Krypton and Trip to Earth

Updated 21 January 2014

Featuring high-definition 1920×1080 pixel screenshots from the 2011 Superman-The Movie Expanded and Theatrical Blu-ray releases.

All screenshots featured on this website are for descriptive and entertainment purposes and to give the viewer a general idea of what the movies look like.

Still-image screenshots of moving images may show more – or less – artifacts due to the non-moving nature of screenshots. They are not necessarily representative of the true quality that Blu-ray offers, and should not be used to discuss whether a Blu-ray title features good or bad video quality.

Click on each thumbnail below to open the full size image inside a floating box. Right click on the image to save the 1920×1080 file to your computer.

Please check back often for additional screenshots.

1 Response to Superman-The Movie Blu-ray Screenshots

  1. Robert Lock says:

    Great pictures! Would it be possible for you to put up some more screenshots of Krypton’s destruction? It’s such an amazing sequence, and it would be great to examine all the detail that you miss during the actual scene. Thank you.

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