75th Years Strong!

The Man of Steel is 75 and still looking great! We’re honoring the Boy in Blue with these exclusive wallpapers in three sizes created by Adam Hlavac, Jim Bowers and Ramon Casares.

Christopher Reeve was colorized by Sebastian Colombo.


3 Responses to Superman 75th Anniversary Wallpaper

  1. Gavin_Li says:

    My name is Gavin and I’m from China. To me, Christopher Reeve means exactly the same as the name Superman does. He showed us that if we can not become the Superman in the movie anymore, we can try our best to be the Superman in our real life. Superman is not just the name of an imaginary hero. It’s a spirit encouraging us to face difficulties of today and tomorrow bravely, protect the peole we love most and work hard enough to live out our dreams. I hope I can make great contributions to the world and set an example for people around me, just like he does. Also, I’ve changed my wallpaper to show my respect for him. Best wishes to his family.
    PS. Please forgive me if I’ve made any grammar mistake while trying to convey my ideas.

  2. superman is the greatest hero that ever existed, i will miss him always, i have all the collection of christopher reeves films, etc.

  3. my name is lance holcombe i am from england, i have always been a keen supporter of Christophe Reeves, ever since i was 3 years old. of course when he died, it has not been the same, when others take his name in the films, they will never be another, i hope his family find a cure for there fathers condition. RIPXX