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CapedWonder™.com and its subdomains are fan-based and produced with the highest respect and support for Superman and his creators, the Reeve family, the Superman movies actors & filmmakers, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Universal Studios, and other applicable studios, theater companies and related distributors.

All vintage photographs shot during the production of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies (1977-1987) are Copyright © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. CapedWonder™.com makes no claim to owning the copyright of the photos; said copyright belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and shall remain as such. The Editor of CapedWonder™.com, Jim Bowers, has an excellent working relationship with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and DC Comics. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has been in contact with Jim over the years and has approved all of CapedWonder™.com’s content.

CapedWonder™.com’s ever-growing library of Superman movies photographs – in the form of prints & transparencies – and other vintage production materials, is more extensive and robust than Warner Bros.’ library (confirmed by Warner Bros. themselves and an inspection of WB’s archives by a third party). In fact, much of the CapedWonder™ Collection houses what is believed to be the only-known copies of many vintage Christopher Reeve Superman movie photographs (in particular, those shot in 1977 and 1978 during the Richard Donner Years). As a result, over the course of the past 16 years Warner Home Video has acquired many of these photos directly from Jim Bowers for WB’s official DVD and Blu-ray releases (for use on box art, marketing & promotional materials, disc menus, and documentaries).

Special thanks to many wonderful people who have contributed amazing photographs, art, vintage materials, articles, stories, research materials, and more to CapedWonder™.com over the past 15+ years. Thanks to all of you, the website has grown into a remarkable resource for Christopher Reeve Superman movie fans!

Resume & Projects

Jim Bowers has spent many years researching, studying hundreds of location, set, and publicity photographs, and discussions with celebrities, movie crew members, and other die-hard fans. Jim has spent nearly 40 years amassing, scanning, preserving, and studying these photos and other related production and promotional materials for the purposes of documenting the movie series’ history and sharing with fans around the world. It has been a truly wonderful and rare privilege to know some of the Superman celebrities, directors, producers and other movie industry professionals, and books editors, designers and publishers; and to have the opportunity to be a research/creative consultant and imaging contributor for corporations such as Warner Bros., DC Comics, Taschen Publishing, Film Score Monthly/Screen Archives Entertainment and, and image reference provider for Hot Toys, Sideshow Toys and various private figure/statue/bust commissions and projects.

Jim Bowers’ credits include: Research Consultant for the three 2001 Superman-The Movie Special Edition DVD documentaries; Graphics/Photography Contributor to the 2006 Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition and Christopher Reeve Superman Collection DVD box sets; Creative Consultant and Photographer for the 2008 Superman-The Music (1978-1988) 8-CD music box set; and Photography Contributor to the 2008 Special Effects Superman: The Art and Effects of Derek Meddings coffee table book. Jim also contributed materials to the 1998 DC Comics books, Superman: The Complete History: The Life and Times of the Man of Steel and Superman Masterpiece Edition: The Golden Age of America’s First Super Hero; Photography Contributor to the 2010 Cinemaquette Superman booklet; Photography Contributor to Paul Levitz’s 2010 book, 75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking; and Photography Contributor to Paul Levitz’s 2015 book, The Little Book of Superman.

Jim Bowers is currently working on a deluxe coffee table book that showcases Richard Donner’s filming of the first two Christopher Reeve Superman movies (1977-1978), with emphasis on photography from the CapedWonder™ Collection. Superman director Richard Donner has already written the book’s foreword ad approved the layouts, and, like many of the other Superman movie actors, is fully supportive of the project. Jim has secured a major publisher that has published other high-end Warner Bros.’ books, and has submitted the book layouts to Warner Bros. Publishing for approval. The publisher awaits licensing rights from Warner Bros. as of this writing (2017).

Original Photography

Jim Bowers is a professional photographer who has photographed many Superman stars, events, and alike over the course of 39 years. All of his original photography appearing on CapedWonder™.com, social media, websites, message boards, forums, etc., is Copyright © Jim Bowers and Bowers Imagineering LLC 2002-2015, and may not be reproduced, duplicated, or printed without prior written permission by Jim Bowers. All original photography by Jim Bowers is protected by law and registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Contact Information

Questions or comments regarding the Website should be sent by e-mail to Jim Bowers, Editor, at

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  1. Hello Jim – enjoying the site but especially your original photography. I was in Metropolis for the first time last weekend. Please take a look at a couple of photos from my visit. The special effects treatment I gave them where deserving of the Superman subject. Critique is welcome.
    As a 49’er, the TV series was my childhood experience with Superman.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Kiriakos says:

    This is an ecxellent site and thank you for this

    Greetings from Greece

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