José Luis García-López

“Many long-time Superman readers of the early 1980s saw García-López as the natural successor to [Curt] Swan. Though his style is more romantic and adventurous than Swan’s, his version of the Man of Steel blended the best parts of Swan’s naturalism with a visage that resembled film’s Christopher Reeve.”
–Wizard magazine

José Luis García-López’s name may not evoke the same familiar responses from some comics’ fans as other industry titans, but thankfully, his art speaks for itself. Having worked for DC Comics since 1974, Garcia-López’s vision of The Man of Steel (and just about every other DC character) has been seen by literally millions of people, thanks in large part to his iconic licensing images created for the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. Presented in this gallery are just some of his Superman imagery from over the decades. Each image shows an attention to detail and good old-fashioned super-heroics that have made Garcia-López’s Superman consistently popular among fans and industry professionals alike. And now, it’s time to go “Up, Up, and Away!”

Seby R.
January 20, 2013

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