Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Blu-ray.

The Genius of Selutron

Selutron is not only a huge Superman fan, but a visionary. I ordinarily do not promote fan edits, but in this case I can’t say enough good things about Selutron’s Superman II work.

As you will see, Selutron used footage and individual elements re-composited from the Christopher Reeve films to create some cool clips that get your mind thinking about further possibilities with the Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

Selutron, and others, have hopes of Warner Bros. one day releasing a definitive Donner Superman Part I & II complete saga on DVD and Blu-ray. CapedWonder™.com has no additional information to share at this time. Please do not bombard us with questions. You can count on us to post updates if anything “official” develops from this project.

Selutron has closed his YouTube account, so CapedWonder™.com is now the exclusive source for his brilliant Superman work. Thank you Selutron for your dedication, talent and unique vision.

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Video Clips

Featured here are new, higher resolution video clips as of April 13, 2012. Here’s a message from Selutron about the newly-edited CapedWonder exclusive “Complete Opening” video below:

I went back and finished off the intro, changing one or two things and adding a recap. I know some people who are very familiar with the movies may think its a bit long, but I think a general audience would need to get into the movie this way (that’s what I always tried to keep in mind making these things), plus lots and lots of action and Supes at the start balances off the lack of Supes or Sup action for a big chunk of SII thereafter in both Donner’s and Lester’s versions. It’s like bang and then you want a breather. There’s a slight tribute to Mank in there: Chris Reeve’s opening line being essentially the same as Brando’s in the first movie (“this is no fantasy”).

Why the post time travel? Lois’ line about having been through an earthquake doesn’t appear to make sense otherwise. If Supes travels back in time and stops the missiles then what is Lois talking about? What earthquake? What caused it? So the idea was to have some fun trying to come up with an explanation for that – one missile went off very quickly, the other a lot later. In Superman’s second go, he goes after the other one first but it still goes off and causes a small earthquake.

Why the extended clip thereafter? The main reason is that the next time we see Lois and Clark, Lois is jumping out of a window convinced she knows Clark is Superman. It seemed a bit out of the blue, so the hope is that showing a hint of Lois’ burgeoning suspicion keys the audience in a little earlier. When she says, “wait a minute, wait a minute” – that’s the key to the later scene at the Daily Planet. And the, “who knows, maybe he’ll get lucky” is something of an omen. The Lois/Superman relationship we’re about to see won’t be that lucky for the rest of us earthlings. Plus, the joke about Superman saying, “I’ve been a little busy”.

The hope would be not how this intro plays by itself, but in terms of setting up the movie: Son disobeys father because he can’t live without one human and that disobedience leads to the release of the villains – and Lois thinks she knows something…and, as mentioned, deliberately exhaust the audience a little in terms of action, so now they want a breather and are ready to watch a Lois/Clark love story develop and the slow buildup of the Zod and Lex stuff.

Video Clip Stills

Update from Selutron

April 15, 2013

I’m pleasantly surprised that people continue to express an interest in the possibilities related to having another go at sprucing up SII – (or issuing some kind of restored Superman part I and II complete saga type release). I think that much will be dictated by simple economics – if the new Superman movie does well at the box office, then the “property” of Superman rises in perceived value. That will then be the time to really move with a fresh pitch.

I know that is a view shared by a lot of people: a wasted pitch too soon may fall on deaf ears – but strike while the proverbial iron is hot and there’s no reason why WB wouldn’t see the value of such a restoration/re-release project. I can only speculate what the current official feeling is, but I would guess that it is something along the lines of: “Right now, we don’t want to be looking back, but forward. Let’s prove that a new flagship can stand on its own two feet and keep the franchise fresh and profitable. If that works, then that rising ship will undoubtedly lift other boats in the family.”

Apologies for the less than perfect metaphor there, but hopefully this all makes sense. Put simply, if Man of Steel is a hit, then WB will definitely be hearing from a number of us (in unison) who want to put this together.

Thanks to everyone,

16 Responses to Selutron’s Superman II

  1. Jason Viglione says:

    I really like what you have done with these scenes, especially the Washington D.C. footage, I would really like to see you tackle the rest of the film. I hope to see more from you in the future.

  2. Dave M. says:

    Holy crap. Bravo. Much more energy and impact than the Donner cut. I think he would agree.

    One additional suggestion for the opening…
    Have movie (between curtains) playing in black and white at first (transition to color close to end)?

    Much Respect…

  3. pyromikel says:

    First, thanks a lot to Selutron.
    I am a mad on Superman since I was a child. When I was around six, I spent all day running from one part to another with a long towel fasten to my neck imagining I were Superman. Without any doubt Superman and its sequels are my favourite films.

    The work of Selutron is fantastic. He is a genius.
    But I want to help giving some advice in order to improve the final result.

    1) In the introduction, at the very beginning, there are a few sequences with a conversation between Luthor and Superman. When this conversation starts, neither of them appears in the image (they appear later but with no synchrony between voice and image). Any case,
    it seems very strange hearing people without seeing them.
    For me, the ideal would be combining your introduction with the introduction provided by Michael Tau. If you start with the sequences provided by Tau til the point when the rockets are thrown. Then you could start with your new intro.

    2) In the sequence in the hotel, the beginning of this sequence showing the external facade of the hotel is too long. Please reduce this sequence.

    3) There is a problem (paradox) when Superman comes back in time. What happend with the Superman that was in the past trying to deviate the rocket sent to Hackensack. Could he meet with the Superman that has come back from the future?
    It is very complicated to think about that, but this type of problems appears in all films that play with time travel.

    I will put more comments in the future.

  4. Nate Ruff says:

    Mr. Selutron; I want to thank you for coming aboard in your mission to recreate Superman II, as well as restoring and recutting it as well. Please, DO NOT let those who are coming across as critical to you affect you in any way, shape or form, to what you are doing. I saw those clips above on this webpage, and I’am totally blown away, and at the end I felt what everyone else felt: I want this movie. That tells you that what you are doing is great, and I’m really excited to see this. You’re actually doing something that I didn’t think was possible; you’re making me fall in love with Superman II just as much as I love Superman I. I didn’t dislike nor hate Superman II, I just didn’t really care for it. Much of it was based on the different cuts and executions to this one storyline that led to two movies; one complete but comical and cynical, the other heartwarming but incomplete and with the feeling of anger from a director towards the producers and another director whom he fought and lost. What you are doing is beyond what anyone, including those who did the Donner Cut back in 2006, thought of: explaining what Superman did when he reversed time from Superman I IN Superman II; moving the villains’ battle from a southern town into Washington DC, thus making them more threatening; combining all the cuts and in turn crafting a more developed story than either cut tried to do; you are one of many examples of people who Hollywood needs to hire. I cannot explain to you more of what I’am feeling towards what you are doing with this.

    I don’t know if I should ask this, but no matter what, what version, if there is one other thing that bothered me (and all of us) from Superman II (Donner/Lester cuts), and to be honest, what bothers me about what your cut will have, it’s the ending. This is more to Lois & Clark/Superman’s story, than the movie itself. Lester’s cut with the kiss, Donner’s cut with the second reversal of time; both endings don’t feel right for me. I don’t know what your plans are for the ending, though I should suggest it should be something that isn’t ridiculous but feels right, and maybe uses all the endings as materials to build a totally new ending. But if I may give a suggestion: from the Donner cut, if there was a scene that I could see as an ending (to the Lois & Clark/Superman story), it would’ve been the scene where they are outside the Fortress (Lois: I got the man I love to love me, right…Superman: We can still s-see each other, y’know. All the time. It’s just that we can’t– Lois: Just don’t ever forget that’s all…) That scene. If the movie ended with that scene, maybe followed by them saying good night, see you at work in the morning as voiceovers, then the diner scene, the White House with the flag, and finally the classic Superman over earth shot; that, for me, would’ve been a fine way to end the film, giving the sense of hope to the relationship, and knowing that they still love each other, and that no one, or nothing, can seperate them. That would’ve been a better ending, for me. I dont know if that’s in your plans; maybe/most likely you have a better idea than mine that you’ll be using that still has the same affect. It’s just that the ending(s) was one of the many reasons why I don’t care/didn’t care for Superman II, so the ending I considered or something similar would ultimately change that.

    So, like I said; I’am very excited for this. I love what you are doing. Please don’t anyone who is coming across as critical to you affect in any way from doing what you are doing. Thanks to you, I’am falling in love with Superman II, a film I didn’t care for. You are not giving us an improved version of any cut, but a better executed version of a movie that had many cooks in the kitchen affecting it, and in turn, executed it in a way that made us love Superman I than its sequel, and tried to forget itexisted to some degree. I trust you.

    Before I go, I just want to ask: when is this going to be released? I really want to see this movie. Oh, and the title? Superman II: The Ultimate Cut? Selutron Cut? Recut? What do you have in mind? All I ask is for the film itself to just have Superman II as the title card.

    Thanks! See you later.

  5. Joe Oree says:

    This absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!! If one were imagine via time travel, the scenario of Donner never having been fired after Superman part I, well, this is basically it!

  6. Jim Crowley says:

    Selutron (If you receive this),

    I love your dedication to the restoration of Superman II. Many of your ideas, especially the Washington D.C. invasion, I feel are totally logical. But mind you, it may not be Donner’s original vision, and from what it looks like there is a LOT of Lester footage and execution. I understand its used for the plot holes and stuff Donner didn’t shoot, but I would try to keep his vision from being muddled. I don’t mean to insult your work at all, but the prequel with the trial of the villains (with the new angles) at the beginning of Michael Thau’s cut was perfect. Are you going to have Donner’s approval or what will happen?

    I’m sorry if this is insulting to you. I suppose I love Richard Donner’s footage more compared to Lester’s, because Donner is one of my favorite directors. But there is one thing I’m REALLY looking forward to in your cut… the Metropolis battle. From looking at the D.C. clip, I can’t imagine how awesome Metropolis would be. I am very happy to see that you will restore the 70s opening credits too. I didn’t like the one Thau used and so I’m really pumped to see that with John Williams’ music.

    To you and Jim Bowers, who setup an awesome site for Chris Reeve and Dick Donner, I salute you both.

    Keep up the Good Work Fellas!


  7. dugpa says:

    Amazing work. Hope that Warner Bros. sees the potential revenue opportunity and invests in another go at providing a proper edit of Superman 2 that honors this film and the legacy that Reeve and Donner built.

  8. andrea says:

    Selutron i think your idea, is great! i’m a method actor and try to cover every hole in a screenplay or play is my job, i love to see your astonish labour of love on these Donner’s movies, you have find the right explanation to justified entirely the end of the first movie… in a way sooo good your opening for the second one put new life in the end part of superman the movie! like empire strike back put new energy in a new hope or the two tower prologue when we follow gandalf fight and not the fellowship… right now when i see the first one end i think about your opening for the second one… i really hope Warner hire you for a new fresh and definitive version of superman II, that film have sooo much potential in terms of drama and epic…. i think just you can give the right respect to this movie… cause your work is full of love… Selutron don’t stop the dream… thank you! and thank jim… your efforts too, your passion… are so important! if one day i will see the two part saga in a definitve way will be because of you both… and warner too of course…

  9. Zammone Lasker says:

    Selutron’s proposed opening of Superman II is one of the most fantastic, exciting, and nostalgic inducing film clips I’ve ever seen. I truly hope Warner Brothers is paying close attention to Selutron’s level of creativity and editorial skill – needed to give fans a ‘truer’ and more balanced presentation of the 2nd part of Director Richard Donner’s Superman epic.

    I’m quite optimistic about Warner Brothers allowing Superman II to be re-edited, and put more in sync with its predecessor; when the timing is right, I believe the studio will do the right thing; and I guarantee I’ll do the right thing as a consumer.

    Good work Selutron.

  10. andrea says:

    Superman I and II, Donner, Christopher Reeve and movie history deserve a better restored version of this great Epic adventure, like a two part saga… Selutron deserve all superman fan attention cause he show us a great love about this two movies and for Donner work… if Warner listen to him, future generation who will discover this two classic movies… will be able to see a great epic in two part, like Star Wars OT, Lord of the Rings and and few other great cult… i really hope Warner some day will understand the astonish work of Donner on Superman Material… Selutron, Jim, i want to thank you cause your love about Mr Reeve and Donner let me travel back in time when for the first time i saw my first movie at the cinema…. when Brando face broke the silver screen to go directly inside my dream…. thank you for your efforts to keep movie memory so vivid and live… Jim, you and Selutron are the green crystal! Please Warner look at these clips and produce Selutron vision!

  11. andrea says:

    ASTONISH!!!!!!!! great intro i love Selutron Work! Warner please let him create the final version of the superman two part saga!

  12. Kaptain Krypton says:

    Man, this needs to see the light of day. Even now, I can’t watch either The Donner or Lester cuts and not see what could’ve been, what should’ve been, and with Selutron’s skills…could still be.

  13. andrea says:

    thnak you Selutron for the update… is so beautiful have news from you, i really hope you keep our dream live! please Selutron don’t stop your efforts on this project, warner must understand the value of your idea and vision!

  14. andrea says:

    I’m a fan of the Selutron project, i really hope he don’t stop his efforts about it, and i hope near the new superman movie Selutron and Donner can work on a definitve two part saga on blueray!

    Selutron i’m still crossing my fingers!

  15. Chris Buckmister says:

    Sure would be nice to see this released alongside the projected 2012 reboot. Those clips are great!