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Please send Jim Bowers messages and image files by using the form below. Jim welcomes high-quality imagery, stories and articles that are respectful of Christopher Reeve, his family, and his career. Jim also welcomes anything related to others who were involved in Chris’ films, commercials, advertisements, TV shows and stage appearances. Jim Bowers reserves the right to decide if your files will be posted on this website. All file submissions are, of course, very much appreciated. Please keep your attachment sizes to 2mb or smaller.

Jim does NOT accept fan-created movie/TV screenplays and requests to forward these screenplays to actors, directors, producers, screenplay writers, motion picture executives, or others involved in the film industry. Jim also does not respond to any requests to start, support, or participate in petitions.

Jim is unable to secure celebrity autographs for fans. This includes autographs from Richard Donner, Margot Kidder, Marc McClure, and the other stars of the original Superman movie franchise. Jim does not sell autographed items of any kind.

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