Believe Again this Christmas

Please enjoy these 16mm film trailers from the CapedWonder Collection. These have never been officially released by Warner Home Video.

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  1. Mark Hendry says:

    These trailers sent thrills down my spine as an 11 year old kid in 1978 New Zealand. They still do! Particularly the TV spot which begins “From a doomed planet in a distant Galaxy…”. Just blew me away! I had a reel to reel tape recorder and I had that thing primed and ready to go from 3pm to 10pm after school as I channel changed back & forth all night trying to catch that advert… And then suddenly there it was… And my reels were turning with the mic was in place next to the TV speaker and I would be excitedly & silently jumping up and down so as not to disturb the recording… I ran over to my Mum and tugged her sleeve to watch Superman fly up and crash through the roof… And with no regard for my recording Mum simply blurted out “oh Mark I have seen him crash through that roof a 100 times!”. Now with my recording ‘ruined’ I petchilently (I am ashamed to say) hit back with a very loud ‘ALL DAY! ALL DAY I WAITED FOR THAT!!!’. I still have the recording and I must say – as embarrassing as it is – our dialogue over the top makes it all the more special. The other great advert that could stop my little heart from beating was:. “Until now his incredible adventures have been beyond the power of any known medium to realise…”. Oh wow!!! To hear that advert extended here is just a dream!!! : )))). Many thanks!!!

  2. Thank you for keeping his spirit alive.

  3. I have loved Superman; The Movie since it first came out when I was a small boy. Thank you for sharing this page.

  4. (: ” Awsome Website.” 🙂

  5. Joe Oree says:

    Words can-NOT express the loss I’ve felt since Chris Reeve could no longer portray Superman, LIVE!!

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