29 December 2011

Aaron Smolinski (baby Superman), his wife and two young children were in an automobile accident last night. They hit some ice and fishtailed their SUV at Big Bear Mountain in California and went down a mountain and flipped over. Aaron busted out the back window and rescued his family! They are all doing just fine! Please leave your well wishes at the bottom of Aaron’s page here.


22 December 2011

Check out this rare find below of Christopher Reeve advertising J.C. Penny dress shirts in 1974, three years before being cast as Superman and Clark Kent.


15 December 2011

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of Superman-The Movie in U.S. theaters! Thank you Christopher Reeve, Tom Mankiewicz, Richard Donner, and the superb cast and crew who created Pure Magic on the silver screen and Made Us Believe! We will Always Believe!

14 December 2011

December 14, 1978 was Superman-The Movie‘s West Coast Hollywood premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theater. Many stars showed up at this stellar event! Enjoy the photos below!


December 13, 1978 was Superman-The Movie‘s Boston, Massachusetts premiere.

“…this tribute to the late actor also has a nostalgic factor that will tug at the heartstrings of any child who grew up with this version of the Man of Steel.” The Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman figure is voted #1 on the annual Top Ten Toy List at MTV Geek! Read more here.

11 December 2011

December 11, 1978 was Superman-The Movie‘s New York City premiere at Loews Astor Plaza Theater in Manhattan. The movie was presented in 70mm and ran for 16 weeks! The plaza theater has since closed.

Here are three links about the theater:

Cinema Treasures.

New York Architecture Images- Astor Plaza.

Coming Soon: The End.

Featured below is “A Friend – Christopher Reeve”, an unused CapedWonder™.com homepage image from a few years ago originally created by Ramon Casares. This evening I added Ramon’s S shield that Superman is leaning on and made some additional tweaks. Thanks Ramon for the great image! Also featured below is a charming unreleased photo from the CapedWonder™ Collection of Christopher Reeve, Richard Donner and David Tomblin on the Superman-The Movie Daily Planet set in Pinewood Studios, June 1977.


10 December 2011

Featured below is a photo of Christopher Reeve and former President Jimmy Carter on December 10, 1978 at the Presidential Premiere of Superman-The Movie at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. This premiere and the other U.S. Superman movie premieres (including ones for Superman II and Superman III ) benefited the Special Olympics. Tickets for this premiere were priced at $1,000 for a party at the home of Sargeant Shriver, reception at the Japanese Embassy and dinner at the Kennedy Center screening; $500 with no reception invitation; and $125 for the dinner and screening. That is Phyllis George, former Miss America, and Ted Ashley, co-Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. from 1969 to 1980, standing between them. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, can be partially seen on the far right.

More photos from this premiere and the premieres that followed in December 1978 can be seen in “Movie Premieres” towards the bottom of this gallery.

“In response to your [Jim Bowers'] question asking if Chris Reeve had a connection with the Special Olympics, the answer is yes, absolutely. He was very much involved and was wonderfully warm and giving to the children, and his real true greatness was then already totally obvious. His bond with the children was so extraordinary that it just confirmed everything else that told me why he was the only man that could play Superman and be a Super man. It was as if he made the children feel as though they were not handicapped and at ease.” — Ilya Salkind.

Here are various links of interest about the Superman-Movie Presidential Premiere and the Special Olympics:

Jimmy Carter’s December 10, 1978 itinerary. Notice on page 2 that “Eizenhower” is the incorrect spelling – it should be “Eisenhower”.

A virtual tour of the Eisenhower Theater in the Kennedy Center where the Superman-The Movie Presidential Premiere was shown.

November 24, 1978 Toledo Blade newspaper clipping about the Superman-The Movie Presidential Premiere that benefited the Special Olympics.

Warner World – a the marketing campaign brochure for Superman-The Movie. The section “SUPERMAN Opens December 15″ talks about the various premieres.

Christopher Reeve: Male Role Model.

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver Story.


07 December 2011

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My grandparents, mother and aunt were there on that tragic day, and all survived. Thank you Grandpa, Major General Samuel E. Gee, for your dedication to protecting this great country and for being an amazing man in my life. I think of you every day and miss you greatly.

New Superman-The Movie previously unreleased photos from the CapedWonder™ Collection, featuring two from the Lex Luthor set in Pinewood Studios, September 1977, and the Air Force One wing where Superman replaces the missing engine and saves the plane. Notice the stand-in wearing the cape for lighting set ups in photo #2.

Remember this color photo (first photo below) of Christopher Reeve as Superman on the cover of the The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection 2006 DVD box set? It came from an unreleased B&W photo (second photo – left side) from the CapedWonder™ Collection and was colorized by the Warner Home Video team. I opened WHV’s color source file yesterday and changed the settings a bit from the final version printed on the box (second photo – right side). Enjoy!


02 December 2011

Super Fan and regular CapedWonder™ contributor Aaron Price transformed this excellent Superman II Thailand poster into an English version. That’s mighty fine work, Aaron, thanks!


01 December 2011

Please enjoy this new holiday wallpaper!


28 November 2011

Yesterday, November 27th, was the 26th anniversary of the release of Santa Claus-The Movie, produced by Superman’s Alexander & Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler. Below is artist Bob Peak’s fantastic one-sheet movie poster art, once again featuring his signature light rays. As you know, Bob also painted the classic Superman-The Movie one-sheet poster art. The movie was directed by Jaws 2, Somewhere in Time and Supergirl’s director, Jeannot Szwarc, written by Superman’s David & Leslie Newman, and starred one of Christopher Reeve’s friends (and one of my favorite actors), John Lithgow. The movie’s flying effects team utilized Superman’s ZOPTIC system. Read more about John Lithgow’s friendship with Christopher Reeve and his support of Chris’ cause here.


26 November 2011

Yesterday, Mondo released a very limited run of JC Richard’s Fortress of Solitude panoramic poster shown below. It sold out in minutes. There are many on eBay if you really want one for your collection. Read more about the poster here.


25 November 2011

Happy 91st Birthday to the Original Lois Lane – Noel Neill!

Download the Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut third trailer.

Here’s a great art piece by “cihanunalan82″.


24 November 2011

Since CapedWonder™ v.2.0 launched this past April, many fans have written to me stating that they enjoy the ability to easily click from photo to photo without having to close each photo before being able to view others. Conversely, other fans have expressed concern that the gallery photos are smaller than they were in the past. While this may be true for select photos, the vast majority have remained the same size. The difference is that now all of the photos “pop up” inside a floating box and have “next” and “prev” buttons to click from one photo to the next. If the photo is larger than your monitor resolution then the floating box automatically resizes the photo to fill the screen. Take a look at this screenshot of an opened wallpaper. Notice that you can read both the actual size of the photo and the resized version (see the red circled copy with the red arrow in the screenshot). Try it – click on any thumbnail, right click on the photo inside the floating box and choose “view image info” (in Mozilla for PC – other browsers may vary). From there, right click on the photo again and save the photo to your computer desktop, close your browser, and then open the photo to enjoy the actual size that I uploaded. I hope this explanation clarifies any confusion.

Did you know that artist Neal Adams drew his own interpretation of Jor-el and baby Kal-el from Superman-The Movie in 1978 as part of the Superhero Art Club Portfolio? Well, here it is. I own #66 of 1000. It measures 20″x17″ and has an original Neal Adams autograph. Read more about the portfolio here.


23 November 2011

Here’s wishing you a Fantastic, Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! We have much to be thankful for!

Take a look at the image below – Christopher Reeve appeared on Sesame Street and his Hollywood Star is next to Big Bird’s!


21 November 2011

Bill Brodie was one of Superman-The Movie‘s art directors. Fortunately, the CapedWonder™ Collection contains many of Bill’s original camera negatives from his scouting trips throughout Canada, Mexico and Montana. While studying the negatives with a lupe and light table last night, I discovered that Hungry Horse Dam in Montana was considered before Hoover Dam for the movie’s earthquake sequence. Hungry Horse Dam is also a very impressive structure, being lower, but wider, than Hoover Dam. Click here for more information about Hungry Horse Dam. Why did Hoover Dam ultimately win out? I have no idea…yet. Stay tuned for scans of the scouting trips sometime next year.

“My dear friend Christopher Reeve was already a star when he suffered his spinal cord injury. But how he responded to his accident made him a hero.” — Robin Williams. Donate today!


20 November 2011

Read the newest must-read addition to the Superman CINEMA Archives – A Conversation with Michael Thau.


17 November 2011

A new holiday wallpaper and art wallpaper, both 1600×1200 and created by CapedWonder™.com’s own graphic design partner, Ramon Casares! Enjoy!



16 November 2011

The Hot Toys Christopher Reeve Superman figure is truly exceptional! Congratulations Hot Toys! It is obviously a SUPER BIG hit with collectors considering the plethora of new photos that appear almost daily on-line. Here is the first photo that I’m happy with, shot this morning in my studio. The figure is featured against a framed Superman-The Movie insert poster from Superman-the Movie, and lit with multiple warm and cool light sources. It will be fun to do a lot more photography of this piece down the road. Visit the CapedWonder™ Super Statues and Figure page.


15 November 2011

“Dick [Donner] has a rare quality of being able to instill in the actors a sense of fun and a sense of ‘This is your project. This is yours. Let’s see what you can do, let’s open it up, let’s perform, let’s have fun.’ But Dick’s strong personality and sense of fun and love not only for the project but for the actors makes working for him a pleasure.” – Gene Hackman


11 November 2011

Happy Veteran’s Day! Here are two patriotic wallpapers. The version with Superman saluting was made by Ramon Casares. That is actually my arm saluting added to a Christopher Reeve photo by set photographer Bob Penn.


“If only for one magic moment, everyone wants to be SUPERMAN.” Take a look at the Superman Movie Program UK Edition.

Because of the nature of the World Wide Web and some unsavory people’s decisions to freely take, and essentially “steal”, photos from websites, and artists and photographers, we have made it a practice to incorporate a “hidden” watermark into every photo from the CapedWonder™ Collection that is featured on this website. Bottom line is that we always know when a photo originated from here if we happen to see it on another site, or for sale as a print on eBay or at a convention — cropping in or using Photoshop to remove the visible CW logo watermark won’t prevent us from knowing. To those fans who have helped us police CapedWonder™ imagery…thank you!


10 November 2011

A New Sky Movies Christmas commercial. Watch for Perry White and Clark Kent.

08 November 2011

Here’s your opportunity to own a Christopher Reeve Clark Kent tie replica as seen in Superman-The Movie! Head on over to www.christopherreeve.co.uk for all of the information and see photos of the tie shot by yours truly.


07 November 2011

New Images!


Download the PDF file of Film Making Magazine’s “How they Made Superman Fly” article, featuring Zorin Perisic’s ZOPTIC process.


06 November 2011

Over 100 screenshots have been added to artist Francesco Accattatis’ “Remember Christopher Reeve” in 3D page. Check them out and watch his amazing tribute video!

The CapedWonder™ Legal and General Information page has been updated. Please note that I do not accept Facebook friend requests from people I do not know. I recommend clicking “Like” on the official CapedWonder™ Facebook page or using the CapedWonder™.com Contact page to correspond with me. I also welcome you to post a message at the bottom of any page on this website. Thanks!


03 November 2011

“75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking” book launch party coverage.

The Frahmes Meet Christopher Reeve at “Fifth of July”.

Steve Younis, Editor of Superman Homepage, was instrumental in helping me get CapedWonder™.com’s galleries up and running smoothly during its infancy. For that, Steve, I will always be grateful. Steve has just launched a new on-line Superman store, which is not affiliated with the Metropolis Super Museum. As Steve wrote: “This [new] store is an Amazon.com store and only sells items available through Amazon.com and their affiliated businesses.” Click on the banner in the right hand column of this page to visit the store.


02 November 2011

Today, November 2, 2011, is the fifth anniversary of the world premiere screening of Richard Donner’s Superman II at the Director’s Guild of America in Hollywood. Click on the banner below to read more and see updated photos.

world premiere screening of Richard Donner’s Superman II.


01 November 2011

Superman Cinema recently closed its doors after many years. It was an invaluable resource for all things Superman movie-related. But that’s not the end of story because there’s great news! CapedWonder™.com is thrilled to announce that it is now home to the “Superman CINEMA Archives”. A SUPER BIG thanks to Dharmesh Chauhan, Creator and Editor of the incredible Superman Cinema website, for agreeing to have this website host his updated “best of” content. Go there now!

Here’s a great new exclusive article by Seby! Don’t miss it!


27 October 2011

This month in the Superman-The Movie timeline (October):

Mario Puzo turns in his second draft of the script (first draft was July 8th of the same year), and Robert Benton and David and Leslie Newman are hired to do re-writes.

Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Valerie Perrine and Ned Beatty film the prison scenes for Superman-The Movie and Superman II.
Valerie Perrine, Gene Hackman, Terence Stamp, Jack O’Halloran, Sarah Douglas, Jeffrey East, Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve film the exteriors of the Fortress of Solitude on the ’007 Stage’ at Pinewood Studios for Superman-The Movie and Superman II .
Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder film the Don’s Diner scenes for Superman II.
Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder begin filming the Lois Lane apartment balcony scenes on stage ‘M’ at Pinewood Studios.
Filming the helicopter crash continues on the Pinewood Studios lot.
The decision by Richard Lester to halt on filming any further scenes for Superman II until main unit shooting for Superman-The Movie goes into effect (the decision was made in August of the same year while in Canada).
The moon scenes for Superman II were shot at Pinewood Studios.
Filming the Golden Gate miniature on the Pinewood Studios backlot is postponed until the weather clears.
A 30-minute promotional reel of the film is viewed by Warner Bros. executives at Pinewood Studios’ theatre #7.
End of production reception (Friday, October 28th).

Cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth dies at age 64, less than two months before the movie’s premiere (October 28th).

HBO premieres the theatrical version of Superman-The Movie.

Thanks to Alex Serpa for assembling this timeline.


25 October 2011

“It is now part of American culture, of film culture, and it will be remembered so fondly. Donner just captured that mood, the right atmosphere and tone, and he made everybody want to believe in this, not just making a movie, but believing in Superman.” – Stuart Baird (Editor, Superman-The Movie)


19 October 2011

CapedWonder™ .com salutes stuntman Roy Alon (1942-2006). He performed the motorcycle crash on the Golden Gate Bridge in the extended cut of Superman-The Movie (see the stunt performed in the Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut trailer three posted below), and was saved from drowning in his own car by Superman in Superman III.

Read these two articles about Roy:
Article One
Article Two

Click here to download the Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut trailer three!

The fan-created Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut DVD set is being released on September 25, 2012. For more information on the restoration click here.

17 October 2011

Happy Birthday Margot Kidder and Jerry Siegel! Here’s Margot over 33 years ago taking a break from filming the J&S Moss gas station explosion scene in Superman-The Movie (you can see the J&S Moss sign in the background). This continuity Polaroid is from the CapedWonder™ Collection.


16 October 2011

“It was in a way, the easiest character I’ve ever done, I guess because Donner saw the goofy parts of me and threw those into the mix. I guess I was just so bad and lazy…it wasn’t very complicated. It is so thrilling to know at this age that everyone loved Lois, and I thought she was great, and I go, ‘Wow, how did I do that?’ That’s kind of amazing. What that was, was true collaboration and truly having a director who guided the ship into the harbor.” – Margot Kidder (excerpt from “You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman” 2006 documentary)


11 October 2011

Richard Martin has created an amazing custom Christopher Reeve Superman statue. Read and see the photos here (be sure to scroll down the page).

Hot Toys’ Christopher Reeve Superman had a new head sculpt and box! Read and see more here.

New Images from the past ten days…


10 October 2011

Our Hero and Friend, Christopher Reeve, passed away seven years ago today. He was an amazing man and a shining example of Courage, Strength, Determination and Hope. I miss him every day. The star memorial photos below were shot in October 2004 by David Blanchard. Thank you, David.



28 September 2011

A video from this past summer worth reposting — ‘Superman’: Richard Donner on Christopher Reeve’s daredevil spirit.


27 September 2011

“What’s Online About Christopher and Dana Reeve” — an extensive list from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Click here and take a look!

Featuring Gerard Sison’s ‘STM Ultimate Cast of Characters’ poster!


From Gerard:
“Back in the 80′s, I came upon a box of 4 x 5 B&W large film format negatives and prints from Superman-The Movie featuring solos of nearly every cast member. I was inspired to sketch them using oil pastels on a large roll of paper. Abandoning the project, I resumed compositing them using Photoshop and came up with a B&W version except for Superman, which I colorized. That version had no Lanes or young Clarks and Kal. I think I put it on eBay and Jim Bowers got a silver print. I mentioned plans of putting every major character but realized that there were no good stills of several that would match the serious/somber look on everyone’s faces. With Jim bugging me when he saw my other composites, I got screen captures of Lara, the Kents, the Lanes, Baby Kal-el, Baby Clark, Young Clark, and Perry, removed the color, then colorized them again to match the others and redrew them Drew Struzan style. Even had to wipe the smile off Jimmy. The composition was crucial, but I was rather pleased with the final results. It uses a Leonardo da Vinci pyramid form, and the layout is divisible by threes, as in the Last Supper: the three characters in front, the three girls behind Superman, the three villains on either side, the three Planet Staff, the three elders, the Kents and so on. And save for Jor-El, the upper characters alternate with women. Finally I “super”-imposed the composition into Bob Peak’s iconic teaser poster, and put all the cast names below thus completing the Ultimate Superman-The Movie Cast of Characters Poster.”

Superman celebrities, Jack O’Halloran, Sarah Douglas, Jeff East and Aaron Smolinski really love this piece, and I’m sure many fans do as well.

Fantastic work Gerard! Thanks for sharing!


26 September 2011

Kuhn Global over at Modelermagic.com posted some CapedWonder™ Krypton filmed miniature shots back in July. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for a Major Announcement in the next few weeks!


25 September 2011

Christopher D’Olier Reeve was born in New York City on September 25, 1952…59 years ago today.

CapedWonder™.com commemorates the birth of this amazing man by featuring exclusive imagery by artist, photographer and friend, Ramón Casares. Thank you so very much, Ramón, for your incredible, uplifting and inspirational imagery.


“Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my dad. But I take comfort in knowing that his spirit lives on in the work of the Reeve Foundation and in your caring and committed support for our mission.” – Matthew Reeve. Please donate whatever you can to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Thank you, Seby Ravi, for this wonderful Jose Garcia-Lopez art tribute to Chris Reeve.


22 September 2011

Meddings’ Miniature Magic…

See more Meddings’ Magic here.


20 September 2011

“As it stands as of this writing, ‘Superman’ has been pushed back from its announced June 11th premiere to sometime later in the year – perhaps as late as Christmas 1978, to take advantage of the usual season trade. The effects, as one might expect, have proven to be a major time consumer, and soundtrack composer John Williams’ projected March sessions with the London Symphony Orchestra have been postponed awaiting a final cut.” – Fantastic Films Magazine (June 1978)


19 September 2011

New and improved images, including exclusive from the CapedWonder™Collection – One-of-a-kind (un-retouched) Richard Donner Years Superman Continuity Polaroids featuring Superman-The Movie scenes shot in the Canadian Rockies in July and August 1977.


15 September 2011

The End of FSM: Countdown to 250 CDs.

I inquired with Superman-The Music producer Mike Matessino today about the future of the Superman set and here’s what he had to say:

“The FSM catalog will remain available through Screen Archives with no change even after the label comes to an end. Anything that sells out and/or reaches the end of its licensing period can then be relicensed by another label. And as Lukas is involved with Warner Bros. on brokering soundtrack licenses, I’m sure he’d see that Superman remained available either as a reissue of the box set and/or reconstituted as standalone titles, etc. For now there are plenty of sets at SAE to meet the demand. There could be a spike when the 35/75/100 anniversaries come around in a couple of years, so we’ll see what happens then.”

I recommend picking up a copy of Superman-The Music today to insure that you’ll have this superb box set in your collection. Order it here.


06 September 2011

“Hey Jim,

I must say that this is the best web site ever dedicated to the life and works of Christopher Reeve. Growing up in the late 1970′s and into the 80′s, Mr. Reeve has always been a favorite of mine. There will never be a greater Superman than Reeve.

I have been a Superman fan all of my life. My friends would say that I go a bit overboard, but I don’t mind. Although Chris has played many different roles in his career, it’s Superman that will live forever in my heart. You really believed that Superman existed as a real person when you saw Reeve at his best.

I try everyday to live the Superman princible of honesty, truth, fairness, and a sense of public service. I just wish that there was something I could do to show dedication to the Superman family. I don’t have a lot of money to donate, I struggle everyday with finances. Chris has touched my life ever since I was 5yrs. old. Being apart of the Superman family would be a dream come true.

I got wind of the new Man of Steel movie set for 2013, and I must say that I am excited and passionate about seeing this film and give the cast and crew all the best in filming. I’m sure if Chris were here today, he too would be excited.

I am just a regular guy who was lucky enough to be apart of the Reeve generation and want to show my appreciation some how….. Keep up the good work on keeping Chris alive in our hearts.

Thanks for giving us a special gift of Reeve’s legacy.

With Love and Respect,



05 September 2011

Today is Stuart Freeborn’s 97th birthday! Happy Birthday Stuart! Thank you for your amazing talent and contributions to some of the most imaginative and magical films ever created!


31 August 2011

CapedWonder™.com and all its fans wish the entire cast and crew of ‘Man of Steel’ a smooth, successful, and fulfilling shoot!

Special thanks to Ramón Casares for creating this image exclusively for CapedWonder™.com!


21 August 2011

Included below are exclusive from the CapedWonder™Collection – One-of-a-kind (un-retouched) Richard Donner Years Superman Continuity Polaroids featuring Superman-The Movie and Superman II scenes shot at Shepperton Studios in England, April and May 1977.


13 August 2011

For you owners of the Superman View-Master, you’ll recognize this photo. I placed the View-Master wheel on a transparency light box, attached a 100mm Nikon lens to a Nikon 35mm camera body with a reversing ring so the lens was attached to the body backwards, allowing me to focus extremely close to the View-Master transparency. From there I scanned the resulting 35mm negative with a Nikon CoolScan 8000 to create a good digital file. A bit time-consuming, but considering the very small original source, I thought this final image came out well. Enjoy!


08 August 2011

I just received a test CapedWonder™ shirt from the new CapedWonder™ Merchandise Store. Great quality! I am wearing the Ringer style shirt in this photo. Click here to order yours today!


05 August 2011

New Images!

Regarding the Clark Kent bedroom photo — that is the very first released photo of Clark Kent’s bedroom from Superman-The Movie. Featured on the walls are classic baseball team pendants featuring the Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Athletics, New York Yankees, and Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as a few famous baseball player photos. Interesting is the fact that Clark wanted to play football in the movie, yet I could see no football memorabilia in his room.

Regarding the Jimmy Olsen photo — that is a very rare photo of 20-year-old Marc McClure during his first appearance as Jimmy. Notice the Praktica screw mount 35mm camera, which he used in the Daily Planet scenes in Superman-The Movie and the opening Daily planet scene in Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. Marc used a Nikon bayonet mount Model F 35mm camera in all other scenes in the two movies. Why the brand change? We don’t know for certain…the theory is that Nikon had yet to grant Warner Bros. the rights to use their name while these early Daily Planet scenes were being filmed. Praktica no longer exists as a manufacturer. (By the way, this photo was taken by famous set photographer Bob Penn. He was an avid Nikon camera user as I am.)


01 August 2011

“All of us have the power to make change happen by looking inside ourselves and saying, ‘I’m going to do the best that I can to discover what potential is inside of me.’ There’s more inside of us than we are aware of.” — Christopher Reeve


31 July 2011

One year ago today, we lost Hollywood’s “Script Doctor” and Superman’s Creative Consultant – MANK. He was a very humble, talented, funny and friendly man who was loved by many, many people.


Have you joined the Google+ CapedWonder™page yet?

The official CapedWonder™Merchandise Store has opened!


20 July 2011


16 July 2011

A continuation of one of the BEST and most detailed collection of articles about all of the various classic, pre-computer, special effects techniques used to create Donner’s Superman films. Download the PDF file here.

Superhero artist and friend Michael Stribling has begun an intensive project to bring Christopher Reeve as Superman and Marlon Brando as Jor-el to life as 3D characters. Michael recently had my authentic Christopher Reeve lifemask 3D scanned and shown below are three screenshots from that scan. More details to follow. Enjoy!


28 June 2011

Here are three more reviews of the Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology (Blu-ray): DVDTalk, High-Def Digest and Obsessed With Film.


27 June 2011

Some of you have inquired about the Warner Bros. logos shown at the beginning of each Chris Reeve Superman film, and that, in some cases, they differ from what you remember in the theater. Here is what Alex Serpa recently had to say about this topic:

Superman-The Movie‘s original opening WB logo that was used for theatrical releases was a white “W” on a solid black background. For Superman II and Superman III that logo was replaced with a white “W” inside a black dot on a solid red background. Early home VHS, laser disc and CED releases used the appropriate logo for each film. In 1987 Superman IV used the then new gold shield logo in celebration of Warner Bros.’s founding anniversary. In 1986 WB home video reissued the first three films digitally processed and replaced all the original theatrical logos with that of the golden shield. All future home video releases from then on have had this gold shield as an opening. It wasn’t until the DVD release of Superman-The Movie in 2001 that its original logo was put back in place. Superman II and Superman III still have the “incorrect” theatrical logo on all home video releases from 1986 on. Below are stills of each film’s theatrical release logos.”


22 June 2011

Superman II celebrated its 30 anniversary in U.S. theaters on June 19, 2011. Who can forget that day? I clearly remember going to the theater about one week before the release and seeing the teaser poster with Zod, Ursa and Non for the first time. Here is an interesting article reflecting on the film called ‘Superman II’: The Last Great Superman Movie Turns 30.


21 June 2011

Christopher Reeve mentions Cary Grant in this previously unpublished interview. Watch Cary in “Bringing Up Baby” and you’ll see largely where Chris got his Clark Kent.


08 June 2011

‘Superman’ Director Richard Donner Grilled on Choosing Christopher Reeve, Smashing Phones. Read more here. Be sure to watch the video through to the very end.

Read Digital Bits’ review of the Superman The Movie Picture Anthology Blu-ray box set. Thanks to editor Bill Hunt for mentioning CapedWonder™.com in your review!


07 June 2011

The Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology has arrived in stores! Read some of my observations about the new Reeve Blu-rays here.

Richard Donner On 30 Years Of Superman, The ‘Man Of Steel’ Reboot, And Re-Cutting ‘Superman II’. Read more here.


06 June 2011

“He [Christopher Reeve] was — in his mind, as an actor — he was Superman. And then there are others out there that are and could be wonderful in the role, but to me — in my heart — there will always be one Superman. [Pauses] And I will miss him forever.” — Richard Donner. Read more here.


03 June 2011

“Launching a Superhero Genre Wasn’t His Intention, Says ‘Superman’ Director Donner” — Read more and watch Donner’s interview!


01 June 2011

“I don’t think anyone will ever come along and play it like he [Chris Reeve] played it — others will have to play it different — and on top of that, he was a really special individual. A great kid, a great person, loving and devoted, a great sense of humor and the personification of a good friend. He also made my career. I think about him an awful lot.” — Richard Donner. Read more here.

Click here to see a new Richard Donner interview.


25 May 2011


19 May 2011

DC Comics artist Michael Stribling, who is also a great supporter of this website, created a special piece of art for us! Here it is, inspired by one of the behind-the-scenes photos in this Superman III article. Thanks Michael!


Here’s three more rare, previously-unreleased photos from the CapedWonder™Collection shot by Bob Penn during the filming of Superman-The Movie Smallville scenes in Canada in August 1977. The photo of Ilya Salkind, Phyllis Thaxter and Richard Donner is an alternate to a more commonly seen photo, except that this one shows Phyllis looking up at Richard Donner. Phyllis was Ilya Salkind’s mother-in-law at that time. Her daughter, Skye Aubrey, has been divorced from Ilya since 1984 after an eight year marriage. Skye starred in two episodes of the Superboy TV series, “Mutant” and “The Woman Called Tiger Eye”, produced by Ilya Salkind. Be sure to visit Sam Rizzo’s Superboy Homepage and Rennie Cowan’s Super Theater.


17 May 2011

Here’s actor Jeff East strapped to a platform mounted to the front of a 1973 Chevrolet El Camino SS for the closeup scenes of him outracing the Smaville train in Superman-The Movie. Director Richard Donner and Assistant Director/Second Unit Director David Tomblin can be clearly be seen in the third photo. David is leaning against the car with his hand on his hip. Enjoy!


16 May 2011

“Director Richard Donner has stated that the concept of verisimilitude was of great importance to him while making the original Superman (1978) starring Christopher Reeve. Actor Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olson, said “It’s a word that symbolizes truth. It was Donner’s mantra throughout filming of Superman.”" Read More Here.

Sunday’s second annual Superhero Half Marathon benefited the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for Spinal Cord Research.


More Photos Here.

12 May 2011

I received this file today…turns out that it is a 1:1 bust by Mike Hill, the same sculptor who created life size Kingdom Come Superman for artist Alex Ross.


11 May 2011

Mike Bifulco’s revised and expanded edition of The Original Superman On Television book is highly recommended for all George Reeves Superman fans and now available on Amazon.com. Click on the PDF file below to download some select pages.

Superboy Gerard Christopher is 52 today! Happy Birthday Gerard!


Visit the Superboy Theater and the Superboy Homepage.

09 May 2011

This exclusive CapedWonder™article, Superman-The Movie: One Definitive Film, Many Versions, has been updated. It’s a great read!

Rich Warsinger sent in this Superman III article scan today from the September 28, 1982 issue of Star Weekly Magazine. Thank you Rich!


07 May 2011

Very Exciting News! Baby Superman’s Ship Has Been Found from Superman-The Movie!

“Another SUPERMANIA exclusive courtesy of SuperFan Chris King – Presenting the long-thought lost or destroyed ORIGINAL Baby Kal-El Starship prop!” Read more here.


06 May 2011

Stuntman Vic Armstrong‘s new book, “The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman”, just arrived in my mailbox from Amazon.co.uk. I went right to the Superman chapter. Fascinating information! The book is a great read so far…highly recommended! Enjoy this great photo of Vic wearing an authentic Chris Reeve costume in the color section of his book (notice the flying harness under his shorts)!


I’m the real Indiana (when I’m not busy being James Bond or Superman): Legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong reveals the secrets behind those amazing heroics.

05 May 2011

‘Superman’: Richard Donner is guest of honor at 2011 Hero Complex Film Festival.

04 May 2011

“…and don’t call me Sugar!” — Jackie Cooper as Perry White in Superman-The Movie.

Actor/director Jackie Cooper, Perry White of the Christopher Reeve Superman movie series, and “Our Gang” child star, has passed away.

I instantly enjoyed Jackie’s portrayal of Perry White in Superman-The Movie, having loved watching him fall for Miss Crabtree as the little blond “rascal” in many episodes of ‘Our Gang’ between 1929 and 1931 (my personal favorite short is “Love Business”). Jackie seems to click so well with Chris Reeve, Margot Kidder and Marc McClure in all of the Daily Planet scenes. What gifts Jackie gave us for so long!

Jackie…may you Rest in Peace. You’ll always come to mind when I look up at the “Caped Wonder Stuns City” newspaper prop that hangs on my office wall.

CapedWonder™fans extend their most sincerest condolences to Jackie’s family and friends.

‘Superman’ Actor Jackie Cooper Dies at 88.

Jackie Cooper, former child star, dies at 88.

‘Our Gang,’ ‘Superman’ actor Jackie Cooper dies. A love letter to the late Rascal.

Jackie Cooper has all Aversions of the Average Youngster for Studies.

Jackie Cooper Day on TCM in 2009 (great photos here from his child acting days).

‘Superman’ Actor Jackie Cooper — Dead At 88 (more great photos here).

Child Stars: Jackie Cooper (more great photos here).

Child Actor Success Stories: The Comeback Kids.


First Superman website to announce:

Full Schedule for 2nd Annual Hero Complex Film Festival Announced.

On Saturday, June 11th, they’re showing Superman (1978) and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. Richard Donner will provide behind-the-scenes perspective on the legendary shooting of Superman and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut with a special appearance by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and famed comic book writer Geoff Johns. Read more here and here.


03 May 2011

Happy 73rd Birthday Superman!

As a regular attendee of the annual Superman celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, in the 1990s, it was great fun shooting film with my trusty Nikon camera. Here is a photo I shot of Noel Neill with my friend Tom Nagy in 1997 posing with a gift that Tom made for her and had other attendees sign. This was the very first year that Noel was a guest at the celebration. Tom is a huge George Reeves fan and made his costume from scratch, thus, the George Reeves style ‘S’ shield and brass belt buckle. Noel and Tom no longer attend the celebration.


A wonderful Christopher Reeve tribute by Sébastien Fosse.

02 May 2011 — New (and some improved) images of the past eight months


01 May 2011

Richard Donner received his birthday present (see below) from me last week, and sent this e-mail this morning: “It’s hanging here above my desk…thank you so very much. Dick”. Glad you like it Dick!


Ten years ago today, the Superman-The Movie Special Edition DVD, and The Complete Superman Collection, were released in the U.S.! It was a big day in Hollywood with a Superman-The Movie cast reunion with director Richard Donner and the late Tom Mankiewicz at the Warner Bros Museum, and an autograph signing later that evening at Dave’s Video in Los Angeles with director Richard Donner, the late Tom Mankiewicz and baby Superman, Aaron Smolinski. Featured in some of the photos below is an autographed Plexiglas ‘S’ shield that I asked the cast to sign for Richard Donner as a gift from me. It is a day that I’ll never forget! Thanks to everyone there for being so friendly and gracious!


29 April 2011

The official Superman Anthology website has launched!


28 April 2011

Superman Homepage reports:
“Richard Donner’s Superman: The Whole Darn Thing (Superman: The Movie & Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut) plus Superman III” movie marathon from Cinefamily on May 1, 2011 in Los Angeles (the 10th anniversary of the Superman-The Movie Special Edition DVD release). Read more here.


24 April 2011

Today is Director Richard Donner’s 81st Birthday! Here’s wishing you a fantastic day Dick!


21 April 2011

CapedWonder v.2.0 has launched! I am still tweaking the site, so please let me know if you see any major issues. Use the “comments” box at the bottom of each page to send tactful and constructive feedback. Thank you for your support! There are many new photos already on the CapedWonder™Facebook page that have yet to be posted on this site, so head on over to the FB page today!


19 April 2011

Learn more about Colin Chilvers’ amazing work on Superman in this March 1979 Starburst magazine article. Colin can be seen under the helicopter with his left arm extended in the photo below.


16 April 2011

Total Film magazine’s May 2011 issue has a great feature called, ‘Krypton Factor’, which describes how the Superman-The Movie helicopter rescue was achieved. It’s a great read! Afterwards, make some time to read the extensive Superman movie “making of” articles in American Cinematographer’s January 1979 issue. Watch the extended cut of the helicopter rescue here.


15 April 2011

Today is the 14th anniversary of Christopher Reeve receiving his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Click here to visit the CapedWonder™Star page.

Mattel’s 12″ DC Universe Christopher Reeve Superman, General Zod and Lex Luthor figures are available for purchase right now!


06 April 2011

Pre-order the Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray box set on Amazon.de (German). Release date is July 29, 2011.


05 April 2011

CapedWonder™.com has received confirmation today from Warner Home Video that the three 2001 Superman-The Movie documentaries, “Taking Flight: The Development of Superman”, “Making Superman: Filming the Legend” and “The Magic Behind the Cape”, will only be available in standard def on the Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray box set (on disc #2). WHV has also confirmed that the Anthology will NOT be available as a standard-def DVD set. It will be available as a Blu-ray set, and also available On Demand and for download through online retailers including iTunes and Amazon on Demand.

Warner Home Video also sent CapedWonder™.com this response to our inquiry about download options:

“With regards to Facebook, currently there are no plans yet for making [the Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology] available. “On Demand” means that it will be available through everyone’s specific cable operator (i.e., Time Warner, Charter, Comcast, etc.). Many of these companies will have Superman featured through their individual websites and television guides once it is available in June. It will most likely be featured here as well (example link). Again, the [individual] titles will be available through iTunes and Amazon for digital purchase. To give you an example, here is the link to the DC shop in iTunes.”


04 April 2011

Warner Home Video has announced a Blu-ray release of Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology, which is being released on June 7, 2011 in the U.S. and June 13, 2011 in the U.K. Click on the image below for all the details!


28 March 2011

It is CapedWonder.com’s 9th Anniversary today! Thank you very much to all of you for supporting the site! (Thanks to Michael Stribling and Ramon Casares for your outstanding contributions to this new crystal image!)

And 34 years ago on March 28th, 1977, principal photography began on Superman at Shepperton Studios in England. Thank you Richard Donner for an incredible and unforgettable motion picture experience. Never has a Superhero movie had so much heart and changed so many lives for the better.


24 March 2011

Isn’t this a great Superman II movie poster from Thailand?


01 March 2011

Download every Superman article in the January 1979 American Cinematographer magazine.

Tom Mankiewicz and Susannah York were remembered at the 2011 Oscars.


17 February 2011

There are many new CapedWonder™ images exclusive to the CapedWonder™ Facebook Page so head on over to Facebook today to see them all!


15 February 2011

“Hey Jim, long time fan. Just wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” for all your efforts over the years. You help keep the magic of Superman alive, and the spirit of Chris ever most in our minds. The work you produce is impeccable and a true testament to your tireless dedication and belief in an ideal. We can. We must. We will. Go foward.” Best, Kieran Paul Bolton.

The Mattel 12″ Lex Luthor is at the 2011 Toy Fair in New York City.


14 February 2011

Jerry Siegel’s wife, Joanne Siegel, has passed away. CapedWonder™.com extends its most heartfelt condolences to Joanne’s entire family. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and photography you, and to share the wonderful Siegel and Shuster experiences in Cleveland in 2009. Here is a photo of Joanne with Jamie Reigle of the Siegel & Shuster Society at a family reunion party. Read more about Joanne here.


08 February 2011

Film historian John Field alerted us to this interesting article today entitled, ‘Celluloid Superman: Is George Reeves the Best Man of Steel?’ Thank you John!

Happy 79th Birthday Mr. John Williams! Here’s a fantastic read entitled, ‘The Composers: John Williams’, featuring Super Music Guru Mike Matessino. Check out Mike’s incredible list of projects here!


04 February 2011

Sending out healing energy and well wishes for a speedy recovery for Superman movie producer Ilya Salkind from everyone here at CapedWonder™.com. Read more here about Ilya’s story.


15 January 2011

Actress Susannah York passed away today at the age of 72. She, of course, portrayed Lara in Superman-The Movie and Richard Lester’s Superman II. Click here and here to read more about Ms. York.


01 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

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