Greetings Superman Fans!

Have you attended the annual Metropolis Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois? I attended between 1994 and 2001, as well as in 2017 and 2018. During the early years I shot HUNDREDS of photos, all with 35mm FILM (negatives and slides). I’ve begun scanning the “best of the best” and posting them here.

My long-time friend, John Field, and I were blessed to know actress Noel Neill – First Lady of Metropolis and the Original Lois Lane – for 30 years. We shared a deep love and affection for her (our names are on the brick wall behind her Metropolis statue, and we spoke at her 2006 memorial service). We spent five fun Metropolis celebrations with Noel, and our photos remain favorites in my 40 years of photography. I intend to continue to honor Noel Neill’s memory as First Lady of Metropolis by sharing her photos on this page and social media.

I’m happy to scan your negatives and slides shot at the annual Superman celebrations, with credit to you. I’m particularly interested in celebrity photos of Noel Neill and the cast of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.

Photo Gallery

Updated 26 February 2020

The photos featured in this gallery were shot by Jim Bowers (except where noted) using vintage Nikon, Pentax, and Yashica 35mm SLR cameras loaded with Kodak and Fuji negative and slide films. The negatives and slides were scanned and prepped by Jim Bowers. All Photography © Copyright Jim Bowers. All Rights Reserved.

I’ll be posting more photos as I make time. Enjoy these!

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