Superman III Flying Tunic

This iconic costume piece from Superman III is a recent addition to the CapedWonder Collection.

It is one of the few tunics created for the production, and is crafted out of 100% bridal weight polyamid spandex. This one-piece tunic was specially designed for flying sequences and features reinforced slits on each side where harness wires were rigged up for the flying scenes. The costume also features four large poppers attached to the shoulders, which would have been used during filming to secure Superman’s red cape.

Made by Bermans and Nathans costumiers, the tunic is clearly labeled ‘Christopher Reeve’ and has a unique serial number identifying it, as well as the hand written production markings, “HB, 19, 10.” Additionally, the tunic includes its original Warner Brothers Archives inventory tag and Warner Brothers Archives Certificate of Authenticity.

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Christopher Reeve’s On-Set Leather Jacket

This one-of-a-kind jacket is another recent addition to the CapedWonder Collection.

Christopher Reeve wore this personal leather jacket on the set of Richard Donner’s Superman-The Movie and Superman II (1977). Due to the cold weather and the ‘snug’ nature of the costume, this quite large heavily fur-lined flight jacket kept Christopher warm between takes. As he was also an experienced pilot he may have worn this garment whist ‘flying’. The inside label reads ’45c’ possibly relating to the chest size. The outer is brown leather with the inside having caramel colored fur.

It has a zip to the front with a buckle fastener for the neck and two buckle size adjusters on either side on the lower back. The leather stitching is slightly coming away on the lower left outside of the coat and there is a small tear in the leather where the left pocket is attached, which is to be expected due to its age. This jacket was actually gifted to a gentleman named ‘John’ and the letter that comes with it is handwritten by Christopher, wishing John a “Merry Christmas and thank you for being a friend”, as well as other comments. The letter is dated ’22 December 1977′ with the writing on a piece of official Superman movie production blue paper with a Superman ‘S’ logo embossed with a red foil on the bottom right hand corner.

‘John’ (in the letter) ran a limousine hire business for many years and frequently drove various film stars himself. He got to know Christopher Reeve well over a number of years, even helping him to move flats. This coat was worn by Reeve to keep warm between takes on the Pinewood Studios backlot during Superman and whilst flying his glider plane at Denham Airfield.

Christopher Reeve’s Superman Director’s Chair

Acquired in February 2013, this folding director’s chairs of wood and blue canvas, the backrest printed in white “Christopher Reeve”, with attached wooden script holder, was used by Christopher Reeve in 1977 and 1978 at Shepperton and Pinewood Studios, England during the filming of director Richard Donner’s first two Superman movies.

The chair was given to David Speed, the Zoptic Operator on Superman-The Movie and Superman II, by Christopher Reeve. The pair became friends during the filming of the first Superman production. Speed worked on a number of Special Effects projects for feature films and commercials which did not rely upon computer graphics, this included his credit for working on the front projection flying unit for the Superman movies.

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  1. OUTSTANDING! What a great collection you must have, I am so happy these items ended in such good hands! Congratulations!

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