shepperton Studios, England in 1977.

Tom Mankiewicz and Richard Donner loved the photos I sent them over 20 or so years. Tom always kept encouraging me to send Dick even more photos.

I clearly remember the day I sent this photo to Dick. He immediately asked me for a print so he could hang it on his wall. Of course, I obliged him right away.

So happy I could have these experiences with these two extraordinary human beings…

08 July 2021; Podcast Episode #36!

Jay & Jim were preparing for this Superman II 40th Anniversary interview with Jack O’Halloran when they learned the heartbreaking news that legendary Superman Director Richard Donner passed away at 91 years old. In Episode #36, Jack opens up on becoming the Kryptonian villain ‘Non’ and why he felt Dick Donner was the best director he’s ever worked with. Jack gets right into everything you want to know about Brando, Hackman, Stamp, the flying, the special fx’s; and if that wasn’t SUPER enough Ursa herself Sarah Douglas flies into our interview to surprise Jim and Jack and pay tribute to Donner. The Making of Superman The Movie author David Michael Petrou also delivers a very special message as he remembers his time working with Richard Donner. The Adventure continues and we’ll never forget our beloved friend who made us believe a man can fly!

08 July 2021; The Book…

Many of you have inquired about my Superman: The Richard Donner Years book, particularly over the past couple of days since Mr. Donner’s passing. Please know that I’m still working on the book, and that I’ve yet to determine edition, price, and release date. Please email me if you’d like to get on the book list…

Thanks so much!


07 July 2021; 7-7-77!

Richard Donner films his first shots in New York City of Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder in the lobby and the exterior of the New York Daily News, of Clark Kent and Lois Lane leaving the Daily Planet. Real-life film critic Kathleen Carroll shoots her cameo appearance for the film. Real-life entertainment reporter Rex Reed shoots his cameo appearance for the film. His cameo is filmed at least three times. Reed is also interviewed for the “Making of ‘Superman: The Movie’” documentary. In between takes, reporters interview Christopher Reeve about his preparation for portraying Clark Kent, while fake newspapers of the Daily Planet are hawked to onlookers. Documentary footage is shot on location for “The Making of ‘Superman: The Movie’,” which is broadcast in 1980. Footage will also appear in “Making ‘Superman: Filming the Legend” in 2001, and “Look! Up in the Sky – The Amazing Story of Superman” and “You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman” in 2006.

05 July 2021; Goodbye, Dear Dick…

A Towering Talent! A Fantastic Friend!

Richard “Dick” Donner was one heck of a Super Swell human being with a gigantic heart and a wonderful, strong voice. I absolutely loved his booming personality, his laughter, his good energy, his storytelling, and his gratitude.

I am blessed beyond measure to have known Dick Donner. He did so much for me, encouraged me, supported me, and believed in me.

I feel like I just lost a second father. Heartbroken, completely.

Please say “Hi!” to Chris, Margot, Marlon, Geoffrey, and Mank for us, Dear Dick. As my friend, Jay Towers, said today, “What a party it must be.”

Verisimilitude All The Way! I will miss you everyday, “Kid”!

“The Magic is still ours – let’s keep it that way.” — Richard Donner, 5th April, 1978

04 July 2021; Superman and the Flag!

Christopher Reeve as Superman, smiling at the American Flag! It doesn’t get any better than that on this Independence Day!

Click here to see more Superman American flag screenshots from the theatrical Superman II!

02 July 2021; Superman Re-release!

Superman: The Movie was re-released in theaters on this day in 1980! (Thanks RossMan!)

Have a Swell and Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Hello !
    I really enjoy what you do!
    The original Donner film is a one of the pillars of my life
    I was wondering if you guys have any update on Richard Donner life or work ? He’s 90 ! is he doing ok ?
    Do you guys think he will work on a new lethal weapon ?

    cheers !

  2. Shawn says:

    I just read the August 1977 Time Magazine piece you posted and have a question. The article states that SUPERMAN would be released in December 1978, but at this point in the production wasn’t it still scheduled to come out in the summer? Did Time knowingly or unknowingly get the date right?

  3. Stefan says:

    I love this site! Can´t get enough of the pictures and all the background information.
    There is so much love and respect for the character of Superman and the movies, you can feel it in every single article.
    Very nice work, please keep it up!

  4. Michael Kurland says:

    Christopher Reeve’s Superman will always be a symbol of hope for not only me, but the entire world, especially during these tough times. As Chris himself said, “It’s a much harder challenge, yet I see no reason to give up.”

  5. Donna Carvey says:

    As one of the Girl Scout moms in the podcast of Jay Towers Caped Wonder Superman, I would love to get a video DVD to my daughter who was one of the participating Scouts, who was not able to be contacted in time to be a participant in your reunion. We all remember the filming fondly and she has shared your podcast with her teen aged sons, and we her parents. What a fun memory for all of us, especially our daughter, who has saved her memorabilia from the event. A nice thing you have done. She is Denise Carvey Hill of Gilbert, Arizona.

  6. John Cribbs IV says:

    Thanks buddy I love the website and keep the torch lit thanks for all you do for us all like the Superman movies did inspirational forevermore forever unconditionally I miss the legendary legacy Christopher Reeve left us all but not to worry we have Brandon Routh (doppelgänger of Christopher Reeve) this is hard to believe but Steve Harvey (doppelgänger of the legendary late Richard Pryor) I have proof wouldn’t it be great for themselves to be in a newer Superman movie like in Superman 3 (1983,2000,2006) thanks buddy keep the torch lit thanks peace and blessings to you all peace.

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    Happy New Year 2020!

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    Hi there Jim,

    I just stumbled upon a very special scene from Superman I where the spaceship had just landed in the farms of Smallville. From that moment in the movie right till the 4th part of Superman(The Quest for Peace), I guess I must have seen these movies at least a dozen times if not less. As I was watching through this video yet one more time, I stumbled upon your website and boy! I could just say one word AWESOME. You have rekindled the “Christopher Reeve” in me who in my humble opinion epitomized Peace, Smile, Happiness, Confidence, Goodness and above all Self Belief. I have always been a fan of Mr Reeve ever since I was a child growing up as of today in my early forties. Thank you for all the wonderful information, you have shared with us here and once again it has been an absolute joy knowing the legacy of Christopher Reeve. To me, in short Christopher Reeve is SUPERMAN. God Be with you Mr Reeve and thank you once again for all the amazing memories and love imparted to us.

  9. Sefy Levy says:

    Dear Jim,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis after all the years i’ve been following your amazing website. Being here and watching the Photos, reading the Articles, will always give me Hope that some day the future generation will get to see a movie with a Director who has true Passion for the Character and Honors him and what he represents…. an Actor who will do the part Justice…

    No Matter how dark the world may seem…. there is a Superman in each of us… to make it a little brighter…

    Your Friend,

  10. Phillip says:

    “In the decade of the 1930’s, even the great city of Metropolis was not spared the ravages of the worldwide Depression. Amid times of fear and confusion, the job of informing the public was the responsibility of The Daily Planet, a great metropolitan newspaper whose reputation for clarity and truth had become a symbol of hope for the city of Metropolis!”

    The greatest superhero movie of all time celebrates its 40th anniversary today. Superman was released on December 15, 1978. I was in middle school at the time, and I remember all of the buzz surrounding the movie in the months prior to its release. I bought many of the celebrity magazines, as well as several DC comic books, and each month there were various reports on casting and production. Some of those reports turned out to be incorrect, such as the one in which Rona Barrett announced that Anne Archer had been cast as Lois Lane. I will be forever grateful that Rona got that one wrong.

    I found all of the news interesting, yet I had little desire to see the movie. In fact, I did not see it until it had its network television premiere on ABC on Sunday, February 7 and Monday, February 8, 1982. Even though I watched it on my tiny 13-inch black and white portable TV, I was enthralled. From that kid reading from Action Comics #1 to the very end of the ten-minutes-long closing credits, I loved every second of it. I got goosebumps when I first heard John Williams’ theme music and still get them every single time I hear it. And those opening credits flying through space are as incredible today as they were four decades ago.

    The casting was superb. Marlon Brando was worth every penny of the millions he was paid for his portrayal of Jor-El. I loved Glenn Ford and Phyllis Thaxter as Jonathan and Martha Kent. It was clever how we were subtly informed that Martha’s maiden name was “Clark.” Even though he had only a few minutes of screen time, Jonathan’s death never fails to bring a tear to my eye. One of my favorite moments is in the wheat field when Martha reaches out her hand to comfort Clark then draws it back, as if she’s suddenly become afraid to touch him.

    Christopher Reeve was perfect as both the adult Clark and the Man of Steel. The scene in the Fortress of Solitude when we first see him in his Superman costume and he flies toward the camera is thrilling. But it’s Margot Kidder as feisty, vivacious Lois Lane that really makes the movie for me. ABC also aired a documentary on the making of the film in which there was a very telling behind-the-scenes moment where director Richard Donner instructed everyone to take a break from filming the balcony scene. As Margot walked away, Richard pulled Chris aside and informed him that Margot was stealing the scene from him, and Chris sheepishly agreed. I feel that Margot stole every scene in the movie. She had an indefinable something that I found totally charming.

    The helicopter rescue is one of the most exciting scenes ever captured on film and features my favorite line: “You-you’ve got me? Who’s got you?!” Then there’s the aforementioned balcony scene. The interplay between Chris and Margot is so much fun. I love that moment when Lois hesitates as she says, “Clark…says that…you’re just a figment of somebody’s imagination. Like Peter Pan,” and Superman gets a brief look of panic on his face, thinking that she’s calling him “Clark.” And the flying sequence! It’s absolutely magical, with John Williams’ music again inducing goosebumps. There is one brief shot as the two of them fly away from the Statue of Liberty that looks so real you’d swear that somehow they were actually suspended in mid-air above New York Harbor. A lot of people apparently don’t like “Can You Read my Mind,” but I find Margot’s performance of it enchanting.

    Lois’ death scene is powerful. It’s brilliantly done, as you really feel her panic as she’s being buried alive. And Superman’s anguish is gut-wrenching. Chris and Margot were both incredible in this scene. I’ve always found it a bit difficult to watch it, and I think it will be even harder to watch it now. It breaks my heart that neither of them lived to celebrate this 40th anniversary of their most iconic roles. I hope they know how much this movie and they themselves mean to us.

  11. Fletch says:

    40 Years! My mom took myself and my brother (and sister?) to go see the movie when I was 10 years old. We went and saw it in Auckland city. I remember walking through the streets and looking up at what seemed the unusually tall buildings. Having grown up in a small country town, visiting Auckland was almost like being in Metropolis itself. From what I can recall, we also saw the movie at the St James theatre, an historical theatre originally built in 1928 which sort of matched in with the opening scenes of the movie. I can remember the movie with a sense of spectacle that you can probably only experience when you’re ten. Christopher Reeve will always be MY Superman. He seemed to have that mix of heroism and kindness/gentleness that he brought to the character.

    ps, please do you have the poster at the top of the page (with Reeve pointing skyward) at any larger size? I used to have it on my wall (the centre spread from Starburst issue #3) and I’d love to get it again but it seems like it’s impossible to find a large format version of it.

  12. Brandon Long says:

    40 years ago today, cinema was elevated to new heights and the superhero genre was officially kicked off much to the respect of Hollywood as well as to general audiences with the release of this spectacle. Without it, we wouldn’t have all the superhero movies flooding the cinemas today. The love and dedication to making this film is definitely felt right from the soaring opening credits. The soaring performance of Christopher Reeve is easily the best casting in superhero movie history as well as one of the best in movie history in general. The supporting cast also brings a lot to the table in many ways. From amazing special effects to John Williams’ soaring score, it all comes together to create a fun, nostalgic adventure that still soars today!

  13. Phillip says:

    I fell in love with Margot Kidder on Sunday, February 7, 1982. Or maybe it was Monday, February 8. On those two nights, ABC presented the network television premiere of 1978’s Superman, and I finally got to see it for the first time. Even though I watched it on my little 13-inch black and white portable TV, I was captivated. Christopher Reeve was of course perfect as both Clark Kent and the Man of Steel, but it was Margot’s performance as feisty Lois Lane that made the movie for me. ABC also aired a documentary on the making of the film (included on the DVD, I believe). In it, there was a very telling behind-the-scenes moment where director Richard Donner instructed everyone to take a break from filming the balcony scene. As Margot walked away, Richard pulled Chris aside and informed him that Margot was stealing the scene from him, and Chris sheepishly agreed. I feel that Margot stole every scene in the movie. She had an indefinable something that I found totally charming. The only fan letter I ever sent to a celebrity was to Margot. I just had to tell her how much I admired her performance in the film. I never received a reply, but that didn’t lessen my appreciation for her. A few years later, I drew her portrait, which I consider to be one of the best drawings I ever did. I’ve seen many of her theatrical films (Trenchcoat, Sisters, Black Christmas, Willie & Phil, Keeping Track, and Heartaches among them), early TV appearances (Banacek, Baretta, Nichols), and later TV movies (Vanishing Act, Picking Up the Pieces, Pygmalion, Louisiana, and The Glitter Dome to name just a few). She also starred in a terrific short-lived TV series called Shell Game in 1987. I loved them all. I was heartbroken when I heard that she had passed away in May. It seems especially sad that she will miss two milestones this year: her 70th birthday and the 40th anniversary of her most iconic film. She will always be my Lois Lane and one of my favorite actresses. Rest in peace, Margaret Ruth Kidder.

  14. Mari Mortsfield says:

    This is a wonderful website. Christopher Reeve is still the best Superman there has ever been. He so epitomized the true ideals and personality of this character:Clark Kent and Superman with humility and generosity and never-ending courage that always lifts the human spirit and inspires so many people like myself. Always grateful that his lifetime gave us these incredible moments of entertainment. Christopher Reeve’s charismatic portrayal and his life in memorable films are iconic and a true testament to the legend Superman. Miss him, thank you for sharing.
    M.D. Mortsfield

  15. Keith Haden says:

    Jim, Superman The Movie is coming back to theaters on November 25th through Fathom Events!

  16. admin says:

    My Goodness, this is THE MOST SPECIAL message I believe I have ever received about Christopher Reeve and his impact on the world. Thank you so very much James! I am grateful for you!

  17. James Walker says:

    The impact of Christopher Reeve’s life, and his portrayal of Superman, is immeasurable. While it is hard to put into succinct description, all of us here feel the reality of that impact every day. He transcended the boundaries of page and screen to become a true and utterly real Superman, embodying and exemplifying the qualities that make us believe in the Man of Steel. There is a reason that we always think of Chris when we imagine Superman. It isn’t that he was the first to portray him; it isn’t just the groundbreaking story-telling and spectacle of ‘Superman the Movie.’ Rather, it is Chris himself. The man who took on the role of the Last Son of Krypton with pride and glee; who viewed his involvement with the character as a noble responsibility, and an opportunity to inspire humanity; the man whose kindness was matched by his initiative and courage. A man like Chris coming into the role of Superman may have seemed serendipitous at the time; but I believe it was fate; fate, that we should have a fictional character and real person merge so flawlessly into the inspiring phenomenon that was, and is, Christopher Reeve.

  18. Kenny Kraly Jr. says:

    Dear Jim , is amazing and you do a super amazing job honoring Christopher Reeve and him as Superman. Keep up the super amazing work !!!

  19. admin says:

    Pinewood Studios.

  20. Bob says:

    Where was the alley transformation filmed? NYC?

  21. Dave Yazbek says:

    Where did you get the amazing background illustration from on your home page?

  22. Dave Yazbek says:

    Yesterday I watched the TV extended cut to honour Margot Kidder’s passing. After dozens and dozens of viewings over the past four decades, I can’t believe I found a detail I’d never noticed before! After the Phantom Zone villains disappear off screen, you can actually see the Council Dome closing!! Never noticed this detail before and it’s why the shot is held for a couple of seconds after the villains exit on the top right of the screen. I’m shopping for an 80 inch TV this weekend. Can’t wait to see what other morsels I find once the images are larger.

  23. admin says:

    Count on it.

  24. Stan says:

    Just very sad at the loss of Margot Kidder. She made Lois Lane “real” and helped the audience believe that a man could fly. Somewhere Chris and Margot are flying again.

  25. stan says:

    Is there a chance that there will be a 4K release this year? I think the success of the television cut that was released was a huge success and I hope that will: “Let Warner Brothers See there is money to be made in a 4k release”. I also hope Warner Brothers will release the television cut of “Superman II”. That would be awesome

  26. admin says:

    Thanks a bunch Matt!

  27. Matt H says:

    Thank you for such a great site. I am happy to have found it today. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

    Lastly I cannot express how excited I am for the TV/Extended edt that has come out. I finally received my copy and will be reliving my childhood as this was the version I remember most and loved the most because of it. Great times for a Reeve’s fan!

  28. Bob Carter says:

    For 6 weeks, I went to see the movie every weekend in downtown KC at the Empire theatre. It simply blew me away. It was the start to the true superhero era.

  29. Zammone says:

    “and now through patience, invention, and skill”…the extended cut of Superman The Movie “is just about ready!”

    I’m really looking forward to this release, and feel really blessed to be alive right now! I thank all the challenging and wonderful circumstances in life, that have made this release of my favorite movie of all time possible! I want to personally thank this site for all the fantastic and informative writings about this film in general.

  30. Lew Price says:

    Hi Jim
    This is Aaron’s Mum and Dad.
    We would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for our son.
    Aaron holds you in the highest regard,and your generosity and kindness is overwhelming to say the least.
    We are hoping that one day,someone will realise Aaron’s potential,(as you have my friend) when that day comes Jim,you will definitely not be forgotten,we will make sure of that.
    When i was growing up,George Reeves was my hero,and i guess that has rubbed off on Aaron.
    I’m 70 next year,but i still have faith in Aaron to make his mark by becoming famous before i depart this world.
    You have given our son inspiration,and the tenacity to move forward in the quest to further his career.
    God bless you Jim,you are a real “Superman”.

    Kindest regards
    Lew and Angie Price.(York,England)

  31. admin says:

    Thanks for your support Edward!!

  32. EDWARD says:

    HI Jim and Chris Reeve fans

    It is amazing to think that out of all the actors that played the Man of Steel, Christopher Reeve is in actual fact the incarnation of how the hero would have been in real life. It is inspiring to know that not only die Richard Donner set the tone for one of the greatest hero movies of all time, but also defined a generation with greatness that we so seldom forget.
    It is sad on the other hand that so many youngsters will not know what it is to have a hero like Christopher Reeve who really shined with the values of days forgotten, as the hero we see on the screen in 2017 lacks the sincerity and the integrity that made Christopher still being celebrated 40 years after his debut as the ultimate Superman.

    Jim , you have to be commended in keeping this site so vibrant and congratulations on the success and inspiration you keep flaming. In the legacy of time, Richard, Christopher and Margot will always be AWESOME!

  33. Jerry says:

    If you’re ever in the San Diego, CA area, stop by the Hollywood Casino in Jamul, CA ( just south of San Diego ). In it, there is a touted Superman III costume on display in the restaurant. To my eye, it looks genuine and is beautifully displayed among other classic movies.

  34. William Roberts says:

    Hi Jim, I got back yesterday from the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL, where I met you. I was one of the contestants in the trivia contest. Thanks for all the interesting information you shared with us and also the Super-cut of the movie. I forgot to ask you a couple of questions. If you mentioned this, I missed it, but there are at least 2 Easter eggs in the new Wonder Woman movie that are a homage to Superman the Movie. Also, doesn’t Warner Bros. have all the master prints for all the scenes you have in the Restored International Cut? Surely they weren’t stupid enough to destroy them. Next year is going to be the 80th anniversary of Superman first appearing in the June 1938 issue of Action Comics #1. That would be a good time for them to release a high quality cut with all the scenes you have in your cut on widescreen on Blu-ray.

  35. Andrew P. says:

    Wow. Your devotion is admirable. Thank you so much for being such a phenomenal online resource, nay, the principle online resource for the Christopher Reeves Superman media. Your site is unique in this universe. Thank you so much. Please never stop.

  36. Shawn says:

    Love your site.

    On the Daily Planet set, is that Lee Remick standing next to Donner?

  37. Marck Fraga says:

    Christopher Reeve forever superman

  38. Annie T says:

    Remember seeing Superman the Movie in theatres way back in 1978 in Canada.
    Yes, you can believe a man fly! 😉
    Christopher was not only great as Superman on the silverscreen, he was also a Superman in real life too.
    CONGRATS on your 14h anniversary of this SUPER site.

    From a long time Superman fan of over 50 years. 🙂

  39. Chris Dingsdale says:

    Hey Jim,

    It was fantastic to hear from you again today – just spent a while checking out the site and wow! couldnt be better IMHO,

    Such a wonderful tribute to a rare work of art that the Donner / Reeve Superman movies truly are!

    Take care my friend and be in touch soon!

    Best, Chris

  40. James Mercuri says:

    Hey Jim! Any chance of posting the full image of the Shirt rip with the fellow with the mustache? I was telling my friend about it and can’t find it anywhere.

    Thanks again! Your friend,
    -James Mercuri (Superboy1406)

  41. Kemal says:

    Simply the best website for true “Superman: the movie” fans. Thank you Jim. Keep up the good work.

  42. admin says:

    There are no updates at this time. Should there be further developments, they will be posted here and/or on social media. Thank you.

  43. admin says:

    Terence as a rule does not do convention appearances.

  44. JR. says:

    Any news on the coffee table book?

  45. Steven Day says:

    Jim –

    Enjoyed the Wondercon 2015 video. Curious as to why Terrence Stamp is never with the rest of cast at Superman movie events? Prior commitments I’m guessing?

  46. James Auman says:

    Saw this special. Great deal on the Reeve figure but it’s all sold out (it sold out during the pre-sale!). Just shows that Reeve’s Superman is the one we all love.

  47. Stuart Williamson says:

    Hi Jim. Thanks for keeping Christopher Reeve’s legacy alive.

    He was a great man & truly was a Superman on & off screen. I enjoy looking at the images you post. They are truly amazing. Especially seeing the behind the scenes ones as i love seeing how the cast & crew made a great movie.

    I believe a man can fly. Keep up the great work


  48. EDWARD says:


    2015 and Caped Wonder is still one of the most visited Superman sites on the net. And it does not take much to see why.

    Jim, you still do the memory of Chris Reeve good with exceptional photo’s and also by not allowing any negative comments from either co-stars or media from deterring this great human being that truly walked as a Superman among us.

    1978-1987 will still forever be the years that Superman truly existed on planet Earth, and the movies are just chronicles and files of his great feats.

    Keep up the good work.


  49. david says:

    jim hi I was wondering if you could re-post those cool alternate superman II RIC artwork you had a while back on your capedwonder site. I like them much better than the regular superman II RIC ones. thanks dave

  50. Eric says:

    Jim I just want to say that I really appreciate the hard work and love you put into this site. As a fan of all four films, it’s such a treat to see the rare photos, marketing materials, anecdotes and other media featured here. Keep up the great work!

  51. Hamlet roman says:

    I´m Chris Reeve and superman fan..So I want to share my artwork with you,It´s just a little homage to the one and only Superman,who gave us many emotions and good memories from our childhood,I hope you like it…

  52. Jerry Asante says:

    dignity, kindness, forbearance…these are distinguishing marks of a true superman. Chris Reeve’s portrayal not only personifies these attributes that made America great, but looked good doing it too! superman is not and will never be the brooding psycho that modern day writers want to make him. Thank you Christopher Reeve for making right look so cool! This website is awesome!

  53. Kim says:

    Cool Website thanks for keeping the legacy alive! Superman will remain a strong human being for all eternity. Love you Christopher Reeves what a great man you are. <3<3<3

  54. ULTRTA Q says:

    BATMAN 1989 does not follow SUPERMAN because it’s different and the =-
    opposite. back then, producers of Hollywood didn’t think it would work because
    of Adam West’s campy series and that’s what Donner was trying to avoid when
    he made two films simutantionsly.

  55. angela evans says:

    superman and christopher reeve have been a huge part of my life. . i could be on this site for hours and still not be able to see everything. you have done a great job. just love everything about this site

  56. stan says:

    Anyone alive in 1978 and saw “Superman” that film left a lasting impression. Richard Donner set the Gold Standard in which to this day nobody has come close to reaching. I was disappointed in the 1989 film “BATMAN” because I thought Tim Burton would follow a similar template that Donner created.

    Its now been over 35 years since the release of “Superman”. It deserves to be held in the same acclaim as “The Wizard of Oz” , “Gone with the Wind” & “The Sound of Music”. All of these films area class unto themselves and deserved the word “Classic” associated with their titles.

  57. camilo enrique sanchez celis says:

    Christopher Reeve el mejor Superman y Clark Kent de todos los tiempos presentes y futuros

  58. Pierce says:

    Thank you Jim. I enjoy your site and I think its a class act among the best available internet collaborations. I’m glad your site provided a forum to share the thoughts we have on the good that Mr. Reeve left us. Thank you for your endeavors that foster this work of art and best wishes for continued success.

  59. admin says:

    I greatly commend you Pierce. And appreciate that you have taken the time to share this with all of us.

    Bravo for having Courage…as Chris Reeve did every day.

    Yours is the best post I’ve had on this site for months.

    Thank you.


  60. Pierce says:

    In November 2013, AMC critics examined a question regarding what a modern day movie starring Christopher Reeve as Superman would be like given the hypothetical scenario that Mr. Reeve were still with us on Earth. The cold way that the critics evaluate the merit of how Reeve would do in such a creative attempt moved me to post my feelings on the gift that Mr. Reeve gave to this character and what his portrayal of Superman gave to us.

    The post I shared appears under the current/most recent comment, dated Jan. 12th, 2014, under my post name as Pierce Hunicut. It is my humble tribute to Mr. Reeve that I wanted to share with my fellow Christopher Reeve fans and a show of support toward the fingerprint of goodness that he left in our hearts. I had to write something after I saw the AMC critics discuss the aforementioned subject on the following clip appearing on YouTube:

    Here is my post-sorry I know it’s long but I felt it had to be said and if you see the above video you may see why:
    This discussion moved me to comment in a way I wouldn’t ordinarily do as I seldom post, but I felt strong disappointment in the rationale used to discuss how well a modern day movie would do with Christopher Reeve as Superman. With respect to the hosts of this show and their opinions and those who agreed with their reasons, I disagree in looking at the limitations imposed on a creative idea, based on marketing predictions, especially with regard to this character. Superman is a special character that could make someone with malice in their heart enter a theatre and leave with goodwill towards their fellow man. The character was portrayed with humility, politeness, and meekness by Reeve in a way that established these characteristics as the embodiment of Superman. Underneath the powers he possessed his true difference from society was always in his goodness, which is not a focus in the new movie as it was in the original. Unfortunately, Reeve portrayed the qualities of humility, politeness, and meekness in unique way that is not something that can be manipulated. Focusing on this quintesential portrayal by Reeve is a home run because Superman did not have to be this way – he was very powerful. Moreover, watch the first Superman again and then watch the current movie and you will notice a difference that is slightly disturbing about where it appears our values have oriented. Henry Cavill did a wonderful job, but the direction of our society and the direction of this character is being lost to bring him more inline with “current day thinking or popularity”. Group think/current day perception appears not to focus on humility and meekness. It is to be physically desirable, successful, overpowering in prowess, as ultimately measured by dollars and cents (a premise that the AMC critics use to coldly evaluate the merit of how well a movie like this wold do) which is the seemingly accepted priority of modern day. To be a leading man among a host of movies that focus on these shallow priorities and always have to have, ‘a dark side,’ or an instantaneously gratifying explosion is not to say that Christopher Reeve would do bad in a Superman movie. It is to say that we are doing bad as a society in the values we cherish and where we seek entertainment. What the critics are highlighting is that we focus too much on shallow reasons for why a story should take a certain plot turn, character portrayal, or other marketing appeal. If someone with the right tact, care, and artistic creativity could envision a beautiful enough way to allow Christopher Reeve to grace the screen as Superman again than maybe even the critics would be surprised at how well his portrayal of the character could resonate with the good left in our entertainment appetites. The critics are right, putting Reeve on the screen as Superman would not allow the features of the movie to focus on his physical stature, sex appeal, or prowess. It would have to focus on things we are as a society not interested in. Maybe a work of art and or an artist doesn’t need to be so concerned with whether their is a market for an artistic endeavor. Sometimes its better to focus on other things when telling a story rather than the merits of how much money it will make or whether an ingredient like Christopher Reeve has been a successful enough leading man. Lastly, consider this for those who have seen both movies. Which one would you have rather seen first to give you your first memory of Superman and to believe and experience that a man could fly?

  61. Ellen says:

    In a couple days it will be the 35th anniversary of the release of Superman the Movie (Dec 15, 1978) and Christopher Reeve indelibly entered the Superman realm. I saw it the next day and though Id been a George Reeves fan and was convinced I wouldnt like the new movie, I fell in love with his portrayal of both Clark and Supes. To this day despite accepting Dean Cain and Brandon Routh as the man of Steel, (and Tom Welling as the boy of steel, ) Christopher stands head and shoulders above them. He was born to wear the Superman suit.

    Im celebrating by buying a poster, requesting the bluray collection for Christmas and generally browsing my scrapbook from that time.

    Despite a determination to like the new movie Man of Steel, it left me depressed and without the joy Christopher and Richard Donner brought to the movies.

    I guess the simple fact is Christopher made us believe He Was Superman.

  62. Fletch says:

    Great site!

    Not sure if you’re seen it, but Mattel has launched a new 4-inch figure of Superman using Reeves’ likeness as well as Zod. Check it –

  63. Manuel says:

    Just a word to say how much i love this site and yes Chris Reeve stays the real man of steel! Thanks for your work on this website!

  64. EDWARD says:

    Looking at the poster where Chris points skywards, it makes me feel good to know that we can still have Superman the Movie and Superman 2 to take us back to a time of innocence and greatness with the ulimate escapism, out fantasy of flight.

    Jim, this is still a great site, and as we frequently visit as Richard Donner and Superman fans, it is a testament to the great man the world came to know and still revere as the ultimate Man of Steel. Even thou the new movie tried, I think it left one important element to out, it took itself too serious and it had not “Verisimilitude”, Chris will always be Superman.

    Keep it going man.

    Thank you from South Africa forever a fan.

  65. Radjan says:

    Christopher Reeve will always be my number one Superman,
    eventhough the new actor Henry Cavill did a swell job too. surely is a great website for a fan like me, where I can enjoy Mr.Reeve’s superman movies, which I saw back in the 80’s, I really love it.

    I do hope to see much more lovely Superman wallpapers and pictures, they absolutely are a blast to look at and enjoy them.


  66. Rodrigo S Fonseca says:

    Chris Reeve is the real Ma of Steel!

  67. Meran Covolo says:

    I just wanted to let you know that only this year (2013) on May 25th I had what I call “accidental exposure” to Superman and Christopher Reeve. I watched Superman the movie on tv, then as I was searching online for stuff to do with / or both, I came across your site and fell completely in love with it. It catered for both! 2 in 1!
    One of the massive highlights was the inspirational quotes page from C Reeve. They have helped me as I have been going through a bit of a tough time lately and they heave helped me a lot. And I have to say it’s the biggest and best C Reeve quotes page online I have ever found.
    Christopher Reeve is my generation Superman (I was born in the 1980s) I love him so much Shame I discovered him after he has passed away but my love for him is “super” strong as ever. He will always be my Superman on screen and in real life.
    Thank you for a fantastic site that I love so much and will enjoy visiting again and again.

  68. admin says:

    This is great Edward: “Richard [Donner] did not make a movie, he made a beacon that will forever guide the way for all superhero incarnations in the cinema industry.”

  69. Matt says:

    Hey Jim,

    Longtime visitor to your website. I check it out nearly everyday.

    You’ve got me worried though… Haven’t seen new updates from you in awhile, especially with a new Superman movie out in theatres. Hope you’re doing okay.


  70. Art says:

    What a wonderful Site and tribute to a man that had a major Impact upon my youth. I am looking forward to the new Man of Steel Film. However, I will have a heavy heart seeing a reboot of my beloved Superman films. I’m sure that the movie will stand on its own….But to me nobody will ever surpass Reeves performance as Superman. There was something very special about his portrayal of the Man of Steel. May God Bless him and you Jim for creating this beautiful site.

  71. admin says:

    No idea yet Michael, thanks!

  72. Jim Bowers says:

    Thanks so much Edward!

  73. Edward says:

    Hi Jim

    I have been a Chris Reeve fan as Superman from the first moment we rented the Betamax back in 1983. For me he was more than just a superhero, more than just an iconic figure, he was the hope and the endurance that we always look for in live.

    Chris lives on here, and you are truly the keeper of not only the flame, but of all our memories of how good it felt being a kid when Chris was patrolling the screen as the man of steel.

    Richard did not make a movie, he made a beacon that will forever guide the way for all superhero incarnations in the cinema industry.

    “Take flight, and look forward”

    Thank you, from South Africa.

  74. Ira Aaronson says:

    Jim, what should most definitely be remembered is that despite Christopher’s illnesses and injuries, he kept coming back a multitude of times. What would have killed the normal man didn’t seem to phase him. He most certainly was the greatest example of a Superman here on earth! RIP Chris and Dana. Your site is fabulous and does Supermanand Mr. Reeves the honor they definitely deserve. God bless you sir!!!

  75. admin says:

    Thanks so much Gavin for your very kind and thoughtful letter! I sent it to Richard Donner today. Stay Super!

    Jim Bowers

  76. Gavin Connell says:

    Hi Jim and the team at Caped Wonder,

    I just wanted to express how wonderful this site is and it pays homage and tribute to the late great Christopher Reeve and it’s pleasing to see that a site like this perfectly catalogues every aspect of Chris’s legacy as Superman and keeps the beacon lit for many more generations to come as I feel it’s important that the younger generation can enjoy how convincing and genuine Chris’s portrayal was as Superman. I have been a fan since I was a young boy and Jim Bowers the way he has perfectly captured and restored so many wonderful Superman Movie moments for all of us fans is truly exceptional and he has an amazing talent to capture and preserve Christopher in his most iconic role, Ironically I saw Superman 4 with my grand dad back in 1987 and it would be the last time Christopher Reeve would fly across the cinematic screen as Superman. My grand dad died a year later but I hold onto this memory. So keep up the outstanding work and to me Chris was an amazing individual with a great deal of courage strength and tremendous Character, In my opinion he will always be Superman in more ways than one and thank you Richard Donner for helping launch the Magic this film conveys.

  77. achries says:

    my first visit on after following on facebook for sometimes…
    can only’s LEGEND….’wait for it….wait untill he flies…DARY…LEGENDARY!!!
    thank you Mr. Jim… thank you Mr. Reeve…

  78. Renaud david says:

    Ce site et magnifique !j ai 38 ans et “superman,le film” a été mon premier film vu au cinéma ( j avais 4 ans)….beaucoup de souvenirs!énorme merci!

  79. Chris Robley says:

    Wonderful site Jim. I love the gallery sections, it brings back so many memories.

  80. Dear Jim:

    Thank you for responding back so quickly. It is very beatiful artwork and I thank you not only for your time but that valuable piece of information.

  81. admin says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    The artwork is commissioned work and not available. Thank you.

    Jim Bowers

  82. To whom it may concern:

    As I was looking at some of the wallpaper of Christopher Reeve as Superman, I noticed alot of pencil sketch artwork in the background and was wondering where I might get my hands on them as they resemble Christopher alot and would be nice to add to my collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanx a whole bunch and keep up the good work with the site, I truly do enjoy visiting and seeing what’s new.

    Sincerely: Rebecca F.

  83. admin says:

    Thank you very much!!

  84. Jim, thank you very much for everything. Christopher Reeve is Superman and you are Good-Man 🙂

  85. admin says:

    Many thanks Jason!

  86. Jason says:

    Fantastic site. Not only are you showcasing Reeve’s portrayal of Superman for us fans, but you are also honoring for generations to come with this great site and archive.

  87. Marcelo Siqueira says:

    Hi Mr. Jim,

    I’m a great fan of Christopher Revee and Superman. I’m from Brazil and I’d visited thi website a lot of times since a couple years ago. This new design was a great iniciative. Hugs from Brazil.

  88. Yahjaboha says:

    That was great Seby,Now I know why you have so much care for Superman and why you make your pictures stand out so much 🙂

  89. Carl Q says:

    I think it would cool if Warner would re-release Superman and Superman II the Richard Donner Cut at the movies.

    Anyone agree?

  90. Frank Berman says:

    If I had one thing Superman related I can tell a Warner Bros. rep. it would be this: You HAVE to re-release Superman: the Movie in theaters…in 3D. Now THAT would be a MOUTH-DROPPING experience. 8O)

  91. Jayce76 says:

    My goodness! Has it been ten years? Well my biggest congrads to all who make this wonderful site possible. Where’s here to ten more awesome years!

  92. admin says:

    Thanks Christopher! Some people do not understand that if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

  93. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman in my book. He inspired many and he will not be forgotten. A great man and a remarkable human being who, along with many, made us believe that a Man could truly fly. He is still sadly missed to this day. I still have a hard time believing that he, like Roy Scheider, is no longer with us.


  94. Greg Green says:

    Who can forget Margot Kidder and the chemistry she had with Christopher Reeve.

  95. john says:

    A good tribute. I honestly believe Superman the movie 3D would leave a new generation of audience in awe of this film and cement Reeves as the best interpretation.of the character Just think 3 year spacecraft journey , 2 train scenes running over the audience, , 12 year ‘hypnotizing’ intergalactic space study , superman flying or zooming towards camera over a dozen times and nearly into a tall tree and more! Even the opening credits would be Awwwwwesome! As lex luther would say to superman he would spare no expence in making superman( fans) feel right at home . a gift from the home planet (krypton) in this case D.C./ Warners..

  96. admin says:

    Thanks very much Patrick!!

  97. This Web site Is “SUPER Unbelievable Please keep it up I’m always visiting this web site on a regular basis simply to see whats new. Thanks Jim for an unbelievable web site and Facebook Page.

  98. Darren Briscoe says:

    I have been locked in the ‘Phantom Zone’ for years and never knew of this incredible website. Now I am here I will make it my ‘Fortress of Solitude’ for all things relating to Mr Reeve. I applaud the way you are keeping his legacy and memory alive…. Blessings and clear skies.

  99. Christopher Reeve played the role with so much respect and grace barring all the camp and cheezyness of the 80’s and late 70’s that its so hard to think of anyone else as Superman.

    I love how Chris’s Superman was so human and yet so Super. Also great to see how much intelligence and thought Chris put in his Superman and Clark Kent characters which makes em so refreshing to watch.

    Go Chris Go!!!!!

  100. Janal says:

    What a great tribute site. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Superman. Chris Reeve is the best and only Superman in my opinion (I like Dean and Brandon, too…just not as much as Chris Reeve.) and I love that you have such a great site honoring him and his friends. You should check out this: – This guy does some great \S/ logos.

    Also, you may want to check out: – Great history lesson on the Superman’s insignia.

    Keep up the great work! I will be forwarding this site, I am glad I ran across it.

    “Chris Reeve made you believe a man could fly.”

  101. Ola Froven says:

    Hello. My name is Ola and is Swedish. I love Superman and have been fans for years until now. I have tattooed on my back, Superman. You can check out Facebook on my photo album. there’s a picture of me on his back. It’s cool. Check the “Ola Fröven” on Facebook, then you will see! Have the best! Regards Ola.

  102. Kenny Kraly Jr. says:

    Jim , thank you for creating and Honoring the Legacy of Christopher Reeve and the superman films. Christopher Reeve will always be superman to me. Thank You Jim and keep up the good work.

  103. Mike Pirtle says:

    This is a wonderful site. Thank you for putting it together and maintaining it. I just watched “Superman: the Movie” again, this morning, and I had to visit your site, afterwards. It’s one of my favorites. Thank you again!

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    work which we have the pleasure of enjoying, off to watch Superman now!

  105. Jim Bowers says:

    Thank you, Nick!


  106. Nick Nowell says:

    Just like to say that I love the website and have for many years, I feel a connection through the website to the character and the Superman universe and of course the man with whom we all of love and miss Christopher Reeve.


  107. Alicia says:

    Hi, thanks for making this website, and help me not forget Christopher Reeve, who has been a great inspiration in my life, God bless you and thank you very much again.

    Also wish to congratulate you for this wonderful website is amazing, photographs, videos, news and all you have, I really love it, congratulations.

    (my English is bad, sorry)

  108. David says:

    Great site~!

    All the superman fans and Christopher fans would thank you for keeping this website so well and keep on updating for so many years. Thank you.

    BTW, I love the picture on the right top of the main page which Superman’s lifting off in the red background, I have search for this picture inside this site for all night , but still can not find it. can you tell me where is it? Thank you so much~!

  109. Jim Bowers says:

    Thank you, Kenny, for your continued support!!

  110. Fan De Lanzarote España says:

    Espero ser el primero de España en comentar jajaj, me parece una pagina genial y aprovecho para dar ideas desde aqui a los encargados de salvar a superman en el cine. Podría hacerlo en animation 3d con christopher y margot, continuando con la saga y con los demas protagonistas. Jamas abra un superman como chris, y seguro que mas de uno lo sabe, saludos a los fans de superman y a los que crearon esta pagina son unos genios. Viva superman para siempre.

  111. Can´t wait to have you here my friend!

  112. Jim Bowers says:

    Dear Ramón, our friendship of nearly seven years is one I cherish so very much. Your integrity, talent, passion, enthusiasm and positive outlook on life are so refreshing. Thank you for your goodness and support in every way! Let’s “Go Forward”, as Christopher Reeve always said, and continue to collaborate, photograph and share our interests!! I look forward to meeting up with your in South America for a photo expedition!!! Thank you for being a true blue gentleman and a heck of a nature photographer!


  113. Jim, I have told you this already but I would like to say it ¨out loud¨. Since the very first time we talked I felt what a great person you are and how passionate you are about Chris´ life. I have known you for a few years now and I can say without fear of being wrong that you are a wonderful person and friend. This new version of the site is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much effort you make to honor Chris´ life and acting carreer, I think he couldn´t have asked for a greater person and fan. It has been my honor and pleasure to meet you and to helped you during all these years and and sincerely wish you a whole more to come! I am thrilled to call you my friend.

  114. admin says:

    Thank you so much Dena! Jim

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    I am a Superman fan from China. See the site with new design, very good, I will still be exciting to look. Wish the site better and better.

  116. Jim Bowers says:

    Hey Dena,

    Thanks for visiting her and our Facebook page! We’ll do our best to always add new and interesting imagery to the site.


  117. Dena Amison-Middleton says:

    This Website Is “SUPER Incredible Please keep it up I’m always visiting this site everyday just to see whats new. Thanks Jim for an incredible website and Facebook Page.

  118. Jim Bowers says:

    Much appreciated Thomas! Thank you for believing and for your support!


  119. Thomas Semprevivo says:

    MR. Bower…. you have suceeded sir. This is indeed a True Superman Site. I love everything you have done. It is an honor to be a fan of Christopher Reeve, who made us

    (Believe a Man Could Fly). And you have reminded Me of that sir. Thank You 🙂

  120. admin says:

    Thanks so much Chris! It’s fans like you who are so dedicated and enthusiastic that keeps it all flowing!


  121. Chris Buckmister says:

    As always, Jim, outstanding! The previous version of was incredible, this upgrade is beyond words. Thanks for keeping the spirt of Christopher alive. I thank you for being such a great source of information and doing the hard work for all of us. I REALLY appreciate it!!
    Again – OUTSTANDING!!!


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    Very nice design. I look forward to spending quite a bit of time here, as usual. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    Take care.


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    Agreed with the other Aaron, indeed Jim you are an incredible person and very talented beyond belief. I have had the honour to not only communicate and call you friend, but in the past have been able to do some work for your site.

    The new site is a real fresh upgrade, which is not only catching to the eye, but it’s also a wonderful tribute. A place where people can come and enjoy the incredible legacy of Christopher Reeve and his memorable career of Superman. Reeve’s spirit both the man himself and his Superman is kept alive through the hard work of a Superguy like yourself.

    Thank You Jim for giving me and others the chance to remember the legacy of a man who inspired and bought a lot of magic into our lives as children.

  126. admin says:

    Dear Aaron,

    You are a very kind and classy gentleman…am I do mean “gentleman”. Thank you so very much for your Super Friendship and Super Support. It is wonderful and refreshing to have a true friend like you. I appreciate all you have done to support the website and me.

    Take care.


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    It is my honor and privelge to call you a friend and to have had a small peice to add to your site. You are an incredible person and talented beyond belief. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for my beautiful memories.

    Your friend
    Aaron Smolinski
    “Baby Clark Kent”

  128. admin says:

    Many thanks David! Happy Easter to you as well!

  129. David Chan says:

    one word is all it takes- BEAUTIFUL. i’m glad i’ve had the opportunity to have met Christopher Reeve & gotten his autograph. great articles Jim. Happy Easter. eat all the sweets.

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