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CapedWonder™.com and its subdomains are fan-based and approved by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. They are produced with the highest respect and support for Superman and his creators, the Reeve family, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Universal Studios, and other applicable studios, theater companies and related distributors.

Original Photography

All original photography appearing on CapedWonder™.com is Copyright ©Jim Bowers and Bowers Imagineering LLC 2002-2015, and may not be posted elsewhere on the World Wide Web, reproduced, duplicated, or printed without prior written permission by Jim Bowers. All original photography by Jim Bowers is protected by law and registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Shows/Conventions & Photography

As a general rule, Jim Bowers does not attend any comic/movie/television conventions, celebrations or shows, nor is he interested in attending as a guest. Any exceptions may include events and gatherings affiliated with projects, fund raisers, premieres, etc., of which CapedWonder™.com has contributed. Jim Bowers may also be interested in serving as an official photographer at Superman and Christopher Reeve related events of significance (such as the 2009 Siegel and Shuster events). Please contact Jim with details and he will get back to you with rates, etc.

High-Resolutions Files and Prints

High-resolution files, prints and enlargements of CapedWonder™ imagery are only available to employees and board members of DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and other major studios, publishing companies and other organizations who are assigned with officially licensed and approved Christopher Reeve/Superman projects.

Credit and Contributions

We have a strict policy at CapedWonder™.com: Give credit where credit is due. With regards to imagery – we never steal photos, crop them, enhance them, etc., put our own watermark on them, post them here, and then claim they originated from us. Every effort is made to get permission before posting any imagery that did not come directly from our archive of stills, transparencies, promotional materials, original art (both traditional and digital), etc.

All tasteful and high-quality submissions, including original imagery and articles, are welcome and will be considered. All featured imagery and articles are credited to the creator and/or originator. To those of you who have generously sent imagery and articles for this website, we thank you very much. Please let us know if we have mistakenly either omitted your name or misspelled your name in the credits.

Illegal Profiting

CapedWonder™.com has never approved of anyone profiting from the creation of prints, enlargements, posters and backdrops (to sell at shows/conventions, on auction sites, and in museums), printed custom cover art for DVD fan edits (to sell DVD copies at shows, etc.), etc., from CapedWonder™ imagery.

Note about the photo galleries:

Because of the nature of the World Wide Web and some unsavory people’s decisions to freely take, and essentially “steal”, photos from websites, and artists and photographers, we have made it a practice to incorporate a “hidden” watermark into every image from the CapedWonder™ Collection that is featured on this website; this does not apply to imagery sent to us by other photographers and artists, or by photographers and artists who have granted us permission to showcase their work on this website.

To those fans who have helped us police CapedWonder™ imagery – thank you! And to those of you who enjoy our images – thank you – please visit often!

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