Christopher Reeve Superman Figure Photography by Ramón Casares

Updated 27 February 2020

CapedWonder™ Photographer, Graphic Artist and Designer Ramón Casares has once again created some magnificent imagery for us!

Here is his latest gallery of photos of the Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman figure.

The first collection of 14 images showcases a CUSTOM-MADE costume – tunic (with a fabric ‘S’ shield sewn INTO the tunic as seen on Christopher Reeve’s actual costume), leggings and cape. This was a personal project between and Super Costumes and is not for sale. The remaining photos showcases the Hot Toys figure straight out of the box with no alterations.

All photographs are Copyright Ramón Casares. All Rights Reserved.

Christopher Reeve Superman Figure Photography by Bowers

Updated 06 January 2014

Please enjoy these two photos by yours truly. The Superman III evil Superman is custom-made.

Christopher Reeve Superman Figure Photography by Glenn Meling

Updated 06 January 2014

Glenn Meling Photography was kind enough to share his fantastic Hot Toys photos with us. The Evil Superman featured below was transformed from a standard Superman – see how Glenn did it here. See hoe Glenn made the “Man of Steel” Terminator/Superman mashup here.

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  1. Harley says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if there´s a site where I can purchase this toy from. I really need to get one of these, Thank you

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