04 July 2013

Happy Independence Day! Make it a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!

03 July 2013

Author and scholar Franklin Reeve, 84, has died. He was the father of our friend, the late actor Christopher Reeve. Rest in Peace Mr. Reeve. Thank you for your gifts and for bringing your incredible son into this world. You are both missed. extends its most heartfelt condolences to Mr. Reeve’s family and friends.

Mr. Reeve’s story on Vermont’s NPR.
Mr. Reeve’s books.
Mr. Reeve’s website.

07 June 2013

05 June 2013

CapedWonder Photographers Julian and Shawn Meunier journeyed to the CN Tower/La Tour CN in Toronto, Canada on May 31, 2013, and met for the first time to photograph an original Henry Cavill Man of Steel costume on display until June 7, 2013. Enjoy!

31 May 2013

Hosted by

Think you know Superman-The Movie and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut? Now’s the opportunity to show us your Super-Trivia Abilities!

You have a chance to win one of these four beautiful, limited-edition 50cm x 40cm Christopher Reeve Superman prints by artist Des Taylor, printed on 200GSM (grams per square meter) satin archival paper.


• Each print has a number 1 through 4. The number corresponds to the trivia question number below.

• All questions apply to Superman-The Movie and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

• Answer each trivia question, or pick your favorite(s).

• E-mail your answers (one answer per question) to Put in the subject line of the e-mail “Superman-The Richard Donner Years Trivia Contest”. Your full name must be shown within the body of the e-mail.

• That’s it! Once your answers have been received (the deadline is midnight Pacific Time on June 12, 2013), all winning entries will be put into four hats (one hat per question) and one name will be pulled out of each hat.

• You are eligible to win just one print regardless of how many of your answers may be correct. If the same name is pulled out of multiple hats, another name or names will be pulled again until we have four different winning people.

• HINT: All of the answers can be found on, so be sure to visit the site right away and have a good look around.

Have Fun and Good Luck to All!


1. What are the names of Jonathan Kent’s parents?

2. Name two scenes where there are visible armpit sweat stains on Superman’s costume.

3. Besides the Army General stars, name one military badge seen pinned to Ursa’s costume. Your answer must include the badge’s branch of service (Army, Navy Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, etc.). The Sheriff deputy badge, the Society For International Space Exploration insignia, and red space insignia do not count.

4. In Superman-The Movie, a policeman pursues Otis in Grand Central Station. In the extended TV broadcast of the movie, what is the railroad track number where the policeman sees Otis disappear after the train goes by?

Special thanks to Des Taylor for your generous donations! Visit today!

30 May 2013

Today is Aaron Smolinski’s Birthday!!

27 May 2013

Christopher Reeve’s life would be forever changed on this day in 1995. Courage. Determination. Stamina. Compassion. Bravery. Integrity. Hero.

20 May 2013

Three new behind-the-scenes photos have been added to the Interview section on this page. Below is one of those photos. Enjoy!

Eight new behind-the-scenes photos have been added to the Lex Luthor’s Lair section on this page. Below is one of those photos. Enjoy!

The Superman Revealed and Superfeats galleries have also been updated.

19 May 2013

Christopher Reeve’s Legacy: He Made Playing A Superhero Respectable. Read more here.

From The SUPER Collection…

10 May 2013

07 May 2013

Alex J. Fox from Columbia is the newest member of the CapedWonder Network. He’s a regular on Facebook and has contributed some great material and useful information about the Superman movies and comics. Thanks for your support Alex! Below are some interesting images he sent me recently.

“Hi Jim, Those ads were recreated by me, after having access to the digital files of a colombian news paper called “El Tiempo”. Hope that you enjoy them and will be part of the site. The first one belongs to a Superman TV marathon aired between September and October, 1988. This one featured the Salkind movies and the CBS birthday special hosted by Dana Carvey.”

“Hi Jim. this photo was taken in the same theatre where I saw “Superman III” during the 1983 Christmas season. And there’s a story about it: I saw “Superman” in cinemas in a Bogota zone called “Chapinero”. All these theatres were located in a 6 block ratium. Of those theatres, Aladino (pictured here) turned into a XXX cinema, before their demolition in 1995 and was turned into a office and school supplies store. “Royal Plaza”, where I saw the first movie was turned into a concert hall. “Astor Plaza” (“Superman II”) turned into an event center, for conventions, TV shows and concerts. Finally, the Libertador Theatre closed their doors in 2007, to became into a party place called “Vinacure”. I also included a retouched press add for the premiere of “Supergirl” in December, 1984.”

Please enjoy this new 1920×1080 tribute wallpaper by Alex Lydiate!

The Celebrity & Fan Letters page has been updated. There are additional letters from fans at the bottom of numerous pages on this site. Thank you everyone for sending them – they are greatly appreciated!

04 May 2013

Adam Hlavac was kind enough to make us some exclusive wallpapers in three sizes to celebrate Superman’s 75th Birthday this year. Below is one such wallpaper. Click here to see all of them!

02 May 2013

Adam Hlavac is the newest member of the CapedWonder Network and one heck of a good guy. Check out his blog here. Below is his Superman-The Movie 35th Anniversary poster (yep, that’s right, Superman-The Movie is 35 years old this December).

01 May 2013

12 years ago today, Superman-The Movie and The Complete Superman Movie Collection were released for the very first time on DVD. And what an unforgettable day it was for me in Hollywood. Read more here.

30 April 2013

A fantastic read on – ‘Fly Me to the Moon’

18 April 2013


15 April 2013

Today is CHRISTOPHER REEVE DAY in Hollywood! It is also the 16th Anniversary of Christopher Reeve’s star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and I was there! Read more here.

Terence Stamp on Being, Nothingness, Acting and the Devil: A rare interview from 1978.

14 April 2013

Here’s the TV spot for Cinemax’s new 75th anniversary celebration of Superman movie marathon in Latin America happening May 4th. Special thanks to Ramón Casares! Watch for the Superman flying up image towards the end which was created by Ramon and me.

03 April 2013

Marlon Brando was born 89 years ago today!

28 March 2013

Yesterday we celebrated CapedWonder™.com’s 11th Anniversary and the 36th Anniversary of the first day of filming for Superman-The Movie at Shepperton Studios. Here’s Christopher Reeve’s director’s chair that he used throughout the filming in England in 1977 and 1978. The chair is now part of the CapedWonder™ Collection. See more CapedWonder™ props here.

12 March 2013

Please enjoy these new and updated images!

08 March 2013

Did you know that this costume tunic was once on display at the London Film Museum in England? Check it out here.

07 March 2013

Will this book become a reality? It’s contingent on Warner Bros.’ approval. I will keep you posted. Join the book’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

06 March 2013

Here’s a brand new scan and restoration – Stuart and Kay Freeborn apply snow makeup to Christopher Reeve in Superman-The Movie. Sad that they are no longer with us.

05 March 2013

Please enjoy this amazing Christopher Reeve Superman tribute art by Gerardo Moreno. It is now available for purchase as paper, acrylic and canvas on Fine Art America, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

“When people were given the chance to fly like Superman, they became quicker to help a stranger in need…”

01 March 2013

These CapedWonder™ galleries have been updated – check them out!

Superman-The Movie – Superfeats

Superman-The Movie – Poses & Portraits

23 February 2013

The Lifelong Friendship Of Robin Williams And Christopher Reeve.

(Photo by CBS via Getty Images.)

22 February 2013

Check out the new Super Costumes page now hosted on CapedWonder™.com!

My Super Pal artist Michael Stribling has created another amazing Superman piece – made on his iPad!

21 February 2013

Tim Hanson over at Sideshow Toys sent me this video today. He is a very passionate and knowledgeable Superman enthusiast and fan, and is VERY excited about their upcoming Christopher Reeve Superman 1:4 scale Premium Format Figure coming soon!

This is really AWESOME Super News for sure! We can’t wait to see what Tim and his team are creating for us!

More details will be posted here as they come my way!

20 February 2013

The CapedWonder™ ‘Additional Information’ page has been updated.

Do you remember the first photo you ever saw of Christopher Reeve dressed as Superman?

19 February 2013

Lois Lane fights for her life in the best Superman rescue sequence in movie history from Superman-The Movie.

18 February 2013

Some of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent. See more behind-the-scenes photos from the Superman Donner Years here.

Thanks for the alert Steve Younis, and to Donnie Nichols from Innovasity Studios for posting this video.

Please enjoy these three Superman IV continuity Polaroids and two behind-the-scene prints of the Elstree Studios Fortress of Solitude set (complete with a Superman stand-in) from the CapedWonder™ Collection.

16 February 2013

Last month, at the event, “Superman at 75: Celebrating America’s Most Enduring Hero”, marking Superman’s 75th birthday at the Center for Jewish History, former DC Comics president Jenette Kahn noted the enduring importance of the rescue of Frisky the cat in Superman-The Movie:

“If Superman didn’t do the small jobs, he wouldn’t have the common touch,” Kahn observed. “Even in the great first Superman movie he rescues a kitten from a tree. And you always need that part, you need the grounded part of Superman that shows that he cares about the ordinary event that means so much on a personal basis to…the girl who’s lost her cat. Without that, Superman would be a little too grandiose.”

Richard Donner’s film crew preps for another take with Christopher Reeve on the underground set in Superman-The Movie. Note Chris hanging from wires in the background. Click here to see more ‘Superfeats’.

Here’s a series of rare photos of Christopher Reeve on wires on the Daily Planet/Metropolis set in Pinewood Studios in June 1977. These follow Superman’s surprise arrival outside the window of Perry White’s office and subsequent battle with the villains above the streets of Metropolis in Richard Donner’s version of the first movie sequel released as the “Donner Cut” in 2006. All photo from the CapedWonder™ Collection.

14 February 2013

A brand new scan and restoration of this Superman pose shot on the Fortress interior set at Shepperton Studios in May 1977. Note the early look of Chris’ Superman – longer, “poofier” hair, and a more thickly padded cape at the shoulders. Also of note is that during the first six or so months of Donner’s filming (STM and SII), the chest ‘S’ shields were usually more symmetrical and the ‘S’ itself had a thicker bottom curve.

14 February 2013

The Christopher Reeve Superman Costumes page has been updated with new information and photos by Julien’s Auctions and Original Prop Blog. Click here to visit the page.

11 February 2013

Did you know that a Superman tunic was made especially for Margot Kidder in the Fortress “depowering” scene in the Donner Cut? See it and many examples of screen worn Christopher Reeve Superman costumes and information here.

09 February 2013

Here’s a scan from Bill Brodie’s (Superman-The Movie‘s Supervising Art Director for Canada and New Mexico) original scouting negatives showing the condition of the Kent farm when it was found in Canada in 1977. The structures were built in 1917 and needed quite a bit of work to bring it up to 1950s standards for the movie. Among the farm house additions were a second upstairs dormer in Clark Kent’s room facing the barn and a window next to the kitchen door facing the beautiful canola fields behind the house.

Artist Spotlight – Kristopher B. Meadows!

Supermania – “Figurinista De Cine Super…

06 February 2013

“Makeup and creature effects legend Stuart Freeborn has passed away at age 98, leaving a legacy of unforgettable contributions to film…”- read more here.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Yoda, which makes Stuart’s passing all the more sad for me.

Thank you Stuart Freeborn for all of your remarkable gifts! Our lives have been enriched because of you. You will be greatly missed here at CapedWonder™.com. Our sincerest condolences to Stuart’s family, friends and movie mates.

Stuart was also the creative supervisor of makeup & special visuals for Superman-The Movie, and worked on all four (yes, four) sequels. Below are photos of Stuart with Christopher Reeve taken in Gallup, New Mexico in June 1978.

Stuart Freeborn, “Star Wars” makeup artist, dies.

‘Star Wars’ Make-up Legend Stuart Freeborn Dies at 98.


04 February 2013

The exclusive CapedWonder™ ‘Christopher Reeve Superman Costumes’ page has been updated with valuable new information and photos. Check it out!

Superfans Alexei Lambley-Steel and Martin Lakin have collaborated to create custom EMPIRE magazine covers using CapedWonder™ imagery. Great job guys!

02 February 2013

These CapedWonder™ galleries have been updated – check them out!

Superman-The Donner Years — Behind-the-Scenes

Christopher Reeve Life & Career

Somewhere in Time

29 January 2013

Ramon Casares made this composite this morning using a Henry Cavill Superman pose and a New York City cityscape photo. The Cavill photo first appeared on the cover of EMPIRE magazine yesterday. Enjoy!

28 January 2013

One of my favorite studio portraits of Christopher Reeve taken just before his 32nd birthday in 1984.

Best of luck to Henry Cavill and the Man of Steel team!

26 January 2013

Supermania presents ‘Secret Origin’!

23 January 2013

How about a new high-quality T-shirt and hoodie in multiple colors with the new official CapedWonder™ mirror logo! Click here to see them, plus many more CapedWonder™ items!

Here’s a fantastic piece of artwork by a talent apparently only known as”epyon5″. The artist indicates that it will debut at C2E2 in April, so if you’re attending the show in Chicago you might want to check it out! Here’s the artist’s Etsy page where you can purchase prints of his other works. Enjoy!

22 January 2013

New Richard Donner Years behind-the-scenes photos – click here!

Roy Firestone remembers Christopher Reeve to his kids. Watch his very touching video and hear him speak his letter here.

21 January 2013

19 January 2013

Artist Des Taylor continues to amaze with his retro-cool portfolio of Super artwork that’s not to be missed! The first piece is in anticipation of next month’s Valentine’s Day and the second piece is inspired by Superman’s rescue of Frisky the Cat in Superman-The Movie. Count on seeing much more from this very busy and enthusiastic artist! Check out his website here.

Featured below are authentic Christopher Reeve autographs. His most common style are what I call the “rushed” versions where he shorted the length of “Christopher” and stacked his first and last name (here’s an example of where Chris had very little time to sign everyone’s papers, photos, etc., because of the circumstances).

Consider yourself Super fortunate if you have an autograph like the first six shown below where Chris had more of an opportunity to take his time and signed “Christopher” written out (nearly) completely.

Got an in-person Christopher Reeve autograph or one that’s be authenticated by a professional autograph authentication organization? Sent me a scan!

Artist Giovani Bellofatto from Argentina created this Christopher Reeve Superman image in Corel Draw and Photoshop.

I just learned today that Superman-The Movie‘s dialogue editor and Superman II‘s dubbing editor, Michael Hopkins, drowned in a rafting accident on December 31, 2012 in New Zealand. Mr. Hopkins had an amazing resume. He will be missed and CapedWonder™.com extends its most heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

BBC Radio presents Christopher Reeve on the Desert Island Discs series, recorded on April 7, 1984. I was quite pleased to learn that among Chris Reeve’s musical selections is a personal favorite of mine by Brian Eno entitled “An Ending (Ascent)” from ‘Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks‘, a brilliant piece that deserves to be listened to with full-size earphones without interruptions or distractions. It transcended me into another place the very first time I heard it, and it stops me dead in my tracks whenever it plays. Chris talks about “An Ending (Ascent)” at 28:47, where a portion of the track can be heard. Download the full track here.

Featuring a rare CapedWonder™ photo from the mugger scene rehearsals in Superman-The Movie shot in July 1977 in New York City. Notice that the actor portraying the mugger is not the one we see in the final movie. Inside the alley, by the way, was filmed many months later in the wintertime at Pinewood Studios.

One of many magical and rare photos from Lois and Superman’s interview flight in Superman-The Movie. From the CapedWonder™ Collection.

18 January 2013


A very special tribute to Christopher Reeve using Chris’ lifemask. Photography by Ramón Casares.

Here’s what Ramón has to say about this photo:

“Despite his spinal cord injury, Christopher Reeve never lost his good will, happiness and hope. He even had the power to inspire many people. He had the spirit to help others in his same situation. He was indeed, Golden Inside.”

Ian Rialdi has created yet another excellent art piece that really captures the “friend” essence of Superman as portrayed by Christopher Reeve; hence, the title of the piece – ‘A Friend’. You can see Ian’s huge Christopher Reeve art here.

17 January 2013

Aaron Price has created these great Superman movie Blu-ray covers. They feature custom mirrored logos that Aaron has created exclusively for CapedWonder™.com. Super thanks to Aaron for all of your efforts!

16 January 2013

“Superman is a big fish in a small pond. He’s Superman on Earth only because he’s in a different solar system. If he’d grown up on Krypton, if Krypton had not been destroyed, he might have been average — nothing special about him. That allowed me to underplay the character and make him quite casual.” — Christopher Reeve

Here’s some photos of interest…

Things We Saw Today: A Hero’s Daughter.

08 January 2013

Cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth takes a light reading from Christopher Reeve in Pinewood Studios, September 1977. From the CapedWonder™ Collection.

New 1920 x 1280 CapedWonder™ wallpaper!

07 January 2013

Featuring Kirk Alyn (movie serial’s ‘Superman’), Noel Neill (movie serial’s and television’s ‘Lois Lane’) and Kathy Painter (as ‘Lois Lane’) posing as the Lane family in Canada in August 1977 for Superman-The Movie.

Christopher Reeve guests stars in ‘A Step Toward Tomorrow’, released in 1996 and one of Chris’ first acting roles following his accident.

Here’s Christopher Reeve on The Mike Douglas Show on February 5, 1979.

This rare photo from the CapedWonder™ Collection has always been one of my favorites. It is from the Superman-The Movie cut footage of Superman walking through bullets, fire and ice on his way to Lex Luthor’s lair.

Here’s a makeup and costume test photo of Christopher Reeve as Superman on Shepperton Studios’ Fortress of Solitude set in May 1977.

06 January 2013

Supermania recently posted some wonderful Superman IV behind-the-scenes photos. Below are three. Click here, here and here to see them all!

Please enjoy this scan of an original, screen-used Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut newspaper prop. Three separate papers appear in the movie, as evidence by the three slightly different drawings by Lois Lane. The middle screenshot shows the actual paper featured here.

01 January 2013

Everyone here at CapedWonder™.com would like to extend their warmest and happiest of Holiday Wishes to each of you! We’ll be gone until early January 2013, so stay safe, be merry and enjoy sharing great times with your family and friends. And as always, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm. Plan on seeing more great stuff here in 2013, the Year of the Man of Steel!

Feel free to download this 1920 x 1280 CapedWonder™ New Year wallpaper!

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