“I just wish you could all see the Earth the way that I see it.”

Featuring photos shot by set photographer David James. Continuity Polaroids photographer is unknown.

Photos are in random order, with newer ones featured towards the beginning of the gallery. Please pardon any repeats.

For LOTS more great Superman IV imagery, please visit Supermania and A Tribute to Christopher Reeve.

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Eddie C
11 years ago

Can you tell me where the prison rock quarry scenes were filmed for Superman IV?

Eddie C
11 years ago

Great Pics! For a long time I have been curious as to where (and when) the scenes in Superman IV were filmed – especially the prison rock quarry parts. Can you tell me? Thanks for your great site!

11 years ago

Christopher Reeve is great…

Adi Nugroho
13 years ago

He is a real hero…