28 December 2019; Believing a Man Can Fly Book!

Believing a Man Can Fly: Memories of a Life in Special Effects and Film is the story of a man’s journey from a modest childhood in England to the heights of Hollywood success.

At the 51st Academy Awards in 1979, Steve Martin presented Colin Chilvers with an Oscar for his work on the special effects of Superman: The Movie. That honor came after years of experience on such productions as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Battle of Britain and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As well, he brought his special-effects expertise to such diverse productions as Tommy, X-Men and K-19: The Widowmaker.

From the director’s chair, Colin orchestrated the Martian invasion in War of the Worlds and helped a young Clark Kent take flight in Superboy. He also directed Michael Jackson in the most ambitious music video ever produced – “Smooth Criminal.”

Colin Chilvers will make you believe that a man can indeed fly!

Order your copy today from Bear Manor Media, Amazon UK, or Amazon US.

26 December 2019; Superman Call to Action!

I’ve been chatting with Tim Hanson today. He’s Sideshow Collectibles’ Art Director for this amazing ‘Superman Call To Action’ Premium Format Figure project. Tim shared that the design was “very heavily influenced” by Christopher Reeve’s helicopter rescue transformation in Superman: The Movie and alley transformation in Superman II…tie, fedora and more, with the glasses being influenced by “comic book sources”. Look for this beautiful figure to fly into your own Fortress of Solitude in late 2020!

25 December 2019; Podcast Super Christmas Bonus!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Jay Towers and Jim Bowers!


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22 December 2019; Vintage Newspaper Ads!

Presenting two vintage Superman: The Movie newspaper ads dated December 22, 1978. One is from Buffalo, New York and the other is from the New York Daily News.

The whole darned movie flies, up up and away, taking us right along on a fantastic and exhilarating movie adventure. They called the movie ‘SUPERMAN’ but they might as well have called it – ‘supermovie’ – it’s that big, that good and that cheering. There is a …keen sense of fun, that is totally disarming. For all its commitment to visualizing places, persons and events that to us, on earth, are still wildly futuristic, it shows unswerving respect and affection for the specific era in American history that gave birth to the handsome, wholesome blue-eyed wonder of a folk hero. SUSAN STARK – DETROIT FREE PRESS

20 December 2019; Podcast Episode #4 Revisit!

Episode #4 of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast features our very special guest…film score producer Mike Matessino! We are thrilled that he joined us for this special episode about the Superman-The Movie soundtrack!


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20 December 2019; Superman-The Movie Soundtrack Turns 41!

41 years ago today, John Williams’ iconic Superman-The Movie soundtrack was released on record (2-LP set), cassette tape, and 8-track tape, as well as on 45 RPM records. The marketing campaign behind the release was tremendous! Please visit the Caped Wonder soundtrack page created last year for the soundtrack’s 40th anniversary.

18 December 2019; “Superman makes you feel like a child again.”

Dated December 16, 1978, these newspaper clippings are from the personal archives of Valerie Perrine; scanned and prepped by me. Download the PDF here to be able to easily read the text.

15 December 2019; Believing A Man Can Fly for over Four Decades!!

December 15, 1978 was a defining day in my life when, as a 17-year-old, I experienced the cinematic masterpiece, Superman-The Movie, for the first time on the silver screen, followed by 13 more viewings in the weeks that followed.

This Magical film filled with Wonder and Heart absolutely blew my mind and completely altered my view of film-making and the Man of Steel. I truly believed that Christopher Reeve was Clark Kent and Superman. Superman-The Movie will always be my favorite movie of all-time.

On this 41st anniversary, I hope you will make some time to reflect on your experience of seeing Superman-The Movie in the theater; for those of you who didn’t have that luxury, think back to that first TV, VHS or Beta tape, laserdisc, or CED viewing and how it made you feel. Hopeful, Entranced, Exhilarated.

Please enjoy this new poster, vintage ad proof, and videos. Click here to see more videos and 40th/41st Anniversary tribute letters.

15 December 2019; Superman-The Movie Anniversary Article!

Presenting last year’s phenomenal article – VERISIMILITUDE: REMEMBERING “SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE” ON ITS 40TH ANNIVERSARY – by Film Historian and Super Friend Michael Coate! Thanks so much Michael for asking me to help you celebrate the 41st Anniversary of this Cinematic Masterpiece! Please enjoy his article on Digital Bits.

15 December 2019; Superman-The Movie Press Kit

Here’s a vintage Superman-The Movie press kit with the original mailing envelope. Look at the postmark date – December 15, 1978! The 8×10 stills inside are printed on lovely, high-quality matte paper not often seen in movie press kits. The white cover of the main booklet displays an impressive embossed movie style \S/ shield. The marketing team spared no expense.

14 December 2019; Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly.

Presenting various items dated December 14, 1978.

14 December 2019; Superman-The Movie UK Premiere!

Superman-The Movie premiered in UK theaters 41 years ago today.

14 December 2019; Superman-The Movie West Coast Premiere!

Today is the 41th Anniversary of the Hollywood Premiere of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the Hollywood Premiere:

Wednesday, December 14 at the Mann’s Chinese Theatre (a 1492 seat house) benefited the American Diabetes Association.

Print was presented in 70mm with Dolby Sound.

Ticket scale:
$130 – premiere plus post-premiere supper at the Beverly Wilshire.
$100 – premiere tickets only.

13 December 2019; Superman Royal Charity Premiere!

Today is the 41st Anniversary of the European Royal Charity Premiere of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the European Royal Charity Premiere:

Wednesday, December 13 at Empire, Leicester Square, London benefited the Variety Clubs of Great Britain and The National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare.

Shown below is the official Royal Charity Premiere booklet, two tickets to the screening, select pages from the booklet, and promotional photography.

13 December 2018; Superman Boston/Chicago Premieres!

Today is the 41st Anniversary of the Boston and Chicago Premieres of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the Boston Premiere:

Wednesday, December 13 at Sack Cinema 57 (a 1108 seat house) benefited the Special Olympics.

Print was presented in 70mm with Dolby Sound.

Ticket scale:
$500 – limited to no more than 30 people who attended one of the Washington, DC parties the previous weekend, plus an elegant dinner in Boston.
$150 – the best Orchestra seats, plus an elegant pre-premiere dinner party at a site to be determined (unknown).
$30 – the film’s premiere plus a champagne party.

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the Chicago Premiere:

Wednesday, December 13 at Esquire Theatre (a 1361 seat house) benefited the Special Olympics and the Rush-Presbyterian St.Luke’s Medical Center.

Print was presented in 70mm with Dolby Sound.

Premiere was followed by a supper reception at Cricket’s.

Ticket scale:
$100 – all seats.

13 December 2019; Two Superman-The Movie Variety Ads

Here’s two full-page ads featured 41 years ago today, December 13, 1978, in the UK and U.S. editions of Variety magazine.

“I don’t think anyone familiar with film making would challenge the claim that ‘SUPERMAN’ has been one of the most difficult and demanding productions ever undertaken,” Executive Producer Ilya Salkind observed·recently. “And for the past 18 months, the people at Pinewood Studios have helped us meet those demands – with great success, I might add.”

Chem-Tone was essentially a form of push processing of slower speed movie film that opened up shadows and darker areas of the image to reveal more detail. This is a very simplified explanation.

12 December 2019; US Magazine and New York Daily News!

This vintage US magazine has a cover date of December 12, 1978 – 41 years ago today. Roy Clark is mentioned on the cover; he was my mother’s cousin. Please enjoy the entire Superman article as a PDF.

“The awesome technology of modern film brings you someone to believe in.” December 10, 1978: New York Daily News full-page ad for Superman-The Movie.

11 December 2019; Superman-The Movie New York Premiere!

Today is the 41st Anniversary of the New York Premiere of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the New York Premiere:

Monday, December 11 at Loew’s Astor Plaza (a 1546 seat house) benefited the Special Olympics.

Print was presented in 70mm with Dolby Sound.

Ticket scale:
$125 – including a post-premiere supper buffet at the Xenon disco
$50 – best Orchestra seats.
$25 – tickets to the premiere only.

10 December 2019; Superman-The Movie Presidential Premiere!

Today is the 41st Anniversary of the Presidential Premiere of Superman-The Movie!

Here an excerpt from a vintage Warner Bros. inter-office memo detailing the Presidential Premiere in Washington, DC:

Sunday, December 10 at the Eisenhower Theatre (a 1200 seat house) to benefit the Special Olympics.

Print will be in 35mm stereo optical.

Ticket scale:
Top price $1,000 for each box seat, which includes a dinner party at the Japanese Embassy on December 9, another party held at Mr. and Mrs Shriver’s home on December 8, and a reception at the Kennedy Center preceding the film.
$500 – The best Orchestra seats, plus the party at the Shrivers’ home and the pre-premiere reception at the Kennedy Center.
$125 – Orchestra seats and the pre-premiere reception at the Kennedy Center.
$50 – The best balcony seats for the premiere.
$35 – Balcony seats for the premiere.

26 November 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #20!

In the 20th and final episode of this season of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, Jay Towers & Jim Bowers uncover what could be the most photographed Superman costume of all time, going all the way back to 1979. Plus these Super-Friends preview some upcoming rare props and costumes from Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy.

Jay & Jim also reflect on the past 20 episodes and some of the fantastic guests that have joined us and “Superman in Concert” at Royal Albert Hall in 2020.

Today is also the one year anniversary of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast! Thanks so much for your support!

12 November 2019; Sarah Douglas at Conventions!

For those of you who are on Facebook, I invite you to check out this fabulous video on the Sarah Douglas Official page where Sarah takes us around the world as she reveals what happens at fan conventions, with some special guest stars!

Sarah Douglas on Conventions

Sarah Douglas takes us around the world as she reveals what happens at fan conventions, with some special guest stars!

Posted by Sarah Douglas Official on Monday, September 23, 2019

11 November 2019; GoFundMe for Valerie Perrine

Our friend, actress Valerie Perrine, has been challenged with multiple medical issues for a number of years. She’s a strong and inspirational human being who would appreciate our help. Click here to learn more.

27 October 2019; CapedWonder Superman In Concert Gathering!

In 2020, fans of and the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast will gather for the Royal Albert Hall presentation of Superman: The Movie on the big screen with live orchestral accompaniment by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

Superman In Concert takes place one year from today – Tuesday, 27 October 2020 – at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England oat 7:30 pm.

Please click here to visit the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Facebook event page to let us know if you’ll be joining us one year from today at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England! If you’re not a member of Facebook, please email Jim Bowers and let him know that you’ll be there.

Purchase your tickets today on Royal Albert Hall’s website.

Poster design by Ramon Casares.

25 October 2019; 35mm Color Slides!

From SuperFan Martin Lakin:

Presenting three new photos scanned and restored from beautiful 35mm color transparencies, or “slides”. Watch Superman: The Movie again and you’ll see many 35mm slides and a slide projector in Lex Luthor’s lair.

17 October 2019; Caped Wonder Podcast Episode #19 Has Arrived!

Episode #19: Jim, Jimmy, and Jay! Actor Marc McClure played Jimmy Olsen in Superman the Movie, Superman II, III, IV, Supergirl and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. Marc tells Jay Towers & Jim Bowers about the iconic scene he watched being filmed when he arrived in London back in 1977, the special request made by Christopher Reeve that changed him as an actor, and why these films mean so much to him. Golly! This is another unforgettable episode.


Listen to all of the episodes here.

10 October 2019; We Remember Christopher Reeve

To say that I believed in Superman is quite an understatement. Of course I knew it was only a movie, but it seemed to me that the values embodied by Superman on the screen should be the values that prevail in the real world.” – Christopher Reeve, September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004

Featuring Christopher Reeve photographed by Curt Gunther in Gallup, New Mexico, June 1978.

01 October 2019; Caped Wonder Podcast Episode #18 Has Arrived!

Episode #18 comes straight from Krypton! Jay Towers & Jim Bowers are together at the iHeartRADIO studios in Las Vegas with special guest Aaron Smolinski from Superman: The Movie and Superman III. Aaron reveals it all! How did a 3-year-old lift the Kent truck? How did Richard Donner get him to break out of that starship and what was he singing inside? What lesson did Aaron learn from Christopher Reeve? Plus, rare audio from Glenn Ford and Phyllis Thaxter. This is THE episode fans will never forget!

25 September 2019; Christopher Reeve’s Birthday

Our Friend Christopher D’Olier Reeve was born 67 years ago today.

Presenting one of the very first photos of Christopher Reeve shot by set photographer Bob Penn during the Superman production in 1977.

I acquired this print, and many others, directly from Bob Penn in the late 1990’s. Bob passed away in 2002 at age 76.

24 September 2019; Propstore of London Exclusive Visit!

From SuperFan Martin Lakin:

Join me as I take you on a VIP trip through Propstore’s London facility in advance of their upcoming live auction of Entertainment Memorabilia. I’m given EXCLUSIVE access to all of their incredible lots from the Superman Movie Series and get to examine them up close & personal…

Listen to Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #17 below, where Jay Towers and Jim Bowers have a great discussion with Martin Lakin about his Propstore visit.

15 September 2019; Super Clapperboard!

Look at the date on the clapperboard…42 Years Ago Today. That’s Steve Barron holding the clapperboard. He went on to become a successful director, having directed the music video for A-ha’s “Take on Me” and many other famous videos and movies.

14 September 2019; Superman/Star Wars Fan Film!

SUPERMAN V: BATTLE OF THE DEATH STAR by Aaron Price makes its CapedWonder debut here!

Watch it on YouTube:

Watch it on Jim Bowers’ personal Facebook page:

02 September 2019; Podcast Episode #17 is Here!

The Propstore Entertainment Memorabilia Auction has plenty of Christopher Reeve Superman Legacy props, costumes, and so much more for 2019. Jay Towers & Jim Bowers are joined by special guest Martin Lakin from his supermania78 blog who had the opportunity to see many of these auction items in person. Clark Kent’s Superman IV phone booth, Nuclear Man’s costume, Supergirl’s tunic and so much more. Martin shares some amazing stories and super-facts with us for episode #17.


Listen to all of the episodes here.

30 August 2019; Prop Store of London Podcast Episode!!

The Prop Store of London Live Auction is our FAVORITE event of the year! Some of the most beloved Superman movie treasures are from this amazing company! Tuesday, September 3rd, on the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast, hosts Jay Towers and Jim Bowers will discuss all of this year’s items with SuperFan Martin Lakin! Stay Tuned!

25 August 2019; Adeel of Steel’s Tribute Video!

We can’t stop watching this! Adeel of Steel‘s video makes it easy for the world to see why Christopher Reeve will always be our Superman!

Please visit our Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Page on Facebook today!

12 August 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #16!

Listen to Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Sixteen: You Are Here For A Reason, with Jeff East!

Superman The Movie Actor Jeff East chats with Jay & Jim about his time filming back in 1977. Why was he limping over to Pa Kent? Why did he spend so many days running up and down a runway? The Fortress! The Farm! That Green Crystal! Episode 16 has it all.


Listen to all of the episodes on here.

09 August 2019; Superman: The Movie in Concert!

From the Film Concerts Live website:

By arrangement with Warner Bros. Pictures, Film Concerts Live! proudly announces Superman in Concert. Hollywood’s greatest cinematic superhero returns to the big screen in the film that started it all, and now audiences can experience the the Man of Steel in concert halls around the world accompanied by the power of a full symphony orchestra performing John Williams’ triumphant original score live to picture!

Read more here.

No dates or places have been announced yet. Please check back with us here and on our various social media outlets for updates!

01 August 2019; TIME in 1977

On August 1, 1977, TIME Magazine published a great article about the filming progress of Superman: The Movie, featuring fresh new photos shot the month previously in New York City.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:
Before the movie is finished, Superman will have I) soldered together the Golden Gate Bridge, which has been cut in half by an earthquake, 2) rescued the President’s airplane from a thunderstorm, 3) tamed the waters from a collapsing dam, 4) plucked a speedboat full of criminals from the East River and set it down, still dripping, on Wall Street, 5) caught a crashing helicopter in mid-air, 6) flown round the world in 90 seconds with Lois Lane in his arms, and 7) cooked a souffle for Lois with his X-ray eyes.

28 July 2019; Missile Hijack!

Richard Donner filmed missile hijack bridge scenes on July 28, 1977, confirmed by production notes and continuity Polaroids.

Please visit the Acquiring Kryptonite & Diversionary Tactics Gallery to see many more rare photos.

27 July 2019; Smallville Cemetery

Richard Donner filmed Smallville Cemetery scenes on July 27, 1977, confirmed by production notes and continuity Polaroids.

Please visit the Smallville Gallery to see many more rare photos.

22 July 2019; Iron Studios Superman!

Presenting two brand new photos that I shot today of the new Iron Studios Christopher Reeve Superman statue. I’ll likely post more photos of the statue within the next few weeks.

I am overall quite pleased with this new statue. It’s refreshing to finally see a new pose for a Christopher Reeve Superman statue/figure. Great colors, accurate chest shield, well sculptured head and body, and more. No, the cape’s yellow shield is not screen-accurate, and his shave looks a bit like his evil Superman, but I’m willing to forgive those nitpicks. I’ll likely alter the yellow shield at some point in the near future. Highly recommended! B++.

Side note: Please keep in mind that these photos are purposely contrasty, which may make Superman’s shave appear a bit darker than it actually is in person. His shave reminds me of Tyler’s on TV.

18 July 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #15!

Listen to Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Fifteen: Blackout in Metropolis! David Petrou was there!

The Blackout of 1977 in New York City couldn’t shut down Superman! Now 42 years later, the author of ‘The Making of Superman The Movie’ is answering all of our questions. David Michael Petrou chats with Jay & Jim about the cast, the crew, the filming and some stories you didn’t know! Our 15th podcast just may be the most super of them all!


Listen to all of the episodes on here.

15 July 2019; Martin Lakin’s Supermania ’78 Collectibles! Editor and Super Friend Martin Lakin graciously walks us through highlights from his superb collection of Christopher Reeve Superman movie memorabilia in the video below. This video was created at the request of Jim Bowers for the Motor City Comic Con 2019 autographs and props panel hosted by Jay Towers and Jim Bowers, which took place in Detroit, Michigan this past May.

Martin is currently working on a major update to his website. He is also expanding his definitive Superman movie costume article, which has been hosted on this website for many years. Check back later this month for some amazing updates!

14 July 2019; Podcast Special Edition Episode – Superboy: The Legacy!

Jay Towers & Jim Bowers chat with Sam Rizzo about the Superboy TV show. From John Haymes Newton to Gerard Christopher and all of the Superman connections in the Salkind Universe.


Listen to all of the episodes on here.

13 July 2019; New York City Blackout of 1977!

42 Years Ago Today, 13 July 1977: Richard Donner shoots location coverage at the New York Daily News on 42nd Street of Christopher Reeve exiting the Daily Planet and retrieving Lois’ hat for the helicopter rescue sequence. At the urging of the film’s gaffer, cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth plugs a generator into a lamp post in order to achieve proper lighting for the scene. A short occurs,causing part of the location set to black out. Unbeknownst to Geoffrey Unsworth and the film crew, at 9:38 p.m. a lightning storm strikes the city, causing all of New York City to black out.Thankfully, with the generators, shooting on Superman: The Movie is able to continue. Richard Donner later assures Geoffrey Unsworth that he was not responsible for the blackout to New York City. Mayor Abe Beame declares a state of emergency for the entire city.

See more photos here.

05 July 2019; Goonies Teaser Trailer!

Please enjoy this rare trailer from Goonies fan, “Mark”. Please pardon the sound…that’s as good as it gets.

04 July 2019; 4th of July!

Have a Swell and Happy Independence Day!

23 June 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #14!

Listen to Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Fourteen: This Time… It’s Personal!

Jay & Jim discuss how their passion for Superman The Movie first ignited. Plus Jennifer Aniston regrets the day she snubbed Christopher Reeve, and E.G. Marshall wonders if he would be able to get on the 1977 New York set of Superman The Movie in a rare David Petrou interview.


Listen to all of the episodes on here.


Jay discusses the Orlando exhibit shown below. The little boy pictured is Jay himself in 1980.

20 June 2019; Christopher Reeve Encounters

I am working on a project called CHRISTOPHER REEVE ENCOUNTERS. Please get in touch with me if you, or someone you know, met Christopher Reeve AND secured an autograph from him in person.

Jim Bowers, Editor

19 June 2019; Superman II Anniversary!

Superman II was released in U.S. theaters 38 years ago today on June 19, 1981. Did you see it first run in theaters?

Please visit the Superman II gallery.

17 June 2019; Superman III Anniversary!

Superman III premiered on this day in U.S. theaters in 1983. Here’s an autographed photo of Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen from my collection. I like that he included “SUPERMAN III”. Marc is a wonderful human being.

Please visit the Superman III gallery.

15 June 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #13!

Superman Filming Locations In New York: Jay & Jim recap all of the Superman fun from Motor City Comic Con Week and discuss the importance of doing your homework before making ANY Super-Purchases. Brian McKernan is back to walk us through all of the New York City filming locations for Superman the Movie. This is the ultimate companion podcast for anyone visiting New York City.


Listen to all of the episodes on here.

14 June 2019; Costume Enlightenment

Authentic, screen-worn Christopher Reeve Superman costumes are of particular interest to me. I’m one in a select group of costume aficionados who have “combined our strengths” to share and compare what we’ve learned about these precious artifacts over the past 30+ years. Expect an extensive costume article update in a few weeks on! It’s sure to be a fascinating read, and we hope it will prove to be a invaluable tool for you to decipher fact from fiction in the challenging world of Superman costume collecting and cataloging. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the current costume page here on; click here!

13 June 2019; More Superman Canyon Photos!

Shot 41 years ago this month in Gallup, New Mexico. That’s Stuart Freeborn and Richard Donner in the first photo.

11 June 2019; Christopher Reeve at Dixie Trek!

Please enjoy my video of Christopher Reeve’s public autograph session at Dixie Trek. Note that the date on the picture is incorrect…the correct date is May 14, 1994. This is the only pop culture convention Chris ever attended. I’m so pleased I could there! See more about that day here.

06 June 2019; Noel Neill and Christopher Reeve Together!

Here’s one of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos from the Richard Donner Superman Years production (1977-1978). Noel Neill visited Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder on the Lois Lane apartment set at Pinewood Studios, England. See more photos from that set here.

29 May 2019; Superman: The Movie Documentary Credits Redux (sort of)!

I was Research Consultant on the three Superman: The Movie documentaries that were originally released on DVD on May 1, 2001. The end credits for each documentary were fairly generic. Khiam C. Kent created end credits for these documentaries in the style of the original 1978 end credits seen in Superman-The Movie, and he did a great job! Here’s my IMDB credit as Research Consultant.

26 May 2019; The Podcast Niagara Falls Superman II Road Trip!

Caped Wonder Superman Podcast hosts Jay Towers and Jim Bowers made a road trip to Niagara Falls on May 14, 2019, and here’s their video!

Listen to ALL of the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast episodes here.

21 May 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Special Episode!

Motor City Comic Con Weekend was a blast! Jay Towers and Jim Bowers were together in Detroit with a 1 hour interview with Superman and Superman II actress Sarah Douglas.


Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

12 May 2019; Superman II Comes to Emagine Theatres!

Jay Towers and I are proud to host an INVITE ONLY presentation of Superman II on Friday, May 17th, at the Emagine Theatre in Novi, Michigan (an evening showing; time to be determined). Please email Jim Bowers if you would like to join us:

01 May 2019; Superman: The Movie Debuts on DVD 18 Years Ago Today!

On May 1, 2001, I had the great fortune of attending the Superman movie reunion at the Warner Bros. Museum in Burbank, California to celebrate the release of the Superman-The Movie Special Edition DVD (I was Research Consultant on the DVD’s three documentaries). Warner Bros. also presented a $10,000.00 check to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (today known as the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation). Read more here.

01 May 2019; Super Bonus! Superman Cast Reunion Panel!

In this BONUS episode, Jay and Jim take you back to the weekend they joined forces. WonderCon 2015. Hear “Superman: The Richard Donner Years Celebrity Super Reunion”. Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas, Valerie Perrine, Diane Sherry, Marc McClure, Jack O’Halloran, Aaron Smolinski, and a massive crowd! Jay Towers and Jim Bowers moderate this amazing reunion. Even a special message from Dick Donner himself.


Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

24 April 2019; A Donner Birthday!

Happy 89th Birthday Richard Donner! The Magic is Still Yours!

17 April 2019; Motor City Comic Con Superman II Guests!

Please join Caped Wonder Superman Podcast co-hosts Jay Towers and Jim Bowers at Motor City Comic Con, May 17-19, 2019, for the Superman II Special Celebrity Guest Reunion! Sarah Douglas, Jack O’Halloran, and Hadley Kay will be there to meet you and sign autographs!

On Saturday, May 18th, Jay and Jim will host the celebrity Q&A panel with all three guests. On Sunday, May 19th, Jay and Jim will host a props and autographs panel. Stay tuned for updates.

Buy your tickets here. See you there!

15 April 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #11!

Listen to Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Eleven: I’m Sorry, Only One Ride to a Customer!

He plunged down Niagara Falls and was saved by Superman in one of the most iconic scenes from Superman II. Jay Towers & Jim Bowers talk with actor Hadley Kay about flying with Christopher Reeve and his time filming the sequel to Superman. New details for Super-Fans coming to Motor City Comic Con in next month!


Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.


Hadley Kay will be our guest at Motor City Comic Con on Saturday, May 18th!

15 April 2019; Christopher Reeve’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Today is the 22nd anniversary of Christopher Reeve’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony and party in Hollywood, California. Click here to read all about that day and see some great imagery!

01 April 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #10!

Listen to Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Ten: Master Coloring a Masterpiece!

Jay and Jim have a very enlightening discussion with Pat Miller who is a retired Master Colorist from Warner Bros.


Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

28 March 2019; CapedWonder & Superman: The Movie Anniversaries!

Today is the 17th Anniversary of! Thanks to all of YOU, we keep Going Forward!

42 years ago today, March 28, 1977, filming on Superman officially began. Despite a nagging head cold, Marlon Brando arrived on C Stage at Shepperton Studios at 8:30 that morning to begin filming his first scenes as Jor-El for the two Superman films. Brando was draped in black velvet – as seen in this photo – and filmed teaching Kal-El via an education crystal. Christopher Reeve was on set to watch Brando at work. Brando, Richard Donner, and Tom Mankiewicz reviewed the footage in between takes. Brando later informed Mankiewicz that day that he has just read the complete script and called it a “valentine”. As a side note, this is a scan from set photographer Bob Penn’s ORIGINAL 35mm camera slide, now in the CapedWonder Collection.

25 March 2019; Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode #9!

Please enjoy Episode #9, Flights, Tights and Video Tape!


Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

26 February 2019; The Legacy of John Williams

I highly recommend Maurizio Caschetto’s The Legacy of John Williams, a non-profit website devoted to the cultural promotion of the music of John Williams among musicians and listeners around the world. Click here to visit it today!

25 February 2019; Superman: The Movie Soundtrack Unboxing!

HUGE Thanks to Super Fan Marcus LaCroix for this awesome “unboxing” of the new remastered Superman: The Movie soundtrack from La-La Land Records! As you will see (and hear), he is MOST excited about it! Aren’t we all?!

Marcus’ video is featured on the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast page on Facebook, so I hope you’ll join us there. Here is the link.

Order your 3-CD Superman-The Movie set, and the Superman II / Superman III & Superman IV sets, today! Here is the link.

19 February 2019; The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast!

Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Eight: First Generation Fans is here, where Jay and Jim share their excitement about the brand-new remastered Superman-The Movie 3-CD soundtrack from La-La Land Records!

Also on Episode #8, Jay and Jim feature an excerpt from Super Fan Amer Zahid’s spoken word about his love for the various Superman-The Movie soundtrack releases over the past 40 years and his excitement for this most recent release from La-La Land Records. Download Amer’s entire audio here.

We also discuss the “Simple Line Drawing” trailer in the podcast; watch it below!

Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

17 February 2019; Heroes World Centers, Inc. Catalog

Presenting the February 17, 1979 issue of the Heroes World Centers, Inc. catalog, featuring many Superman-The Movie items. Download the catalog as a PDF file here.

15 February 2019; The Superman: The Movie Soundtrack Has Landed!!

For the First Time…Restored from the First Generation Recording Masters! Assembled, mixed and produced by Mike Matessino.

I am so excited that the amazing Superman: The Movie 3-CD soundtrack set has landed on Planet Earth from La-La Land Records! ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

It was an absolute pleasure being Creative Consultant on yet another Super Heroic project! Super Special Thanks to Mike Matessino, Jim Titus, Neil S. Bulk, Matt Verboys, and MV Gerhard!

LLLCD 1478
Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Limited Edition of 5000 Units


La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Music Group and DC Entertainment proudly continue SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE’s 40th anniversary celebration with a 3-CD remastered limited edition re-issue of the original motion picture score to the 1978 feature film classic, starring Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, and directed by Richard Donner. Academy Award-winning composer John Williams (STAR WARS, E.T., HARRY POTTER) unleashes an iconic musical masterwork, propelling the Man of Steel through what is still considered by many to be the best superhero film ever made. A recent discovery of the score’s original 2-inch, 24-track music masters has led the way to a stellar, high-resolution transfer by Warner Sound. This first generation element has been restored, remixed, assembled and remastered by album producer Mike Matessino, resulting in a stunning presentation of this legendary score that is unparalleled in its sonic quality. Discs One and Two present maestro Williams’ film score in its glorious, full form, while Disc Two also contains a bounty of alternate/additional cues (including an astonishing early version of “The Fortress of Solitude” that remained vaulted and unplayed for four decades), and Disc Three showcases the original 1978 soundtrack presentation, rebuilt and remastered from these newly restored recording elements. Supervised and approved by composer John Williams, this special 3-CD release is limited to 5000 units and features a 44-page booklet with in-depth liner notes. The heroic art design is by Jim Titus. A must for all film and film music enthusiasts, this outstanding reissue – simply put – is like hearing SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE for the very first time!


Disc One
Score Presentation

1 Prelude and Main Title 5:06
2 The Planet Krypton and The Dome Opens 6:39
3 Destruction of Krypton (Extended Version) 7:57
4 The Kryptonquake 2:27
5 The Trip to Earth 2:33
6 The Crash Site :39
7 Growing Up 2:01
8 Jonathan’s Death 3:27
9 Leaving Home 4:52
10 The Fortress of Solitude (Extended Version) 9:22
11 The Mugger 2:11
12 Lex Luthor’s Lair (Extended Version) 4:54
13 The Helicopter Sequence 5:59
14 The Burglar Sequence and Chasing Crooks 3:21
15 Cat Rescue and Air Force One 2:17
16 The Penthouse 1:35
17 The Flying Sequence (Instrumental Version) 8:12
18 Clark Loses His Nerve :51
Disc One Total Time: 74:34

Disc Two
Score Presentation Continued

1 The March of the Villains 3:37
2 The Truck Convoy Sequence 3:27
3 To the Lair 2:21
4 Trajectory Malfunction 1:21
5 Luthor’s Lethal Weapon 2:13
6 Superman Rescued and Chasing Rockets 5:01
7 Golden Gate Bridge and The Rescue of Jimmy 4:57
8 Pushing Boulders and Flying to Lois 5:26
9 Turning Back the World 2:06
10 The Prison Yard and End Title 6:41
11 Love Theme From Superman 5:03
Total Score Time: 1:56:36

Additional Music

12 Prelude and Main Title (Alternate) 3:49
13 The Planet Krypton (Alternate Segment) 3:18
14 The Dome Opens (Alternate) 2:31
15 The Fortress of Solitude (Alternate Segment) 4:12
16 The Mugger (Alternate) 1:29
17 Prelude and Main Title (Film Version) 5:23
18 I Can Fly (Flying Sequence Alternate Segment) 2:15
19 Can You Read My Mind (Film Version) 3:04
20 Trajectory Malfunction (Alternate) 1:04
21 Turning Back the World (Extended Version) 2:20
22 The Prison Yard and End Title (Film Version) 5:48
Total Time: 35:13
Disc Two Total Time: 78:00

Disc Three
Remastered 1978 Original Soundtrack

1 Theme From Superman (Main Title) 4:29
2 The Planet Krypton 4:49
3 Destruction of Krypton 6:03
4 The Trip to Earth 2:28
5 Growing Up 1:56
6 Love Theme From Superman 5:02
7 Leaving Home 4:52
8 The Fortress of Solitude 8:32
9 The Flying Sequence / Can You Read My Mind 8:14
10 Super Rescues 3:27
11 Lex Luthor’s Lair 2:37
12 Superfeats 5:04
13 The March of the Villains 3:37
14 Chasing Rockets 7:37
15 Turning Back the World 2:06
16 End Title 6:36

Disc Three Total Time: 77:55
Three-Disc Total Time: 3:50:29



14 February 2019; Happy Valentine’s Day!

“…do you know what it is that you do to me?” — Lois Lane in Superman: The Movie.

12 February 2019; He Makes Us Believe A Man Can Fly!

Inventor Zoran Perisic won an Academy Award and BAFTA in 1979 for his flying effects invention called ZOPTIC for Superman: The Movie.

Zoran reached out to me today and had this to say: “I have checked out your website and want to congratulate you on the fine endeavor in spreading the “myth and magic” of Superman!”

Learn more about ZOPTIC in the June 1979 issue of Film Making magazine.

Watch the video clip below featuring Zoran and ZOPTIC.

Stay tuned for an exciting Superman Awards article in the coming months!

08 February 2019; New Podcast & John Williams’ Birthday!

Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Seven is here!

Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

Happy 87th Birthday to Maestro John Williams!

Below is a photo of John and Richard Donner on the Lex Luthor’s Lair set in Pinewood Studios, England in September 1977.

07 February 2019; “First Time on Free TV!”

February 7-8, 1982: The extended version of Superman: The Movie is first broadcast on ABC over two nights at a running length of 182 minutes. Approximately 33 minutes of new scenes are included in the broadcast, including extended looks at Krypton, Smallville, the Fortress of Solitude, Metropolis, Superman running the gauntlet, and the film’s climactic super feats, among others. Another 16 minutes of footage is included in the broadcast to recap the film and recycle the film’s main and end title credits for the two-part broadcast. Edits are made to the film to remove brief content and language and for time considerations.

06 February 2019; We’re All Part of the Same Team!

Digital artist and Superman movie enthusiast Sebastian Colombo recently sent me this image. Enjoy!

01 February 2019; Christopher Reeve Auditions 42 Years Ago!

Christopher Reeve films his screen tests for Superman, with Holly Palance (who had previously worked with director Richard Donner on “The Omen” [1976]) reading for Lois Lane, with Geoffrey Unsworth filming the screen tests and Tom Mankiewicz in attendance. Reeve wears a hastily prepared costume, and his brown hair is dyed black with hair polish. Screen tests involve the balcony interview scene that will eventually appear in “Superman: The Movie” and the scene of Lois tricking Clark into becoming Superman in “Superman II”. When Reeve delivers his first lines straight, Unsworth is startled by Reeve’s straightforward and honest delivery and shares his delight and surprise with Mankiewicz. His screen test are included on the special edition DVD in 2001, while other portions will be included in “Look! Up in the Sky – The Amazing Story of Superman” in 2006. Christopher Reeve’s screen tests are sent to Warner Bros. executives. Tom Mankiewicz expresses his excitement for Reeve’s potential in the role, and the Warner Bros. executives give their blessing to take a chance with Reeve. (As a side note: It is believed that this photo of Christopher Reeve – wearing his audition costume – was shot with a wide-angle lens and the camera placed close to Chris, which is why his facial features seem somewhat exaggerated).

Thanks to Bill Williams for the main copy for this post.

30 January 2019; Kneel Before Zod!

Terence Stamp as Zod was photographed in the studio primarily by Bob Penn during the Richard Donner Years (1977-1978) and primarily by Keith Hamshere during the Richard Lester Years (1979-1980). Which of these two set photographers shot this photo?

28 January 2019; The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast!

Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Six is here!

Listen to all of the episodes on iTunes.

19 January 2019; An Evening with Sarah Douglas

An Evening with Sarah Douglas…

The Adventure Continues with Delicious Food, Wine, and Candid Dinner Conversation with actress Sarah Douglas at Petruzzello’s in Troy Michigan on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 7:30 PM EST.

Hosted by Fox 2 News/ 100.3 WNIC’s Jay Towers and’s Jim Bowers, this $100 per person night includes an Incredible Full Course Meal, Tito’s Vodka, Beer and Wine .

Guests will also receive a Meet & Greet Photograph with Sarah Douglas (Superman:The Movie, Superman ll, Falcon Crest, Supergirl, A Christmas Prince) at the event courtesy of Project 11:11.

The end of the school year often marks the end of a guaranteed meal for almost half of Detroit’s children. In Southeast Michigan more than 300,000 free or reduced fee breakfasts and lunches are served daily during the school year. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Professional Nurse Council at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) leads a community effort to provide area children with a consistent daily meal over summer recess. Joined by Jay Towers with Fox 2 & iHeart Radio, all cereal collected is donated to Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, who then distributes donations throughout the community to over 500 food pantries in Southeastern Michigan.

Knowing she was visiting Michigan for Motor City Comic Con May 17th- 19th, Sarah reached out and asked how she could help raise money for our 10th Annual Cereal Drive. Not only is she our favorite Superman “Super-Villain” but she is also a giving and loyal friend to us all.


Download the press release here.

18 January 2019; Superman Poses, Portraits & Headshots

Presenting a new addition to the Poses, Portraits & Headshots gallery. Click here to see many more photos.

08 January 2019; Superman Costumes

If you are in the market to own an authentic, screen-worn Christopher Reeve Superman costume, I invite you to visit this costume page. Martin Lakin has spent countless hours researching the subject. It’s an invaluable resource. Stay tuned for updates later this year!

07 January 2019; Peace

Love, peace, joy and harmony are the best vitamins in the universe. The Superman community certainly needs more of them from my view.

I made this image of olive branches surrounding a Superman shield as a symbol of peace for the Superman community.

05 January 2019; Margot Kidder Tribute


I just now had the opportunity to read this article posted in The New York Times on-line and in print on December 27, 2018. It is truly moving.

My last dinner with Margot in 2017 was like no other experience…it’s hard to describe. I just loved her.

It was a blessing to be with Margot and honor her in the best way I knew how. I will continue to honor Margot with your help and support.

Thanks very much to Maggie McGuane for contacting me and to The New York Times for asking me to contribute the photo featured in the article.

03 January 2019; Variety Ads and R/Greenberg Associate Videos

40 years ago today, these two ads appeared in the U.S. and UK Variety magazines.

40 years ago today, this Variety ad appeared recognizing R/Greenberg Associates for their creation of Superman-The Movie‘s amazing Feature Titles, Trailer Campaign, and Television Campaign, along with videos of the company’s Superman streaking titles. Please visit Art of the Title to read a fascinating interview with Richard Greenberg who sadly passed away on June 16, 2018.

01 January 2019; Newsweek, January 1, 1979

Presenting the January 1, 1979 issue of Newsweek magazine with a nice article about Superman-The Movie. The cover features one of my favorite flying photos.

See all of the pages below, or download all of the pages as a single PDF file here.

01 January 2019; Flying into 2019!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We Will Believe A Man Can Fly throughout 2019!