29 June 2012

Action Costumes has been very busy creating a new Christopher Reeve life size Superman bust and “Bronze Edition” replica costume. Apparently they will soon be releasing a “Golden Edition” costume as well!

27 June 2012

36 years ago today, Richard Donner’s The Omen premiered in theaters. This is the movie that ultimately impressed the Salkinds and secured Donner the position of Director of Superman-The Movie. Watch the Omen trailer below.

19 June 2012

Today is the 31st Anniversary of Superman II‘s release in U.S. and Canada theaters! Did you see Superman II on the big screen?

27 May 2012

On the this day in 1995, Christopher Reeve suffered a devastating horse-riding accident. Hearing of his accident on television, I was completely floored and very upset, but in the days and months that followed, I knew in my heart that Chris would not be content with sitting in a wheelchair waiting for somebody else to take action. HE took action, and made a tremendous, positive and permanent impact on millions of disabled and able-bodied people around the world; he did it so eloquently with dignity, hope, courage, determination, compassion and humor. He changed my life forever. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him fondly; I always try to focus on Chris’ smile in my mind. He was a one-of-a-kind and rare gem. Knowing Christopher Reeve was a complete honor and privilege. I miss my friend terribly.

Please visit the ‘Tribute to a Hero’, ‘Tribute Gallery’ and ‘Tribute Letters’.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. As you know, it figured prominently in Superman-The Movie. It is an amazing engineering feat and really fun to photograph.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary.
PBS News Hour.
Google search photo gallery.

19 May 2012

Here’s a new unreleased photo of 25-year-old Christopher Reeve as Superman taking a break on the Superman-The Movie Lex Luthor set in Pinewood Studios, September 1977.

Reeve’s standards and work ethic were undeniably high.‘Spider-Man’ flashback: Nicholas Hammond, reeling in the years.

A bit of trivia: Ellen Bry portrayed Julie Masters in the second season of this Spider-Man TV show. She was Margot Kidder’s stuntwoman in the fruit stand crash outside of the Daily Planet front entrance in Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

16 May 2012 [UPDATED]


Yesterday evening I spoke with one of my Warner Bros. contacts about Gerard Christopher’s Superboy TV series seasons 2-4.

There was a belief for many years that the series’ original film elements had been destroyed, however, that is apparently not the case. Today I am pleased to report that one of Warner Bros.’ vice presidents (who is a very energetic and passionate Superman/boy fan) has confirmed that the film elements are actually sitting in the Warner Bros. vaults. He is apparently well aware of the huge fan base that is eager to see these remaining three seasons released on video, and is pushing hard to get them released as soon as possible. Like you, he wants to see the project get done and done right.

TVSHOWSONDVD.COM also spoke with their WB contact about the Superboy series and were told that “it is being evaluated” for release via the Warner Archive manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program. “However, it is not at all confirmed.” Click here to read more on their site.

As a side note, the first season DVD episodes (starring John Haymes Newton in the title role) were 480i resolution/4:3 aspect ratio copies of the Sony D-2 cassette video masters. Warner Bros. told me that if the Superboy project moves forward, the film elements would likely be transferred in 2K in the original 4:3 aspect ratio, which will produce a superior quality picture over tape transfers.

So there you have it Folks. Will Gerard Christopher’s Superboy fly again? Time will tell. Odds seem to be in our favor considering that the film elements exist, there’s discussion about the series at the senior executive level of management at Warner Bros., and Man of Steel‘s release in theaters and Superman’s 75th birthday are next summer. Of course, there are never any guarantees in the movie business, so we’ll have to remain patient and keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see something in the near future.

Here’s more information about the Warner Archive manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program:
For about $20 per purchase, Warner Archive allows consumers to special order titles that are burned to discs and delivered in DVD cases with original artwork. Although titles in the initial effort were somewhat stripped-down, the technology for manufacture-on-demand (MOD) has improved to the point where the company can now use DVD-9s. The perfected dual-layer discs will allow Warner to release more classic TV series through manufacture-on-demand as well as provide extra features. Now that Warner Archive can use dual-layer discs, the studio plans to release one or two classic TV series through its site every month. Warner Bros. was one of ABC’s prime suppliers in the late ‘50s and ‘60s, and some of those series should make their way to Warner Archive soon. Warner has a 6,800-title library, of which fewer than 2,000 have been released on DVD — so there’s no shortage of product available for Warner Archive.

Visit the Warner Archives website here or here. Their Facebook page is here.

Stay tuned for updates!

Please enjoy this gallery of unreleased behind-the-scenes photos from Superboy!

Be sure to visit Sam Rizzo’s Superboy Homepage and Rennie Cowan’s Superboy Theater to stay abreast of all things related to the Superboy TV series! Keep up the great work Sam and Rennie!

14 May 2012

18 years ago today – May 14, 1994 – Christopher Reeve attended his only movie/sci-fi convention in the U.S. – The Atlanta Dixie Trek Convention. He was joined by the Original Lois Lane, Noel Neill. It was an amazing event! Chris gave a rousing 90-minute question-and-answer session, signed many autographs and posed for many photos that day! Click here to visit the exclusive CapedWonder™ page with more photos, videos and articles! Special thanks to Ron Nastrom who made it all happen!

10 May 2012

Glamour magazine has created a PDF file exclusively for CapedWonder™.com of their June 2012 article by Christopher Reeve’s daughter, Alexandra Reeve. The printed edition is now available at a newsstand near you right now. Enjoy!

07 May 2012

See more Seultron videos here.

Here’s a 1977/2011 comparison of the Superman-The Movie cemetery location in the Drumheller area of Alberta, Canada. You’ll notice the two wood grain elevators in the valley below the cemetery in the two movie Blu-ray screenshots (the valley is located in Beynon, which is on the Canadian National Railway line about 12 miles or so from Drumheller). The top photo features cardboard miniatures by Jim Pearson of the two elevators. The white United Grain Growers elevator and the tall annex were moved out of the valley to a new location north of Beynon, and the green Alberta Wheat Pool elevator was torn down. The fourth panoramic photo illustrates what the location may have looked like today with the grain elevators intact, and the bottom panoramic photo is how the location actually looks (panoramics by Jim Bowers).

05 May 2012

Here are two new images for your enjoyment. Art and photographer are unknown – both reserve their respective copyrights.

02 May 2012

Look at the date on the clapper board – 2nd May 1977 – 35 years ago today this make-up test was shot of Christopher Reeve!

01 May 2012

Today is Glenn Ford’s birthday! He was born in 1916, one year before the Kent farm was built in Canada. Mr. Ford passed away on August 30, 2006.

28 April 2012

Have you ever watched the cut scenes in the Superman IV DVD and Blu-ray releases? There’s some interesting footage there for sure. Would it have made the movie a better experience? Perhaps in some instances. This is a photo from one of those cut scenes where Superman flies to Jeremy’s school to take the boy on a trip around the world. You hardcore Superman movies fans know the entire story. Enjoy! (The child extras did a nice job looking happy and excited to see Superman in this scene.)

Win A Replica Christopher Reeve Superman Tie!

26 April 2012

Some of you long-time visitors may remember seeing this super rare photo before, but it wasn’t the quality you see here today! This is a completely new scan and restoration using the brand new Photoshop CS6 beta software. Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner are on the streets of New York City talking with the press while on break from filming Clark’s first day at the Daily Planet in Superman-The Movie, shot in July 1977. Enjoy!

25 April 2012

Check out the awesome Superman II on! Thanks to Steve Younis for the alert!

Derek Meddings’ miniature work for TV and movies was second to none. Look at his Golden Gate Bridge miniature for Superman-The Movie. The top is a behind-the-scenes photo of the miniature, including a miniature Superman flying up to the bus; and the bottom shows how it appeared in the movie. Looks as though Derek used a few different buses and Supermen since they vary a bit between the two photos.

Here’s an unreleased photo of Superman Producer Ilya Salkind in New York City in July 1977 during the filming of Ned Beatty in Grand Central Station for Superman-The Movie.

24 April 2012

Happy 82nd Birthday to Richard Donner!

Everyone here at CapedWonder™.com wishes the very best for you today and for many more years to come!

21 April 2012

Here’s a partially-restored unreleased photo taken on the Shepperton Studios Fortress of Solitude set of the Richard Donner cast and crew filming scenes for his Superman sequel (May 1977). Enjoy!

Superfan Dino Last e-mailed me this great photo: “This is me yesterday at the WB [Warner Bros.] studios Harry Potter set tour in Leavesden [England], eating at the WB restaurant. As you can see I got the best seat going.”

Dino said that the tour staff told him that if the Harry Potter tour is a success, they plan to include other films in a new tour in the future, so it’s reasonable to assume that the most iconic ones like the Dark Knight, and Superman will be considered.

Thanks Dino for sharing the photo and information! Visit the tour website here, and the studio’s website here.

18 April 2012

Here is a CapedWonder™.com exclusive premiere – Selutron’s COMPLETE Opening to his vision of Superman II:

From Selutron:

I went back and finished off the intro, changing one or two things and adding a recap. I know some people who are very familiar with the movies may think its a bit long, but I think a general audience would need to get into the movie this way (that’s what I always tried to keep in mind making these things), plus lots and lots of action and Supes at the start balances off the lack of Supes or Sup action for a big chunk of SII thereafter in both Donner’s and Lester’s versions. It’s like bang and then you want a breather. There’s a slight tribute to Mank in there: Chris Reeve’s opening line being essentially the same as Brando’s in the first movie (“this is no fantasy”).

Why the post time travel? Lois’ line about having been through an earthquake doesn’t appear to make sense otherwise. If Supes travels back in time and stops the missiles then what is Lois talking about? What earthquake? What caused it? So the idea was to have some fun trying to come up with an explanation for that – one missile went off very quickly, the other a lot later. In Superman’s second go, he goes after the other one first but it still goes off and causes a small earthquake.

Why the extended clip thereafter? The main reason is that the next time we see Lois and Clark, Lois is jumping out of a window convinced she knows Clark is Superman. It seemed a bit out of the blue, so the hope is that showing a hint of Lois’ burgeoning suspicion keys the audience in a little earlier. When she says, “wait a minute, wait a minute” – that’s the key to the later scene at the Daily Planet. And the, “who knows, maybe he’ll get lucky” is something of an omen. The Lois/Superman relationship we’re about to see won’t be that lucky for the rest of us earthlings. Plus, the joke about Superman saying, “I’ve been a little busy”.

The hope would be not how this intro plays by itself, but in terms of setting up the movie: Son disobeys father because he can’t live without one human and that disobedience leads to the release of the villains – and Lois thinks she knows something…and, as mentioned, deliberately exhaust the audience a little in terms of action, so now they want a breather and are ready to watch a Lois/Clark love story develop and the slow buildup of the Zod and Lex stuff.

If you have comments or questions for Selutron, free to post them at the bottom of this page.

16 April 2012

Remember opening your TOPPS Superman II gum cards and seeing these two photos (see the first two images below)? Did you think to yourself, “Where did those scenes appear in the movie?” Well, they didn’t! At least, not in the theatrical cut; they first appeared on film in 2006 with the release of the Donner Cut. You photo collectors may remember the larger photos shown below while hunting at shows, etc. I just restored the last photo with the contact sheet strip from the CapedWonder™ Collection (Thanks Matt Derby for the larger headshot!); none of the headshots shown on the contact sheet strip were ever released except for the featured one. Interesting that Warner Bros.’ marketing department didn’t realize that they were looking at photos from scenes that Richard Lester never used for his cut of the movie, and so the photos were released as part of the whole promotional campaign. Enjoy!

15 April 2012

Here’s some unique artwork by graphic designer Aurélie Scour. Can you identify some of the Superman movie quotes? Right click on the larger photo to save to your desktop, then you can zoom in on the quotes with your favorite image viewer.

14 April 2012

Check out these ultra-rare behind-the-scenes photos of Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, stuntman and stunt coordinator Paul Weston and a crew member practicing their landing for the last scene with Superman and Gus in Superman III. You can easily see how the wire harnesses are constructed. Notice that Chris and Richard are wearing two different styles of harnesses. Yes, it was very dangerous flying on wires, and Chris Reeve made it look so real. He told me that the hours of wire flying gave him a herniated disk. Be sure to click here to see the entire gallery.

13 April 2012

One of the many treasures in the CapedWonder™ Collection is a first generation large format internegative from one of the original studio negatives of the famous Superman-The Movie promotional “shirt rip” photo series (also featured on the cover of the Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut release) – see a portion of the costume with the un-cropped photo inset below.

I scanned the interpositive on a drum scanner and spent the last two hours restoring the photo. It was interesting to study the fabric used in this totally unique costume; you can easily see the fabric pattern (which doesn’t appear to be the bridal weight spandex used in the screen-worn costumes) and the ‘S’ shield appears to have been either painted or silk screened onto the blue tunic. The shield also has a black outline similar to the shields seen on the two Reeve audition costumes (see the next posting below).

Note that the un-cropped inset photo is different from this one used in Variety. Click here to see the comparison. Variety is on top (it was also printed a bit warmer than the version below it).

By the way, the model in this “shirt rip” photo is not Christopher Reeve; he is an unknown with a mustache.

These two photos feature Christopher Reeve wearing two different audition costumes. The left one was worn first during his Superman audition, and the right one was worn second during the Lois Lane auditions. Neither cape had a yellow ‘S’. Where are these costumes today? One can only imagine.

Enjoy this commissioned piece by DC Comics artist Stephane Roux.

05 April 2012

Are you looking forward to the Avengers movie? Below are promotional images of Thor and Superman. Well, look at that – two red capes, two fist poses and stuntman Vic Armstrong worked on both Thor and Superman-The Movie!

Selutron has recently sent CapedWonder™.com an exclusive update and high resolution files of his video clips. One clip is featured below. Click here to go to the Selutron page.

04 April 2012

Hi Folks! A reminder that our Facebook page often has great material that you may not see here, so we welcome you to join us there. We have great interaction and learn something new from each other nearly everyday! Click here to join the official CapedWonder™ Facebook page!

Animated Views has posted their own review of the Superman The Motion Picture Anthology blu-ray set. Click here to check it out!

Watch for the Superman movie part here:

Another unreleased photo of Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve from Superman-The Movie, courtesy of Superfan Martin Lakin! (check Martin’s site later if it’s not up at the moment. It has some awesome Super material that you won’t want to miss.)

Click here to see more unreleased photos from the Superman interview.

Here’s an unreleased behind-the-scenes photo of the mugger (actor Weston Gavin) in Superman-The Movie, filmed at Pinewood Studios, England. Interesting that he is plugging his ear with a finger from his free hand as he fires the handgun with his other hand. As an expert marksman with handguns, I can tell you that this is not the way it’s done! The fact that the bullet even came close to either Lois or Clark is amazing. Did you actually see him with his finger in his ear in the movie? Take a look next time you’re watching the movie.

There were actually two actors who portrayed this mugger in the movie. The first actor is unseen except for his handgun in one hand and his other hand gesturing Lois and Clark to come in the alley (filmed in New York City), and the second actor is Westin Gavin (filmed in England). I have photos of the unseen NYC mugger that I will post here later.

Click here to see more unreleased photos from the mugger scene.

01 April 2012

Here’s more great art from Christopher Hack. Be sure to visit his website to see more Superman pieces!

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