“You will travel far, my little Kal-El.”

Updated 06 August 2015

Featuring both common and rare, unreleased Krypton photos from the Donner Years of Superman. Some are in their “raw”, un-restored state, and are either JPG or PNG format; PNGs take longer to download so please be patient.

Thanks to Gerard Sison, Martin Lakin, and Matt Derby for your generous contributions.

Click here to see many Behind-the-Scenes photos that are not in this gallery!

Download the Superman-The Movie and Superman II movie scripts by Tom Mankiewicz

Trading Card Archive

YOU'RE THE DIRECTOR, YOU FIGURE IT OUT - The Life and Films of Richard Donner - the authorized Richard Donner biography.

One Response to Superman-The Movie Gallery — Planet Krypton

  1. Jose Escoto says:

    thank you for this amazing site, this site is a grat inspiration for me so I made my collection of Superman images.

    in my opinion, no matter who plays Superman in movies or tv series, Christopher Reeve will always be THE Superman.

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