To You…

Dear Friends,

Like Sandman Writer Neil Gaiman, I’ve decided to step away from all social media for AT LEAST six months. While I thoroughly enjoy engaging with each of you (Facebook is my main social place of choice), I need to create more “me” time.

Two trusted friends are currently administering the CapedWonder Facebook group. Join today by clicking here!

I will be doing page content and design updates throughout the year (new posts will be infrequent for awhile).

Much of 2014 will be spent with my family traveling and moving; concurrently, my focus and attention will be on overcoming some health issues and making important lifestyle changes. Ultimately, I’ll be happier, more SUPER guy!

I appreciate your support. I wish you well. I wish you happiness.

Stay Super,

J i m B o w e r s

06 January 2013

New addition to the CapedWonder Collection – A Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman figure wearing a CUSTOM-MADE costume tunic (with a fabric ‘S’ shield sewn INTO the tunic as seen on Christopher Reeve’s actual costume), leggings and cape.

This was a personal project between and Super Costumes and is not for sale.

Photography by Ramón Casares (see his photo below holding a 16×24 CapedWonder vivid metal print).

Click here to see more Hot Toys photos.

Aaron Smolinski will be one of the guests at SNOWFLAKE 15 on Sunday, February 2, 2014. Click here for more information.

01 January 2013

Happy New Year! I hope that 2014 is a very prosperous, productive and satisfying year for each of you!

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